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Uranium miner Paladin selling assets, to cope with its debts

Paladin Energy under pressure to flog assets   The Australian, BY: ROSS KELLY  Wall Street Journal April 26, 2012   PALADIN Energy still needs to offload assets to meet looming debt payments and funding requirements, according to Citigroup, which has nominated two of the uranium miner’s non-producing assets in Australia and Canada as possible candidates for divestment……“If the cash squeeze became very acute on Paladin the company could also look to sell an interest in a producing asset,” Citigroup says.


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AREVA: uranium workers on strike at its Niger Imouraren mine

Strike halts work on Niger Imouraren uranium mine NIAMEY,  Apr 25, 2012
(Reuters) – Workers at Areva’s Imouraren uranium mining project in Niger began a week-long strike over labour conditions on Wednesday, union and company officials said, halting construction at the site….

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Nuclear Risk Reduction Center expanding its role to security in cyberspace

In U.S.-Russia deal, nuclear communication system may be used for cybersecurity Washington Post, By Ellen Nakashima,  April 26 A secure communications channel set up to prevent misunderstandings that might lead to nuclear war is likely to expand to handling new kinds of conflict — in cyberspace.

The Nuclear Risk Reduction Center, established in 1988 under President Ronald Reagan so that Washington and Moscow could alert each other to missile tests and space launches that could be mistaken as acts of aggression, would take a central role in an agreement nearing
completion between U.S. and Russian negotiators..

…The secure channel would be a milestone in the effort to ensure that misperceptions in
cyberspace — where it is difficult to know who is behind a digital attack or even whether a computer disruption is the result of deliberate action — do not escalate to full hostilities, say U.S.officials and experts from both countries……..

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Global radiation from Chernobyl and Fukushima

Nuclear power is killing us  Supporters of nuclear power plants tout how it’s a cheap, non-polluting source of energy. But they always ignore how lethal it is when something goes wrong. Though it’s not on the news anymore, the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant is still ongoing. The core is still melting down and spewing radiation. In fact, you can’t see it, but you’re being bombarded by the radiation right now. It’s well on it’s way to covering the entire planet.

Similarly, some part of the Chernobyl meltdown radiation has become a permanent part of your bones and tissue. It will be literally hundreds of years before humans can safely be within many miles of either site, while the residual radation silently and invisibly pollutes our food chain.

Spend the thirteen minutes to watch this 60 Minutes segment and ask yourself if nuclear energy is really worth the risk. Existing nuke plants are aging. Many nuke plants are built near the sea and on major fault lines. Our weather patterns are getting more severe. Earthquakes and tsunamis appear to happening more frequently. There will be more accidents.

We’ve already been exposed to unhealthy levels of radiation. Every time another one explodes, it increases the overall exposure, but we won’t know the long term risks for possibly another generation or two. Is this the future we want to leave for our children?

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The global threat of an Asian nuclear arms race

Austria warns of nuclear race after India, Pakistan tests, Daily Times, 27 April 12 VIENNA: Austria’s foreign minister on Thursday slammed India and Pakistan’s recent missile tests, insisting the states’ continued pursuit of nuclear weapons was “flat out irresponsible”.

“The tests of an Indian long-range missile a week ago and of an intermediate-range missile by Pakistan on Wednesday are unsettling and suggest an intensifying arms race on the subcontinent,” Michael Spindelegger said in a statement. This “would not only be a threat to stability in Asia, but would also present a threat to global peace”, he said.

India last Thursday tried out a new missile with a range of over 5,000 kilometres, and Pakistan followed on Wednesday by test-firing an intermediate-range ballistic missile of its own. Both have the capability of carrying a nuclear weapon.

“It is flat out irresponsible that the Sword of Damocles that is nuclear destruction still hangs above humanity,” Spindelegger said in an unusually harsh tone.

“The international community should be able to regulate international relations without permanent mutual threats to each other’s existence,” he added.

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