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Russia’s Rosatom will fund, and control, Nigeria’s $20bn nuclear power project

Russian-BearNigeria in $20bn nuclear power talks with Russia – struggling S. Africa currently has eight times more capacity 14 APR 2015 BLOOMBERGJOSEPH BURITE   “………….South Africa, with a third of Nigeria’s population yet eight times more installed capacity, has also signed an agreement with Rosatom as the nation looks to add 9,600 megawatts of atomic power to its strained grid.

South Africa’s agreement with Rosatom gave the company the right to veto the nation doing business with any other nuclear vendor, Johannesburg-based Mail & Guardian reported in February.

Majority stake
Rosatom and Nigerian officials met last month within the framework of a 2009 intergovernmental agreement to discuss cooperation, Rosatom spokesman Sergei Novikov said by phone from Istanbul. To date, no memorandums have been signed about the development of a nuclear plant, he said.

Rosatom will hold a majority, controlling stake in Nigeria’s nuclear facility while the rest will be owned by the country, with roles to be specified in contracts, Osaisai said. “The government will enter a power-purchasing agreement for the nuclear plant.”

The plants will be financed by Rosatom, which will then build, own, operate and transfer them to the government, he said.

Rosatom is marketing its reactors with generous financing offers as Moscow seeks new markets for its technology amid a looming recession. Over the last year, its international portfolio of orders has grown to more than $100 billion, including deals to build new reactors in Iran, Hungary, India and Jordan.

Africa’s sole nuclear power station is Koeberg in South Africa, which is owned by state-owned Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. (Bloomberg)

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Secret funding of Israel’s nuclear bomb, by West Germany

West Germany ‘secretly funded Israel’s nuclear bomb’, despite Israel denials, Telegraph UK
Former chancellor Konrad Adenauer has long been accused of secretly channelling hundreds of millions of dollars into Israel’s nuclear programme in the 1960s  
By Justin Huggler, Berlin 14 Apr 2015

 West Germany secretly funded the development of Israel’s nuclear weapons, a German newspaper has claimed, despite Israeli denials.

Welt newspaper repeated long-standing allegations that the government of former chancellor Konrad Adenauer secretly channelled hundreds of millions of dollars into Israel’s nuclear programme in the 1960s.

The newspaper insisted the claims were true, despite a categorical denial earlier this month from Shimon Peres, the former Israeli president, who was in charge of the nuclear weapons project at the time.

In a detailed report, Welt claimed the funds were disguised as a $500 million (£338 million) loan for the development of the Negev desert.

The arrangement was agreed at a meeting between Mr Adenauer and David Ben-Gurion, the Israeli prime minister, in New York in 1960, the newspaper claimed.

The agreement was informal and was never scrutinised by the West German cabinet or parliament.

It was known as “Aktion Geschäftsfreund”, or “Operation Business Associate” by the West German foreign ministry.

The funds were channelled to Israel through the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, a government-owned development bank.

The bank has declined to release details of its payments to Israel under the programme………

Explicit details and photographs of its weapons project were leaked by Mordechai Vanunu, a former nuclear technician, in 1986.

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Legal safety loopholes could allow contaminated Fukushima food into UK

Food from Fukushima could be hitting Britain’s shelves through legal safety loophole The Independent, Food produced around the Fukushima nuclear disaster site could be making its way on to British shelves because of loopholes in safety rules, The Independent can reveal.

Products contaminated by radiation, including tea, noodles and chocolate bars, have already been exported from Japan under the cover of false labelling by fraudsters. TOM BAWDEN Author Biography MONDAY 13 APRIL 2015 Experts warned that Britain’s food regulations were not strong enough to prevent these kinds of contaminated products – which are fraudulently marked as coming from radiation-free regions of Japan – from entering the UK. This raises the prospect of mildly carcinogenic ingredients entering the food system.

The alarm is being sounded after Taiwanese investigators uncovered more than 100 radioactive food products which had been produced in Fukushima but falsely packaged to give their origin as Tokyo.

There is no firm evidence that any radioactive food has entered the UK, but experts say there is a risk, and products could already have arrived…….

