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The nuclear industry is dying: with Small Nuclear Reactors they pretend it’s not – theme for December 20

nuclear is dead, but pretending it’s not” – so writes Michael Barnard in a brilliant study of the state of the industry in the UK and USA.

Barnard doesn’t even mention Small Nuclear Reactors – he is concentrating on the clean-up costs and the rorts.

But the entire crooked and dirty industry is now hanging its desperate last hopes on Small Nuclear Reactors, which will probably turn out to be even dirtier and more crooked than the old industry’

The Small Nuclear Reactor push is a confidence trick being played on the whole world.   In the Western world, by slick propaganda regurgitated by journalists, who, for whatever reason, don’t seek the truth.

In the totalitarian world of Russia and China,  it is unlikely that any criticism of government policy would be tolerated.

Small Nuclear Reactors  do have that one use –   siphoning off public money towards nuclear weapons, training scientists for nuclear weaponry, while putting up the lying facade of peacefulness, and “climate action”




December 3, 2020 - Posted by | Christina's themes


  1. Will biden be better. Doubful. But there is a chance people can ride up and not all be murdered and jailed and massacred as trump started doing. Trump was actively throwing disabled and seniors into the streets. Trump was leading to the worst krystolnocht in history.

    The LDP in Japan is awful. It has always been a proxy of the blood thirsty USA nuceoapes They want to dump millions of gallons of fukushima radioactive water into the ocean.  The burden of radionuclide waste in the oceans, air, in land, in the Northern hemisphere is dangerously high. This is especially true in the US Japan europe russia and the arctic. The coho salmon in Wa state are going. It ain’t from chemicals. Its from the worse toxins known. Cs137 co 60. Strontium 90 plutonium iodine133 etc. The lies and more filthy lies. Every American landfill is full of americium 241 from cheap smoke detectors. Am241 is easily as toxic as plutonium to the tune of billionth of a gram and less. gamma and alpha emmiter.   We are at a crossroad. TEPCO wants to release millions of gallons of tritiated and strontiated water into the ocean.
    The Australians and USA want to build hypersonic nuclear missiles. 
    Biden will not be so great if he gets in but Trump has done great damage.  How could people have sunk so low, to support such a monster? Trump  is. The most evil man possible. He wants people to rot in the streets. Cut social security. More nuke waste every where. Trump has set america in the precipice of nuke war and nuke, catastrophes. His supporters believe nuke war is survivable. Even the detonation of a few nuke bombs will destroy what is left of the world.  The generals, the oligarchs, the racist fallderal, the evangelical Christian fascists are all mad. The huge cadre of racist goon, police-bullies, that support this evil man, in this racist police state are an abomination .

    Nuclear waste in landfills. Nuclear waste imported from Japan and Estonia unregulated, to go close to bears ears, by the grand canyon. trump and Netanyahu talking about more war on Iran. Most all nuclear arms treaties abrogated. Most industrial regs gutted. Most all wolves and d bears to be slaughtered.
    More plutonium pit factories.

    400 million for muscle nuclear reactors so called anal nuke reactors that have melted down in the past. Small chernobyls

    The San onofre reactor waste from San Diego that was exploding by beaty nevada to energy solutions massive nuclear waste dump outside salt lake city utah., by Tooele . the Tooele nuke waste is run by energy solutions and is one of the largest in the nation.


    Insane propagandists alex jones

    Proud Boys referenced The Turner Diaries on their main Telegram channel last night. Still think they’re not white supremacists?

    Trump yuge neonazi support groups

    Patriot prayer bois

    Daily stormer
    Proud boys
    Neonazis in cop depts reflecting the racist system of America w 2 percent of the population and 20 percent of the inmates
    Boogaloo Boys that looted in major cities and murdered a cop in sf to try to start a civil war
    Militarized cops

    neonazi police departments
    Thousands murdered by the american Gestapo american police police since 1996
    800 Last year

    hundreds murdered in mass shootings by white supremacists since premo the lying clown took office.

