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STOP MAKING NUCLEAR TRASH – theme for February 2021

With the drastic global health crisis, and the inexorable progression of global heatinng – where are the big Nations tax-payer funds going?     Oh, to nuclear weapons, including nuclear weapons in space, nuclear-powered travel to Mars,  – and to non-existent, non economic, useless ”Small Modular Reactors”.  (The  last mentioned are a cover for weapons spending, and for a convenient lie about fixing climate change)

BUT – there is still the problem of radioactive trash.

It’s such a simple idea  – so simple that our clever experts, politicians, academics, media can’t grasp it.

With religious fervour, the nuclear lobby tells us there’s nothing to worry about, as with the help of God, our descendants will cope with the toxic radioactive mess that nuclear activities are building up around the world.

Simple people think – “It would be best to bury deeply the toxic wastes that now exist, and to stop making any more”.

And they are right.

It’s like climate change –   do all the smart people think that their own children and grandchildren will thank them for making money, while pretending that they have no responsibility about this?

January 16, 2021 - Posted by | Christina's themes


  1. Blah blah blah. News crapola and rehash. Read twitter. Cecalli helper twitter. Read majias blog for insightful commentary and fresh insights on Fukushima and Nuclear. Rehashing jouranilst crud and stulted- censored info from selfcensoring science types goes nowhere. Too bad Fukushima Diary is gone.

    Comment by Gloria | September 12, 2018 | Reply

    • Sorry that you feel this way, Gloria. I’m just trying to get the word out. Indeed Majia’s Blog is original and valuable. On our site, arclight2011 provides original and incisive articles, and dunrenard makes valuable contributions. Yes, I do rehash journalists’ info. Many reputable journalists on mainstream media write valuable articles, and have the extra benefit of being properly fact-checked. Many others just trot out “safe” corporate-blessed news. I believe that it’s important to get the facts out.

      And I also believe that the message about this truly evil nuclear industry should be repeated and spread often. I am surprised that you put this critical comment on one of my own literary masterpieces – I thought that this post of mine was original and clear – and spread a very necessary message – one that we don’t hear often enough.”The World Must Stop Making Radioactive Trash”

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 13, 2018 | Reply

  2. The group bis, conformational bias, and normacly bias’s can and, do effect youu too Macpherson. Do not forget that. Things are getting past the point of no return. Too bad for you and your family. Too bad for life on earth.

    Comment by Gloria | September 13, 2018 | Reply

    • I’m not sure what you mean when you write about the “group bias and conformational bis” affecting me. I think that the “normalcy bias” must mean that we are living now in very abnormal times – climate, pollution, overconsumption, nuclear nightmare – a dire situation? I certainly get that bit – i.e. people writing and behaving as if everything is OK, really – – normal.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 13, 2018 | Reply

      • Chris Busby just had his house raided because he is an antinuclear advocate. How normal is that in.supposedly free societies? Billions of people were exposed to the most radioactive radionuclides on earth since the late 1930s and it is getting worse. How normal is that? My hard-drive was wiped-out the other day after I visited an antinuclear site. How normal is that.

        Too many of the articles you publish here diddle around with health physics nonsense, health physics is group bias propaganda invented by the nucleoapes to cover for the icredible toxicity of radionuclides. Health physics is the worst type of propaganda and group bias.
        The so-called science types that are beholden to crooked governments, crooked corporations that are vested nuclearist-militarey complexes encourage a conformational bias of the old healthphysics group bias and false narrative. Applies to journalists too

        Comment by Gloria | September 13, 2018

      • Ah, now I get it. Thank you, Gloria. I am aware of that raid on Busby’s house, and I will be posting about that tomorrow. (Today I am supposedly having a nuclear-free computer-free day Ha ha.) I saw about Busby on Sean Arclight’s Facebook, and I was very angry about this continued persecution of Dr Busby.

        I do understand about the science types beholden as you so eloquently put it. As for journalists – well, I can tell you that here in Australia, journalists mostly toe the government-corporate-nuclear line or they lose their jobs. On nuclear issues, journalists in this country mostly just publish direct handouts from the nuclear industry. Those who actually know something sometimes venture to publish something questioning the industry – but most often, they find it safer to just shut up. I just find what news I can.

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 13, 2018

    • You are absolutely correct Gloria, some seem to think we don’t notice when they peddle, and what they peddle.

      Comment by sir isO | February 24, 2021 | Reply

  3. Texas nuclear plant was just 3 minutes away from going completely off-line during blackout – Raw Story – Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism


    What have the massive gulf coast hurricanes harvey,  maria others, taught me? The monster coldspell and failure of the grid in texas, with temps in the teens . Almost freezing to death. Almost dying again of starvation like during the hurricanes. Almost dying of thirst and coliform water. Texas is the rightwing whore of the south. Texas is  where the South texas Project nuclear reactors, at bay city, lost backup and almost melted down again,  like they did during Harvey. This occured in the last 3 weeks, during the blackkouts. . There was no water in half of texas. Even hospitals in Austn. Texas had no water. Texas  is a total failure,  with the pandemic still going. 

    I write this diatribe-invective, appealing to the sense and sanity, of the american people and people in the WORLD. No one is listening
    30 years too late Its all 30 years too late. The nukeape countries are  Pronuke energy. Pronuclear weapons-generals  attached at the hip, to nuclear power and  Nuclear military industrial complexes and stock markets.  Millions of minnions.