Any food produced for export in the “danger zone” around Fukushima, in northern Japan, must be declared as such so that it can be tested for radiation before leaving the country and again when it reaches the UK border…….

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From Barrow “Home of Trident” to Faslane: Bairns Not Bombs!


11146269_817744661649286_857342069561847919_nHome of Trident- Barrow in Furness

“Made in Cumbria”

Today at Faslane in Scotland there is a blockade of the Trident base.

“On Monday, 13th April the Scrap Trident Bairns Not Bombs Blockade will stop work at Faslane where Trident nuclear weapons are based just 30 miles from Glasgow. We want to send a strong reminder that the people of Scotland fundamentally oppose the UK’s possession of nuclear weapons. Please consider either taking part directly or in a support role. For more details check out the Blockade Briefing at

Meanwhile here in Barrow where Trident is built all the parties with the honourable Exception of the Greens are ……

Cheerleaders for Nuclear Armageddon.

Trident is a multi faceted weapon that poisons us even without a single diabolic missile being launched. Most Barrovians are blissfully unaware that the towns shipyard routinely releases radiation to sea and air.  It is far from reassuring that nuclear sub building emissions…

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The EPR “anamoly;” what’s at stake for Areva


Installation of the reactor dome at Areva's EPR reactor at Flamanville, France. Now, indications of a serious problem with the reactor pressure vessel could scuttle the already delayed and over-budget project. Installation of the reactor dome at Areva’s EPR reactor at Flamanville, France. Now, indications of a serious problem with the reactor pressure vessel could scuttle the already delayed and over-budget project.

 In early April, the troubled French nuclear reactor manufacturer Areva announced that there is an “anamoly” in the reactor pressure vessel installed at Electricite de France’s (EdF) Flamanville reactor currently under construction.

While the U.S. thankfully appears to have avoided any construction of the Areva EPR reactors–the U.S. EPR flagship reactor at Calvert Cliffs-3 was defeated in NRC licensing hearings and EdF has announced it is giving up on the U.S. market–EPRs remain under construction elsewhere, most notably in France, Finland and China.  Areva–the world’s largest reactor manufacturer–is already near bankruptcy; if this “anamoly” is endemic to Areva EPRs it could put the final nail in Areva’s coffin.

We appreciate the work of Yves Marignac of WISE-Paris, who prepared…

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Japan: It is impossible to restart the reactors again

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Unprecedented Early Start to ‘Perma-Burn’ Fire Season — Deadly Wildfires Rage Through Siberia on April 12


Permafrost. Ground frozen for millennia. An enormous deposit of organic carbon forming a thick, peat-like under-layer.

Forced to warm at an unprecedented rate through the massive burning of heat-trapping gasses by human beings, this layer is now rapidly thawing, providing an amazing source of heat and fuel for wildfire ignition.

Joe Romm over at Climate Progress has long called this region ‘Permamelt.’ But, with a doubling of the number of wildfires for the high Arctic and an extension of the permafrost fire season into early April this year, we may well consider this to be a zone of now, near permanent, burning — Permaburn.

*   *   *   *  *


(Massive outbreak of permafrost wildfires in Russia this week have left up to 34 villages in smoldering ruins. Image from Khakassia, Russia via The Siberian Times.)

For Khakassia, Russia the story this week has been one of unprecedented fire disaster.

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Japan Court Injunction Blocks Takahama Nuclear Restart: Safety Concerns; Sanity Rules

Mining Awareness +

Not only the Japanese, but Americans and other members of the nuclear suicide pact called “Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage” or CSC, should be grateful for this injunction, especially since they will have to pay for future Japanese Nuclear disasters, as taxpayers and/or ratepayers. The CSC by making a corporate liability pool, paid only after an accident, encourages the selling of defective nuclear equipment, by its design. It apparently allows the selling of defective components by non-member countries, such as France and Russia, with no liability at all. Since it is based on installed nuclear capacity, the US and Japan will pay most of the CSC cost, including for any French and Russian defects leading to disaster in member countries. France and Russia’s State owned companies (Areva, EDF, Rosatom) will gleefully count their money, all while their State owned media blame the woes of the world upon US…

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