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Explosion-Fire at Nuclear Power Station Near New York City on Election Day Due to Equipment Failure

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Indian Point Nuclear Power Station power lines zoom

The US NRC report says that this “explosion in the protected area” which was “due to equipment failure” occurred at 0840 AM on Tuesday November 8th: “The explosion was to the 138 kV power cross connect cable between the Unit 2 and 3 Station Auxiliary Transformers.” If you look at the above image, all of the power lines appear very cramped at this nuclear power station, apparently increasing the dangers.

Overlay the size of the Chernobyl exclusion zone with rough location of Indian Point Nuclear Power Station and Trump Tower
Chernobyl Overlay Indian Point Nuclear Power Station - Greenpeace OpenStreet Map Trump Tower 5th Ave NY
Greenpeace OpenStreet Map. Wind direction may vary. This is to give an indication of the size.

A 1982 study by Sandia National Laboratories found that a core meltdown and radiological release at one of the two operating Indian Point reactors could cause 50,000 near-term deaths from acute radiation syndrome” (Edward Lyman…

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Dutch climate plan includes shutdown of new coal-fired plants

fossil-fuel-industryAmbitious Dutch climate plan includes shutdown of new coal-fired plants, CBC radio AS It Happaens  29 Sep 16  The Netherlands has voted to adopt some of Europe’s most drastic measures to cut carbon emissions.

In a close vote last week, the Dutch parliament pledged a 55 per cent cut in cut C02 by 2030. That would include a shutdown of the country’s five remaining coal power plants, including three that opened just last year.

“Even if it feels a bit weird to close down literally brand new coal-fired power plants, all alternative measures are far more expensive.”– Stientje van Veldhoven, Dutch politician

Stientje van Veldhoven, a Dutch politician with the Democrats 66 party, spoke to As It Happens host Carol Off. Van Veldhoven was in Paris last year during negotiations for an international deal on goals to mitigate climate change. She voted to support the plan……..

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Brazil’s increase in fires in Amazon region – alarming news

The alarming number of fires in the Brazilian Amazon, Mongabay, 8 September 2016 / Commentary by Natália Girão Rodrigues de Mello

For three months, from September to December 2015, Manaus was engulfed in smoke, resembling Beijing. That was an unusual scene, and an undeniable sign that predatory exploration in the Brazilian Amazon has not yet been properly tackled.

  • The sharp decrease in the annual rates of forest loss in the Brazilian Amazon is celebrated worldwide. The trend started in 2005 after a peak in deforestation the year before.
  • However, the figures are not so bright when it comes to forest fires, and few people are talking about that.
  • The number of fires in the Brazilian Amazon is alarming, and that was especially true in 2015, when a sharp increase in forest fires occurred………
  • Natural factors alone fail to explain this recent increase, as similar climatic conditions in the past were not associated with the same amount of forest fires.

    Forest fires and precipitation are strongly correlated in the Brazilian Amazon; in dry years, more forest fires occur. 2015 was a dry year, but not as dry as 2010 or 2005 were – years when the region faced anomalous droughts. Nevertheless, in 2015, forest fires increased 115.6 percent and 105.5 percent compared to 2005 and 2010, respectively. Hence it is safe to say that the peak observed last year was strongly associated with unregulated anthropogenic activities in the forest.

    In the region, using fire in order to clear large areas is a common practice. The expansion of roads, settlements, croplands and cattle ranches has been leading fires to reach ever-wider areas of the forest.

    The consequences associated with this issue are vast. They are felt locally, regionally and globally. Forest fires contribute to climate change due to the emission of three greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. As the forest burns, health-damaging gases – carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, methyl chloride, and methyl bromide – are also emitted, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and aerosols. VOCs interact with nitrous oxides to form ozone, a phytotoxic gas. Aerosols cause the suppression of cloud formation and the decrease of precipitation efficiency. Moreover, a positive feedback between fire-induced death of trees and increased solar penetration in the forest occurs, resulting in the intensification of successive fires…….

