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Sierra Club remains categorically opposed to nuclear power

The Sierra Club Still Opposes Nuclear Power It is categorically incorrect to suggest that the Sierra Club considers nuclear power a “bridge” to clean energy.  Michael Brune Executive Director The Sierra Club Oakland, Calif.

 June 23, 2016 “Green Groups Ease Opposition to Nuclear Power” (Business & Tech, June 17) gets it wrong. The Sierra Club remains in firm opposition to dangerous nuclear power. The article reflects wishful thinking on the part of the nuclear industry but doesn’t accurately represent the position of the Sierra Club.It is categorically incorrect to suggest that the Sierra Club considers nuclear power a “bridge” to clean energy. Nuclear power, much like coal, oil and gas, is a bridge to nowhere. In Illinois the Sierra Club is part of a coalition to increase renewable energy and energy efficiency, not preserve nuclear reactors. America’s energy future must be powered by 100% clean, renewable energy like wind and solar—and nuclear in no way meets this requirement.

The Sierra Club’s successful work to stop and retire coal and gas operations has never precluded our efforts to oppose nuclear power, nor will it ever. Decades of evidence around the world clearly demonstrates that nuclear power remains a dirty and extremely dangerous energy source, and we will continue our efforts to block new reactors from being built and replace existing ones with 100% clean, renewable energy.

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Japan’s anti-democratic secrecy law means no accountability in the nuclear industry

No accountability in nuclear industry ROBERT MCKINNEY Following the June 16 quake in Hakodate, Hokkaido, nuclear plant operators in the area reported no damage, but even if there were problems, because of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s new anti-democratic secrecy law, they would not necessarily report them, nor would they feel any compunction to do so. The Nuclear Village Idiots can cover their backsides very nicely with this new secrecy law.

Public safety is hardly a concern of politicians or the nuclear power plant owners. Japan’s very much a totalitarian state once again. It simply uses democratic-sounding titles to cover up the true authoritarian nature of the government and senior industrial officials. It’s Tojo’s Japan with velvet gloves. Let’s hope the gloves never come off.

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Senator Mark Rubio showing a little anxiety about who will carry the nuclear codes

USA election 2016Rubio: I hope I can trust whoever wins with the nuclear codes, The Hill By Rebecca Savransky, 26 June 16  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Sunday avoided directly saying whether he’d trust presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with the nuclear codes.

“Once you assume the office, no matter who holds that office, I think that the reality and the gravity of it always weighs on these people,” Rubio said on CBS’s “Face The Nation.”

“It’s a very difficult issue to face. So I would hope that I can trust no matter who wins with the nuclear codes.”

The Florida senator has said previously he doesn’t think presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump could be trusted with the nuclear codes……..

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