    In Nuke countrys like the USA , Australia, France, Russia Canada . Australias wildfires are starting to burn again. Like all the huge wildfires, they are from hydrocarbon residue in soils, drought , global warming, pryophoric radionuclides like uranium waste, in the soil. MEGA Firestorms.

    Every year radionuclide wildfires have been raging , at fukushima, chernobyl, santa susana , INL.  Santa Susana had. two meltdons, idaho national laboratory had 3 . It is The pyrophoricity of all radionuclides, the Uranium, plutonium, cesium 137 cobalt 60 strontium 90 americium, thorium 90 . Radium and uranium, from fracking from nuclear , from uranium mining, from oil refining and burning hydrocarbons. 
    Areas around Mayak and Hanford have perrenial wildfires .

    Areas around los alamos,  have had perrenial-massive wild fires.  Wildfires  will happen this year at Los Alamos, from global warming, drought and radionuclide pyrophoric catalysis.  Plutonium burns, when exposed to air,  like the rocky flats, plutonium pit factory, in arvada in the 60s, 70s, and, 80s.

    Plutonium, depleted uranium, uranium, amerecium dust contamination, from plutonium pit manufacture, at Los alamos.  Wildfire areas have grown since the last wildfire. They are spreading.

    Wildfires engulphed half of australia, half of the usa, a third of the Amazon in the past 3 years.

    Huge swaths, in nuclear polluted Arctic and Siberia regions, now annually have wildfires.

    Neo liberal creeps  redbaiters and warwongers are entrenched, with the military industrial complexes of the western world. Nukeapes entreched in russia. Russia wants to Build crappy nuke plants, in third world counties.

    More nuke missiles . Billions and trillions, for weapons as people starve , infrastrucures errode the economies suk. A steep  race downward to environmental and nuclear oblivion. There are 30,000 tonnes, of hi level nuke waste in huge thin, tin metal casks across the USA. The equivalents of 10 million nuclear bombs . Stored outside on pads, in thin skin cracked-casks. All around the country NM, texas, Nevada, san onofre, Cali, wa, NM, fla and by reactors.

    If u or I were wi 20 feet,  of 50 pounds of that hilevel waste, it will emmit enough gamma and beta  rays, to kill u in 20minutes.

    Florida has several beatup, old, reactors as do texas,  Louisiana , miss , carolina etc.
    5 to ten extra hurricanes per season now.  More eartquakes.  Failure to close embrittled, 30 and 40 yo  rattletrap, reactors . This will lead to nuclear catastrophe.  Radionuclides in trace amounts, in the environment, increase wild fires, 30 fold by making them hotter bigger and, much more profuse. Radionuclides  Increase the radiuss and breadth of wildfires,  like the huge 90,000 acre wildfire at Idaho National laboratory,  where the area is saturated w radionuclides.

    If even two or three nuke complexes go off , half the country will get very sick, in merica . One reactor complex meltdown will destroy an entire region, like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

    There will ne no one, to stop the country, from going up in multiple chemical and nuclear explosions  with fires if more than 1 catastrophe occurs .

    There will be No drinkable water. All electric grids will be down. Two-Thirds of the country , will be sick  and dying. many  people and animals bleeding through every pore in their bodies. Total radiation sickess inside and out,  from internal radionuclides and external beta and gamma irradiation.

    Half or more  the country will be having wildfires, next year there will be 6 extra hurricanes.

    It will not be civil war that destroys america . Those of us who have survived the Hurricanes like marias, sandy harvey. Survived the  blackouts. Survive massive wildfires, know that the crooked rightwing-bobo-civil war-nonsense, is bs and coverup of the ugliest monsters.

    People will be too sick and disabled to move or eat , much less shoot anyone else when the old embrittled.reactors start going off from being so old. It will be from serial incopetence and serial eventsz from more hurricanes, from infrastructure failure. One or more may g off from more flooding more earthqakes more wildfires. The govt extends nuclear reactor licenses, derpugulates their supervision further, does not mandate-shutting them down .
    They are so expensive, dangerous, with no place safe to store, their extinction level-hoardes of hi level nuclear waste.

    There  will be catastrophic attritition and death following nuclear melt downs. It will lead to more chemical plants blowing-up. More power outages. More nuke reactors blowing up. Hi level nuke waste fires, across the usa. The USA is already inundated w the radionuclides – internally, in our water , in our landfills Americans are so stupid

    Comment by Ah | February 26, 2021 | Reply

  4. Conversation
    sean mcgee Retweeted
    helen caldicott
    Because cesium concentrates in the pancreas and other endocrine glands. The Fukushima legacy: More than just cancer, diabetes diagnoses have increased six-fold http://2018-05-07-fukushima-more-than-cancer-diabetes-diagnoses-have-increased-six-fold.html
    12:28 AM · Feb 26, 2021·Twitter Web App
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    Not the Nuclear icing please
    Replying to
    The Fukushima legacy: More than just cancer, diabetes diagnoses have increased six-fold
    The Fukushima legacy: More than just cancer, diabetes diagnoses have increased six-fold
    Richard Middleton
    Replying to
    Can some of the byprods be mixed with inert materials and diluted down to [byprod] far far less concentrated than the precursor ores, to be buried in deep disused shafts, in stable ground, well away from aquifers, etc.
    The dilution being the key?

    Comment by ken r | February 26, 2021 | Reply

  5. People do little to end the insanity. There will be a meltdown fire soon. Murrica stuk in tyrrany of propaganda and political madness. German antinukss risk lives to protect their country. The antinukes in us are small. It is already far too late

    Comment by Jwt | February 28, 2021 | Reply

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