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red-cross-and-red-crescentNEW LAW & POLICY E-BRIEFING ON NUCLEAR WEAPONS AVAILABLE FROM ICRC,  OcFollowing the launch of the most recent edition of the International Review focused on the human costs of nuclear weapons, the ICRC has released a Law & Policy e-briefing on the same topic.

The e-briefing is a great resource filled with interactive graphics, audio interviews, photographs and panoramics of the immediate aftermath of the atomic bombings and read the testimony of victims who survived. In addition, the e-briefing shows what international humanitarian law (IHL) has to say about nuclear weapons, and how the discussion on nuclear weapons has been reframed from one of deterrence theory and military strategy to one focused on the profound and long-lasting humanitarian consequences that the use of these weapons would have.

To read the e-briefing, head over to the ICRC website here.

From Issue #899 of International Review of the Red Cross: The human cost of nuclear weapons

Since their first use in 1945, the world has known about the catastrophic effects of nuclear weapons. Today, the urgency of the threat of these weapons has faded for many, and while the threat no longer seems as present, paradoxically we know more than ever before about the effects that even a limited nuclear war would have on the environment and the health of human beings. As long as nuclear weapons exist there remains a danger of intentional or accidental nuclear detonation, and we also know that there is a lack of capacity at the national and international levels to effectively respond to such a humanitarian catastrophe. This edition of the Review looks at nuclear weapons from the perspective of survivors, journalists, writers, lawyers, humanitarian practitioners and other experts, to examine the human cost.

You can download the complete issue here or read the articles online here.

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Consequences from Antarctica climate change

 EurekAlert, 13 Oct 16  Extreme Antarctica ice melt provides glimpse of ecosystem response to global climate change

PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY New research led by Portland State University glacier scientist Andrew Fountain reveals how a single warming event in Antarctica may be an indication of future ecosystem changes.

In the scientific paper, “The Impact of a Large-scale Climate Event on Antarctic Ecosystem Processes,” published in a special section Thursday in Bioscience, Fountain and his team detail the climate event and summarize the cascading ecological consequences over the last 15 years caused by a single season of intense melting in Antarctica between 2001 and 2002……..

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