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Japan’s former Atomic Energy Commission vice-chairman Dr Tatsujiro Suzuki annoys South African govt

flag-S.AfricaNuclear advice angers ANC, IOL,  September 23 2015  
By Marianne Merten Cape Town – Japan’s former Atomic Energy Commission vice-chairman Dr Tatsujiro Suzuki was caught up in South Africa’s controversial nuclear build programme when an ANC MP and domestic nuclear regulator chief tackled him for not outlining the positives of nuclear power.

After Tuesday’s public lecture, Suzuki admitted being somewhat “surprised”, but emphasised that while he did not want to get involved in local matters, it was important to share Japan’s experience following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident……….

Speaking at the University of the Western Cape, Suzuki recounted the loss of public trust, not only in nuclear energy, but also government over the Fukushima disaster. “Even after four years, in Japan public trust has not been recovered,” he said, adding that as a nuclear engineer the incident showcased the importance of socio-political issues beyond technical matters. “The social, political and economic risks are so large. Protection of human life is not good enough.”…………

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Entergy Nuclear withdraws license amendment request

 WT,  By – Associated Press – Thursday, September 24, 2015 BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (AP) – The company that owns the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant has dropped its fight against the state’s 30-day written notice requirement.

Entergy Nuclear said Wednesday it is withdrawing its license amendment request to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to eliminate a requirement that it notify the state when it plans to make withdrawals from the Vermont Yankee decommissioning trust fund…..

The Shumlin administration says the advance notice is necessary for a meaningful review of trust fund spending.

Officials say the state may ask for hearings each time Entergy asks for money from the fund.

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Climate news items today

Brazil and Germany take lead in tackling climate change.
Brazil and Germany, the two largest national economies within their respective continents, are taking the lead in tackling climate change through outstanding policies and bilateral relations, according to experts.

Study shows new forests cannot take in as much carbon as predicted
As carbon emissions continue to rise, scientists project forests will grow faster and larger, due to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, which fuels photosynthesis.

Purdue study – climate change consensus extends beyond climate scientists
A Purdue University-led survey of nearly 700 scientists from non-climate disciplines shows that more than 90 percent believe that average global temperatures are higher than pre-1800s levels and that human activity has significantly contributed to the rise.

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Renewable news items today

Nine business giants pledge to source 100 percent renewable electricity.
Some of the world’s largest businesses have today announced plans to fully transition to using renewable electricity, providing a further boost to the global renewables market

Solar power is booming in India. Will it reach the people who need it most?
As renewable energy ramps up, entrepreneurs work to bring its benefits to the 300 million citizens who lack electricity.

Mike Pope: Battery power
Efficient, rapidly re-chargeable batteries offer huge advantages to owners and users of solar energy.

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