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Gaza, Shell Oil and a dangerous hunger strike. Wildfire human impacts and Far Right Fraud – European News Weekly 19th July 2015


Image source;

In the first part of the show we have a stunning expose on the Far Right British National party. Thanks to the investigative work of we have testimony from an ex BNP member Dawn Charlton. This is really a must watch breaking story.

Next up we have Wayne Jones ( )who is an anti nuclear activist and campaigner who breaks down some worrying issues with new and old nuclear power stations in Europe such as the risk of Flooding of coastal nuclear sites due to Global Warming effects on the Oceans and Ukranian nuclear sites under threat of accident or sabotage.

We also inform people that the powerful 60 Minutes show from Australia has now uploaded the Investigative report on Paedophileia cases in the UK government “Spies , Lords and Predators here;

Podcast here;


Photo of Canadian Wildfires Coutesy of Jared Higgins posted to First Nations Say ENOUGH!

In the second part of the show we have an exclusive and unique report from Candyce Paul who is a First Nations activist who has been sharing information to people who were threatened by the huge record breaking wildfires, reported in the Main Stream Media, in the northern Territories in Canada. We get to understand the social and spiritual diffculties that face evacuess and future effects of these wildfires on the local tribal communities who have been made homeless (link to support info should be placed here soon) . A link to Candyse`s Activist page with a running history of effects and solutions cann be found here;

This was a great interview jam packed full of information concerning the wildfires not being reported by the main stream media.

Following The Canadian report from Candyce we step right into out Extinction Report with Kevin Hester and consider the full global ramifications of the seriousness of this disaster both now and in the future.

Podcast here;

tony_rochfordTony Rochford the Irish Hunger striker currently refusing fluids!

The Third Part of the show looks at the various activist news centered in Ireland with amazing testimonies from activist regarding a wide range of issues. We wish to bring to your attention the terrible case of the Irish activist who has gone on hunger strike and is refusing water still after 3 days to highlight health problems with building practises in Ireland, that he has been campaigning against. A phone call from a callous government minister to the wife of Tony Rochford said that he;

“hoped that Mr Rochford would stop the hunger strike”

…. instead of addressing his concerns in any way. We discuss this story with a colleague of Tony called Ashling Lowe  ( )who was concerned by the lack of coverage in the media on this story. We are concerned about his health and hope by raising the issue will encourage Tony to not keep refusing water and medical help whilst he continues his hunger strike so please get this story out to the public!

Other guest we have are talking about the Landmark court ruling that allows protesters the right to carry out actions in a peacful manner with full support of the courts. This is a blow to the bullying tactics of Shell Oil and their PR and security companies This is bucking the trend in the rest of Europe where protesters are being made illegal and/or facing punitive charges and harrasment.

11667451_1622141421366591_1350558334709635087_nImage source courtesy of Donal O`Kelley

We break down some of the backstory with in show that you will not hear in the main stream media. We have Donal O`Kelly of Irish PALFEST (Actor , Writer and Poet) who was at the Shell Oil court hearing and also discusses his support for the Gaza victims of oppression with his art instalation of 558 kids Tee-shirts on a beach in Dublin last week (representing the dead children of last years attacks in Gaza).

11160596_10153408382281501_3461586922495691410_oImage source Shannon Watch

John Lannon from Shanonwatch  ( )joins us to give us the good news concerning the succsesful demonstration against US military craft using Shannon Airport and we discuss the Shell Oil court case and its implications for Clare Daly and Mick Wallace (Irish Politicians) who have been charged for peaceful protest at Shannon earlier in the year.


We have Gerry Rourke one of the activists who has been absolved by the Irish Court case in an exclusive report. The audio was not good and we discuss tampering with phones on local community activists around the planned Shell Oil drilling site.

We list a load of harrasment and violence against the activists just as we see the same types of strategies being employed in the Gulf of mexico area (affected by the BP Gulf Oil Spill). We discuss which corporations are involved and try to connect the dots. He recounts the Norwegians saying that the;

“Irish musy be mad giving their natural resources away instead of nationalising it”

…after a Shell Oil activist group visited Statoil to ask how their system runs.