    The two young men murdered in kenosha
    By the 17 yo killer recruited by Alex Jones and the buger boys
    hundreds of thousands of bombs dropped and drone strikes by continuing imperial menace of. Make america great again. Nuclear disasters ignored. His buddy in the lnp about to release millions of gallons of rad water into the Pacific. Untended, unreinforced reactors in the usa ready to blow. Tens of thousands of wildfires across the usa. Multiple hurricane continue past what was supposed to be the end of the hurricane season.NUCLEAR BOMB THE HURRICANES HE SAID. Apporaching three hundred thousand dead from covid. demented old nazis, urging assassination of Dr Fauci and his family. 11 million infected. Now worst than ever. Trillions for nuke bombs and weapons nothing for the victims. Most of The secret service infected by covid. The insane Qanon crap. The murder cult sprints on.

    Comment by Penny steen | December 5, 2020 | Reply

  2. The reason we don’t have Medicare for all is both parties are owned by giant insurance companies. The reason we don’t have a Green New Deal is both parties are owned by big oil companies. The reason we don’t have World Peace is both parties are owned by the defense industry.

    I had to do a psychiatric externship at the veterans hospital in the last year of school. I had to interview patients and go over their meds, drug interactions, and progress.

    There was a big difference between the other crazies(that is the psychotics, organic psychotic s, schizophrenics, bipolar, psychopathic borderlines) and the horribly depressed veterans. The difference between the i interviewed was this. The dangerously crazy and irrefutable crazy were all somewhat optimistic about the future and delusional.
    The black-despair deppressives were honest about their situations . They seemed to have a more rational grasp of the real world, than the so called normal people, treating them.

    Trump’s rants about a “fraudulent election” are not a joke. There has been truth to it in the ossified rightwing corporate neofeudal date of America.They are the most significant attack against our democracy in history. The election system is riggied so war criminals like him and Bush and Obama can get in . A large part of the corporate war monger  rmedia is Orwellian mindfuking propagagands machine
    Many federal officials are part of RACIST IMPERIALIST  CLASS MOTIAVATED DEEP STATE IN THE FBI, CIA, NNSA, NSA yada yada yada

    Donald trump does not really care about those thing. , though he pretends to .   he wants it all so he can destroy everything.  What does he really want to be ? not a leader. You got it. A dictator.

    Comment by Penny steen | December 5, 2020 | Reply

  3. I love this lady. Luv this site. This article is a little slanted. China is one of the few county’s in the world, where there have been successful, massive protests against nuclear power and processing plants. The redbaiting against China,, is why the insane govt of Australia wants hypersonic missiles there in australia. China has always maintained, that it wants to end nuclear imperialism.

      China only has 280 nuke missiles. China takes care of its people. It did not start nuke reactors or nuke bombs, the evil racist bloodthirsty,  resource gulpers in the usa did.

    Quote truth

    “In the totalitarian world of Russia and China,  it is unlikely that any criticism of government policy would be tolerated” BULLSHIT

    I have been an antinuclear activist in this evil inverted-totalitarian nuclear shit hole my whole life. Arrested at Yucca mountain, on the ground doing the dirty work. I Have been harrassed, jailed and screwed over my whole life, for my views. I am disabled from leukemia at age 6. It. Was from the , nuclear bombings my nuclear sacrifice zone in Nevada Arizona and utah.

    Colleen Moore
    Shook by this map of the effects of nuclear testing across the United States.

    “Nuclear testing did not prevent nuclear war, it was a nuclear war.” – Mary Dickson, downwinder activist on #WomenTransformingOurNuclearLegacy
    Disabled and harassed by the USA dark state most of my life
    I looked around me today 20 People cowering in corners, with blankets on them, homeless, in this evil shit hole nucleat menace empire. In this small town.

    3.6 million incarcerated in this evil racist, corporate police state. 2 percent of the world pop, 25 percent of the inmates.  The worst healthcare system in the world, as covid rages.  I know russians. I have been there.

