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Poor children sprayed with radioactive particles, by US military

US military secretly sprayed radioactive particles on St. Louis poorest children, Examiner, OCTOBER 3, 2012, BY: DEBORAH DUPRE  A St. Louis, Missouri college professor has revealed through Freedom of Information Act documents that the United States military’s long history of secret non-consensual human experimentation includes spraying radioactiveparticles on the city’s poorest neighborhoods, comprised of mainly children, in the 1950s and ‘60s, and that later government investigations neglected to speak with victims of this human rights abuse.

As the debate increases globally about what many people today call United States military-based secret “chemtrailing,” Lisa Martino-Taylor, a sociologist at St. Louis Community College in the Midwest, has revealed findings from her investigation of publically available archives and documents from Freedom of Information Act requests about non-consensual human experimentation involving a chemical spraying program that blanketed parts of her hometown and other cities fifty to sixty years ago.

“It was pretty shocking. The level of duplicity and secrecy,” the researcher told St. Louis’ KSDK.

“Clearly they went to great lengths to deceive people,” Martino-Taylor said…..


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Ubnited Nations’ drive for Sustainable Energy for All

Accelerating the Drive toward Renewable Energy OCTOBER 3, 2012    In 2011, while the cost of renewable energy technologies continued to fall, global total investment reached a record $257 billion, and global renewable power capacity exceeded 1,360 GW. With these investments, renewable energy has moved from a niche, environmentally driven option into an economically viable solution to meet the growing energy demand of a rapidly growing global population.
……    One way of increasing the global momentum of renewable energy technologies, whether in innovation or implementation, is by identifying the business case for renewables. We can do this by demonstrating the many situations where renewable energy has reached grid parity, or where it has created energy access, or reduced the costs of powering businesses. This will empower people to create solutions for the practical issues that are currently constraining uptake.

Fortunately, there are numerous international initiatives that are promoting and recognising practical contributions to renewable energy globally. I have the honour of being involved at a high level with several of these. One is the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s global initiative “Sustainable Energy for All ,” which aims to achieve universal access to modern energy services, double the improvement in energy efficiency, and double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030. The Secretary-General has called on governments, private sector, and civil society to make commitments towards achieving these complimentary objectives, and many, including the International Renewable Energy Agency, have answered this call.

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Japan’s intelligence agency pressed for stopping research on radiation spread

Intelligence agency pressured researchers to withhold info on spread of Fukushima radiation October 3rd, 2012 
Title:  Government body pressured to withhold info on Fukushima radiation
Source: The Hankyoreh (S. Korea)
Author: Lee Keun-young
Date: Oct. 3, 2012  

Government body pressured to withhold info on Fukushima radiation

The National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) abruptly halted its inquiry last year into the dispersion of radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster after contacting the National Intelligence Service, it was belatedly revealed on Oct. 2.


lawmaker Chang Ha-na […] said on Oct. 2 that an examination by the Ministry of Environment inspector’s office at the [sic] showed NIER research to predict the spread of radiation from Fukushima, and its effects on South Korea, was halted immediately after a report to the NIS.


The inspector’s office examination took place in the immediate wake of March reports from the Hankyoreh and other news outlets alleging NIS involvement in the decision to suspend NIER research indicating that trace amounts of radiation were reaching the Korean Peninsula.


The inspector’s office requested a “stern warning” to [the NIER director] to ensure no similar incidents occurred in the future.


“This is as good as an admission that there was pressure from the NIS,” [lawmaker Chang] added.

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Increase in UK nuclear transport accidents

Sharp rise in nuclear transport accidents , 3 Oct 12, from Sunday Herald, 30 September 2012 The number of accidents transporting radioactive materials has risen sharply, prompting fears for public safety.

According to a new report from the UK government’s Health Protection Agency (HPA), there were 38 incidents reported in 2011, up from 30 in 2010. This is the second highest in the last six years, which have seen a total of 195 mishaps (see table below). Continue reading

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AUDIO: A strategy to manage crippled Fukushima nuclear reactors

Gundersen: Fill Fukushima reactors with cement and come back in 100 years — It’s too radioactive AUDIO
October 3rd, 2012
By ENENews 
Title  Arnie Gundersen on Japan’s post-Fukushima nuclear plans
Source: The BEZ (WBEZ Radio)
Date: Oct. 2, 2012
Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen, Nuclear Engineer: The question is do you spend it [$70-100 billion] now and risk high exposures to people for what gain, or do you entomb these plants with concrete and then come back in a hundred years, that’s a question the Japanese have yet to answer.

Host: What would you do?