Stephen Manning of Integrity Ireland joins us to update us on his legal situation concerning alleged Gardai Harrasment and he offers us a quick update on the case of Joe Doocey and the Gardais charges against him.

Podcast here;

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Wildfire danger to New Mexico nuclear waste facility

wildfire-nukeU.S. nuclear waste facing wildfire risk THE HINDU, NARAYAN LAKSHMAN , 5 June 14, A New Mexico facility containing 3,706 cubic meters of toxic radiological materials may be on the precipice of a serious incendiary event after the U.S. Department of Energy confirmed that it would fail to meet a deadline to remove drums of nuclear waste from the wildfire-prone area owing to safety concerns.

Although the DoE initially planned to move the “transuranic waste,” from the federal Los Alamos National Laboratory to a Texas facility by June 30, shipments out of the facility were said to have been “put on hold due to concerns about the chemical stability of the mixture in the containers.”

The deteriorating conditions of nuclear waste storage at the facility in recent years were further exacerbated in 2011 by wildfires near the nuclear-weapons laboratory, and the state government of New Mexico ordered the site to complete transfer of the material to other locations “before this year’s wildfire season reaches its peak,” the Nuclear Threat Initiative group noted.

However, apparently one Los Alamos drum of transuranic waste, comprising “tools, rags and other debris contaminated with radioisotopes such as plutonium from U.S. nuclear labs,” may have been responsible for a radiological leak at a repository near Carlsbad, New Mexico, on February 14…….

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Fire on ship carrying uranium – news covered up

exclamation-SmThere is new information about what the Atlantic Cartier had on board when it caught fire in Hamburg last year.  April 10, 2014 by 

news report in the HAMBURG taz dated April 3rd states: –

The Atlantic Cartier that caught fire May 1st, close to the opening of the 34th EvangelicalChurch Day, which had attracted thousands of people. (The first report said ‘onethousand’.)

Only two weeks later was the true situation revealed. It contained 3.8 tonnes ofammunition, 180 tons of explosive ethanol, as well as 8.9 tons of uranium hexafloride andeleven tons of unused, fresh uranium fuel rods.’

This is the first report which we have seen which mentions that the ship was carrying fresh uranium fuel rods.

In the middle of March another Atlantic Container Line (ACL) ship, the Atlantic Companion, was involved in an ‘accident’ at the Halifax, Nova Scotia, north-end Ceres terminal.  On this occasion four containers of uranium hexafluoride were dropped while being loaded aboard the ship.

Bibby Reply

In reply to our recent open letter to Bibby Ship Management we received the following from the company:-

‘ It is Bibby Ship Management’s policy not to discuss individual vessels or cargo detailshowever all of our vessels are managed and operated in line with the highest internationally agreed standards of vessel safety and pollution prevention.’

This is the full extent of the companies willingness to answer any of the many questionswhich we would like to put to them.

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Fire Prompts Evacuation of New Mexico Nuclear Repository

Update ; Feb 05, 2014, 11:21 PM GMT 15m

Chief Scientist at New Mexico Nuclear Site where underground fire is underway says sensors indicate air is clear – no nuclear release – @astoneabcnews


Earlier article

The repository is licensed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency every five years, said Rod McCullum, the director of used-fuels programs at the Nuclear Energy Institute.

CARLSBAD, N.M. February 5, 2014

Emergency crews battled a fire Wednesday at the southeastern New Mexico site where the federal government seals away its low-grade nuclear waste, including plutonium-contaminated clothing and tools.

Six people were treated for smoke inhalation and released a short while later after a truck hauling salt caught fire at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad.

All employees were evacuated from the underground site after the fire broke out about 11 a.m. Wednesday, and none of the radioactive waste was impacted, plant officials said.

Authorities said they weren’t sure what caused the blaze.