    Russian were left with nothing but, nuclear to survive after the USA neolib and neocon pigs got through w them .
    Russians try to take care of their own. They need to get rid of nuclear and maybe putin. People can and do protest nuclear in Russia.

    In the USA u r likely to be marginalized . You will be  destroyed by the evil, fascist cop pigs that love Trump and tolerate Biden.

    The usa is an evil, class stratified neofeudal police state.  The old slave based, racist class based, justice system continues to be very much intact.

    The good ol USA ,where the nuclear war and nuclear power pigs, are dead set, to maintainin their property ownership , stock market and power, in this bogus nuclear murder machine.

    Comment by Jr | December 7, 2020 | Reply

  4. Texan love song,

    Texas challeged election results in battle ground states.

    Texas petitions 4 battleground States on Biden’s election as president

    Texas is one of the nastiest, most corrupt states in the union. Think of the not so distant keylhauling death, of the black man in jasper texas, by the kkk. George w. Bush. Enron. Largest open air nuke dumps. Most chemical factories, most mass shooting by racists and fundamentalist Christians. Highest percentage of white supremacists and Christian fascists. Baptist preachers calling for women” who get abortions to be executed” and then turning out to be pedophiles. Church shootings. Highest amount of encarceration and most prisons, in the USA. The white female cop in Dallas, that went into the black mans apt and shot him to death for no reason. She got her hand slapped.

    The affluenza killer. Rich white kid that murdered 5 innocent people.
    Rich white millionaire serial killers, that get away w it. Rich white men ,
    who murdered their wives and got away w it. Old south, good old boy system. The worst post civil war, jim crow system and justice system. White supremacist cops. Church shootings.
    Worst response to covid. Highest cancer rate. Black people blocked from voting . Purging of voting registration roles. They have to be kidding.

    Donald trump is the most criminal dangerous, stupid and demented-evil presidents in history. He has encouraged white supremacist to try to set off riots in cities. Encouraged them to start a racist civil war. The boogaloo bois, neonazis patriot prayer bois in the West, proud boys. atom waffen ss. Richard Spence. Stephen Miller. Daily stormer . The swastikas on the Ann Frank memorial in Boise Idaho.

    kenosha murders. Alex Jones who gets money from stone and arranged the kenosha murders. The boogaloo boys around the is who have killed cops and looted to try to blame BLM and start a civil war.
    Trump is a climate denialists with 10s of thousands of wildfires and the most and worst hurricanes in history. He believes a nuclear war is winnable.
    Trump has singlehandedly, placed the United States so much closer to the precipice, of nuclear war and nuclear catastrophe than anyone in history.

    Trump, actually started passing rules for the SSA that is knocking disabled old people of social security. That is with the highest homelessness, in the worst pandemic and economic downturn in history.

    Trump has knocked 55 million, off eligibility for medical care . That is after lying out of his teeth, and saying he had an alternative.

    Trump instituted martial law in portland. Is threatening martial everywhere in the usa and suspend the election biden for a coup. Encourages avowed racists and nazis to kill people. What is the matter w texas?

    Thom dispatch
    DECEMBER 7, 2020
    Trump’s Pernicious Military Legacy

    In the military realm, Donald Trump will most likely be remembered for his insistence on ending America’s involvement in its twenty-first-century “forever wars” — the fruitless, relentless, mind-crushing military campaigns undertaken by Presidents Bush and Obama in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Somalia. After all, as a candidate,

    Guarenteed nuclear war sooner than later

    Comment by Ann Frank's ghost | December 10, 2020 | Reply

  5. I would stand in front of a gun for u and my kid and my two grankids and you arclight and you Christina and you dun. I would take a bullet

    Comment by Kr | December 12, 2020 | Reply

    • Thanks, Kr. Good to have your support. Fortunately we arequite safe! And you also, I trust.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 12, 2020 | Reply

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