Gundersen: I would entomb them and come back later. […] I would do basically what we’ve done at Chernobyl, which is put a sarcophagus around it. Basically fill them with concrete. I would also then bore under the plants and continually withdraw the groundwater, because there’s still going to be seepage of radioactive material into the ocean and into the groundwater and keep that from seeping out into the environment. […] I just cant justify in my own mind exposing tens of thousands of Japanese workers to high levels of radiation […]

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RADIO: Fukushima: thyroid lesions precursor to cancer

Radio: 1 million cancers coming from Fukushima? “We’re seeing that already… Enormous increase in cancer precursor” (VIDEO)
October 3rd, 2012  By ENENews 
Title:Arnie Gundersen on Japan’s post-Fukushima nuclear plans
Source: The BEZ (WBEZ Radio)
Date: Oct. 2, 2012
Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen, Nuclear Engineer: I’m coming up with something on the order a million cancers. We’re seeing that already […] Kids were tested just in the last couple months and almost half of them had thyroid nodules [and cysts]. Normally about 1 to 2% of kids would have thyroid nodules. So we’re seeing an enormous increase in cancer precursor for thyroid cancers.


The indoor dust in these home is astronomical […] The Japanese essentially live on the floor […] Internal contamination in Japan will be a significant factor. Neither the Japanese government nor the IAEA is taking that into account when they do their numbers.

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Radiation leaking out of Louisiana sinkhole

Legal Expert: They applied for permits to dispose of radioactive and other waste in cavern below giant sinkhole… and the material is leaking out (AUDIO) October 2nd, 2012   By ENENews
Baton Rouge’s Morning News
1150 WJBO Radio, October 02, 2012
Stuart Smith, Attorney: It’s very similar to what happened in the Deepwater Horizon [Gulf of Mexico] disaster where these operations are being conducted deep underground in the blind so to speak. They applied for permits to dispose of radioactive and other waste claiming it was safe, now everything is up in the air and the material is leaking into the environment.

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Iran is not close to developing a nuclear weapon

 Iran Nuclear Weapons: Development Of Armed Missile Not In Works Now, Study Finds HUFFINGTON POST  10/02/2012 1 By Fredrik Dahl VIENNA,  – Iran already has enough low-enriched uranium for several atomic bombs if refined to a high degree but it may still be a few years away from being able to build a nuclear-armed missile if it decided to go down that path. Continue reading

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UK’s supposedly ‘private sector’ nuclear power plan is falling apart

Meanwhile, those still interested in financing, building and operating the proposed new reactors are falling like nine pins.

So much of the risk is being transferred to the customer and the taxpayer that you begin to wonder what the point of a private sector solution is in the first place…..

UK is haring off down the wrong path on new nuclear power plants Telegraph, 3 Oct 12 In a recent blog, Sir Bernard Ingham, former press secretary to Margaret Thatcher, posed an important question: do we want nuclear at any price? By Jeremy Warner,
Sir Bernard is an avid supporter of new nuclear build, so the answer he invites – no – is all the more significant. Much of Britain’s existing stock of nuclear generating capacity is due
to be de-commissioned over the next decade, and as things stand, we still don’t really know what’s going to replace it. The moment of truth gets ever closer…

.. the subsidy demanded by potential operators via guaranteed charges is heading for the stratosphere, threatening to lock-in high energy prices for generations to come. Continue reading

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Poor results for USA and Russia’s START project

New START Data Released: Nuclear Flatlining By Hans M. Kristensen More than a year and a half after the New START Treaty between the United States and Russia entered into force on January 5, 2011, one thing is clear: they are not in a hurry to reduce their nuclear forces. Continue reading

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Nuclear plant in radioactive waste blunder Rob Edwards, from Sunday Herald, 30 September 2012 Radioactive waste went astray because of a blunder by one of Scotland’s nuclear power stations at Torness in East Lothian, the Sunday Herald can reveal.

The revelation comes as the nuclear industry is proposing to transport
significant amounts of potentially dangerous wastes across Scotland,
and against the background of a steep rise in nuclear transport

It has prompted angry reactions from environmental groups, who accuse
the industry of an “alarming foul-up”. They say that radioactive waste
should be looked after where it is created, rather than being moved
around the country.

The French operator of Torness, EDF Energy, has been reprimanded by
the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) for breaking the
rules meant to ensure that radioactive waste is safely handled. It
wrongly sent 28 oil drums containing 26 litres of radioactive sludge
to be recycled at a plant near the Sellafield nuclear complex in

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Duke Energy says Crystal River nuclear repair could exceed $3 billion Reuters by Eileen O’Grady T, October 1, 2012 HOUSTON  – Returning the damaged Crystal River nuclear unit in Florida to service could cost $3 billion and take eight years, according to an independent review of repair options commissioned by Duke Energy as it pursued a merger with Progress Energy earlier this year, the utility said in a filing Monday. Continue reading

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Anti-Nuclear Protesters at LDP HQ Nagatacho Tokyo Oct 2 2012 | Demand Zero Nuclear Energy Policy


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Anti-Nuclear protesters rally at the Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) HQ demanding the party accept a zero nuclear energy policy. The party were the ones who brought nuclear power to Japan with the help of the United States. They set up the system of collusion between the Japanese government and the nuclear industry. This video video also includes amazing Japanese dummers inspiring everyone who were there.

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