At an afternoon news conference, officials said the fire occurred on a truck hauling salt in the facility’s north mine, The Carlsbad Current-Argus reported. Nuclear waste is stored in the south mine, officials said.

Fire suppression systems and rescue teams were immediately activated, and all waste handling operations were suspended, officials said.

A spokeswoman answering an emergency line late Wednesday afternoon said it was unclear if the fire was still burning or when the site might reopen. Any re-entry must be approved by the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration.

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Ontario shutting down coal fired power, going for renewables

Ontario to add renewable energy, shut coal-fired power plants Mar 1,
2013     (Reuters) – Ontario’s power grid operator expects more than
3,200 megawatts (MW) of renewable capacity to be connected to the
transmission system, while the province’s remaining coal-fired plants
will shut over the next 18 months.
In a report published on Thursday, the Independent Electricity
System Operator (IESO) said the renewable capacity
includes the Canadian province’s first two transmission grid-connected
solar projects.
By August 2014, the IESO said total wind and solar generation
connected to the transmission and distribution systems is expected to
reach about 6,800 MW.
“Integrating renewable resources into Ontario’s changing supply
mix has been a learning process for both us and the renewable
generators,” Bruce Campbell, IESO Vice-President of Resource
Integration, said in the release.
“Everything we’ve learned will be applied in the coming months as
wind and solar gain even more prominence on the grid,” he

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New York: Fire triggers shutdown at Entergy nuke plant for second time in a week


12 November 2012

SCRIBA, N.Y. — Entergy Corp.’s FitzPatrick nuclear power plant on Lake Ontario in New York has shut down for the second time in a week. The shutdown early Sunday was triggered by a fire in the plant’s main transformer.

Entergy Nuclear says the fire broke out around 5:45 a.m. and was extinguished at 6:30. The company says there was no release of radiation and no danger to employees or the public. It was reported as an “unusual event,” the lowest of four event classifications by the Nuclear regulatory Commission.

FitzPatrick shut down on Nov. 4 when its turbine stopped during routine testing. It returned to operation after personnel replaced an electrical relay.

The plant is in Oswego County about 30 miles northwest of Syracuse, N.Y.

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New Jersey Nuclear plant only 10 miles from gas fires

Gas fires still burning 10 miles from NJ nuclear plant after Sandy — Official: Devastation can’t be seen from the air… It’s beyond imagination (PHOTOS)
 November 1st, 2012  
 Title:Title: New Jersey Natural Gas shutting off service to barrier islands
Source: The Star-Ledger
Author: Seth Augenstein
Date: November 01, 2012 
The natural gas fires that have burned for days along the ravaged barrier islands, spanning from Bay Head south to Seaside Park [10 miles north of Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station] and also Long Beach Island, are about to be snuffed by New Jersey Natural Gas, the company said this afternoon. […]

Brick Township (Andrew Mills/The Star-Ledger)
The company cannot give an estimate of the number of fires that have burned in the devastated areas. […]
In Brick, roughly a half dozen natural gas fires have burned for three days — and are still going — on the township’s 3-mile stretch of barrier island […]

Authorities are now monitoring the gas fires as they wait for a chance to get into the storm-ravaged area. […]

Title: New Jersey Natural Gas to snuff gas fires on barrier islands
Source: The Asbury Park Press
Date: November 01, 2012 at 1:30 PM

[…] Over the past three days, New Jersey Natural Gas has plugged more than 1,300 leaks in those areas. […]

“Our crews did everything we could to save the system,” said Kathleen T. Ellis, chief operating officer of New Jersey Natural Gas. “We were only able to gain access to some of the most damaged areas within in the last 24 hours, and the devastation is nothing that could be seen from the air.

“It is beyond imagination,” Ellis said. “The only safe thing to do is shut down the system.” [.. Watch: ABC 10 miles from NJ nuke plant: We can hear gas lines hissing — Fire dept. says one spark and town could blow (VIDEO)

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New -Security contractor at Y-12 nuclear weapons plant fired after intrusion by Sister Megan Rice

  • Article by: ERIK SCHELZIG , Associated Press
  • Updated: October 1, 2012 – 5:29 PM

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The security contractor at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Tennessee was fired Monday after authorities said three protesters cut through fences and vandalized a building in an unprecedented break-in.

