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Britons can cut their electricity bills, even make money, in switching to renewable energy

piggy-ban-renewablesif you feel like you’re getting taken for a ride every time you open up your energy bill then boycott the big six energy companies and switch to renewable energy today.

Battling the ‘Big Six’: The Best Way to Boycott Extortionate Charges from Energy Companies   Greener Ideal, Gabriella Johnson is JULY 18, 2013   “……the recent flag-UKpublication of a new in depth investigation into renewableenergy, ‘The Offshore Valuation’, has thrown out the gauntlet to renewable energy nay-sayers by attempting a complete economic evaluation of the offshore renewable energy resource available in the
UK, which produced some startling results.

Transforming UK Energy
According to the study, the UK could become a net electricity exporter and be generating the equivalent of a million barrels of oil by 2050 by developing just a third of the total tidal, wind and wave power available around the country.

This could have a huge number of benefits including insuring against the volatility of fossil fuel prices, creating over 140,000 new jobs and generating more than £30 billion in revenue through exporting electricity to Europe. Continue reading

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Japanese public do not trust Prime Minister Abe on restart of nuclear plants

Abe,-Shinzo-nukeThe problem is that few Japanese now trust the government’s promises that it can make nuclear power safe.

 The public will not accept a sudden, complete restart anytime soon. Even in the long term, chances are

ballot-boxSmAbe’s Nuclear Promises and the Trust Deficit. WSJ The nuclear impasse will be an early test of whether Mr. Abe can lead the country through much-needed reforms By MINAMI FUNAKOSHI, 19 July 13   Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to win a majority in Sunday’s Upper House elections Sunday, but governing Japan will still be difficult. To implement the Liberal Democratic Party’s economic revival platform he needs not just citizens’ votes but their trust—and that is in short supply nowadays. Continue reading

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New Zealand’s and other countries’ veterans, victims of Mururoa nuclear tests

In April 2006, the Herald reported Dr Rowland saying a small but statistically significant level of genetic damage had been found.

“Taking all confounding factors [like smoking, alcohol and medical x-rays] into account, we are left with only one other interpretation of what it is about this group that’s different to the control group: they went to Operation Grapple.”

His work on chromosome damage – the first step in the formation of cancer – gave hope of compensation to thousands of men from Britain, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand.

The research was commissioned by Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association chairman Roy Sefton, who sought Government acknowledgment that men were harmed in their teens and had no choice on whether they went to Mururoa.

Tony Cox, who was on HMNZS Otago and heads the Rimpac veterans’ rights organisations, said an attempt was being made to convert Dr Rowland’s findings to apply to the Mururoa veterans.

“Just because the Government did not accept the Rowland study does not mean that it can’t come up for a review.”

Mr Cox said he had cancer of a type that was contracted only through exposure to ionised radiation…

Mururoa – our darker legacy New Zealand Herald By Wayne Thompson Jul 19, 2013  A band of men who “drove the taxis” – the naval frigates carrying the official New Zealand protesters against French nuclear testing in the air of the Pacific Ocean – will be in a sombre and angry mood at their 40th anniversary reunion in Tauranga tomorrow.

“Our feeling in 1973 was there was one protester, Government minister Fraser Colman,” said one of the former crew members of HMNZS Canterbury, Wayne O’Donnell.

“We were there just to keep the ship going and do what we were employed to do.

“By the time the blast was observed we were glad to head home.

“We did not expect any major radiation fallout, which has been proven wrong.” Continue reading

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