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PLEASE: Sean Arclight needs help to replace his computer.

On behalf of the blogger Shaun McGee aka arclight aka Sean Arclight on FB and @Arclight2011 on Twitter, my co-blogger, one of us 3 bloggers of Nuclear news blog (

Shaun needs badly to replace his computer, which is kaputt. During the past 8 years he has been unceasingly researching and blogging about worldwide nuclear and about Fukushima, producing quality articles.

Please let’s help him to get a new computer, tip in whatever you can spare him. His paypal connected email is for donations.

Advanced thanks, Herve Courtois aka Dun Renard



His message:
Wishing all activists and independent scientists and journalists
everywhere a happy and successful new year!

Those who know me are aware that my laptops last about 2 years before collapsing into a worn and battered heap. Well, this is one of those moments where i ask subs and followers if they could contribute towards another second hand laptop as my last had its hard drive seized. My data was backed up btw However it has meant I have limited computer access
to my accounts for the last 8 weeks or so

The amount required this time will be about 350 Euros going by what is available that will accept Linux Unbuntu, My paypal connected email is for payments, should you chose to help me out.

Otherwise I have been self funded, though my annual income is just enough to get along. My costs are minimal generally and i am LOW maintenance.

Thank you in advance for your support

God bless all. Namaste

Shaun McGee aka arclight aka Sean Arclight on FB and @Arclight2011 on


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Fukushima baby milk formula seized in central China


Beijing, Jul 24: Border quarantine authorities in central China’s Hunan Province have seized more than 400 kg of baby milk formula produced in areas close to the site of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant.
Although no excessive radioactive material was found in the formula, it was still sent back to Japan as China has banned imports of food and agricultural products from regions affected by the nuclear leak, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.
 The quarantine authorities said today that they found the milk formula in parcels mailed to Hunan between July 1 and July 20. This was the province’s biggest seizure of banned Japanese food.

Source: OneIndia

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