Security contractor WSI Oak Ridge said it has started winding down operations and will transfer its protective force functions to B&W Y-12, the managing contractor at the plant, over the next several weeks. The Department of Energy had earlier recommended that WSI’s contract be terminated.

The security contractor was criticized for its poor response when the protesters, including an 82-year-old Roman Catholic nun, cut through fences on July 28 and defaced a building that stores the plant’s weapons grade uranium.

Peter Stockton, a Department of Energy adviser on nuclear security during the Clinton administration, called the firing long overdue.


POGO, a Washington-based independent watchdog known for exposing overpriced military parts and other government shortcomings, has been a frequent critic of security lapses at the facility.

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New York nuclear plants do not comply with fire safety rules

NY official knocks fire safety at nuke plant – MARCH 28, 2011, NY official knocks fire safety at nuke plant  WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — The state attorney general says federal regulators should take action against nuclear plants in the New York suburbs for what he called failure to comply with fire safety regulations.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which has granted Indian Point several exemptions involving fire safety……NY official knocks fire safety at nuke plant –


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Russia censoring news about wildfires and radiation

Shoigu also demanded that those who reported on the spread of radiation fro fires burning in contaminated areas be made known to authorities.
As a consequence, public information about fires in areas posing a potential radiation hazard were ripped down from government websites,

Russia emergency minister threatens to ‘deal with’ those spreading radiation ‘rumours’ about wildfires in contaminated areas NEW YORK/ST PETERSBURG –Bellona,  Charles Digges, Alexander Shurshev contributed from St. Petersburg , 17Aug 2010,  Russian emergency officials have come up with a novel tool to smother the spate of heat wave caused wildfires that threaten to tear through radioactively contaminated forests and lands during the country’s hottest summer, releasing radiation: pull information about fires in radioactively contaminated areas and threaten punishment for those spreading “rumours.”  Continue reading

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In USA renewable energy electricity growing, coal-fired dwindling

Why the Renewable Energy Sector Will Prevail Simple Math Proves Cleantech SuperiorityBy Nick HodgeThursday, May 20th, 2010 Numbers Don’t Lie In 2005 — just 5 years ago — there were 5,000 MW of installed solar capacity in the United States.Today, there are more than 23,000 MW — a rise of 360%.In 2005, there were just 9,000 MW of installed wind capacity in the U.S.; today, there are more than 35,000 MW — a rise of 289%.Now consider this…In 2005, the United States consumed 1.037 billion short tons of coal to produce electricity.Today, we use even less than that (about 936.5 million short tons in 2009) for a loss of about 9.7%. Why the Renewable Energy Sector Will Prevail

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U.S. Space Command reveals fire at nuclear missile silo :

U.S. Space Command reveals fire at nuclear missile silo

Freedom Newspapers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A fire in a Wyoming missile silo last spring exposed more problems in the oversight of the nation’s nuclear ICBM fleet………………………

The command, headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, released an accident investigation report on the silo fire Oct. 30, but had made no previous announcement of the incident. The Air Force has been under fire for months for failure to properly safeguard nuclear weapons in other incidents that led to the firing of the service’s top civilian and military leaders and discipline for several officers linked to nuclear problems.

The fire occurred May 23 at an undisclosed location outside Cheyenne, Wyo, where the Minuteman III missile is stored, ready for firing in an underground launch facility……………

John Pike, a nuclear expert with the think-tank said that the findings or the accident investigation, which revealed that duct tape was being used as a repair material in the silo, are cause for serious concern.

“The notion that you’re patching up your H-bombs with duct tape is not encouraging,” Pike said. “You also have to wonder if you have this sloppy activity that is revealed by a fire happened, how much other sloppy activity has not detected.”

U.S. Space Command reveals fire at nuclear missile silo :

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