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The new Big Global HOAX – LITTLE Nuclear Reactors – a marketing triumph! theme for December 20

The Small Nuclear Reactor Hoax has now become global.

For a while, it was confined to the “nuclear nations” – USA, Russia, China, and some historic failed attempts in India and South Africa. Now these still non existent fantasies are being marketed to countries all over the world

The “peaceful nuclear industry’ with very big reactors, and less big “research” reactors,  has always been an expensive front for the nuclear weapons industry.

But, things have changed.  The big reactors have got massively expensive, and the toxic radioactive trash that they produce has become a global and unsolvable problem.  Shock horror –  people don’t like them!  Non nuclear cyclotrons can produce medical radioisotopes – no need for the research reactors, either.

The global nuclear weapons industry is in a panic, because:

It must somehow keep up that ‘peaceful’ mask of “commercial nuclear” , and “medical nuclear”.  and

more shock horror – people don’t want nuclear weapons, and the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will come into force on 22 January 2020 –   the nuclear weapons industry will become illegal, just like chemical warfare and land mines.

What to do to keep the nuclear weapons industry going?  Where to get money for it?  Where to get the essential nuclear personnel?  Where to get the money and training for these nuclear experts?

The solution – a new gimmick to enthuse the population yet again about the nuclear industry- the Small Nuclear Reactor

And those wonderful marketing minds raced around to find that solution, and to market it as the solution to some other grave global problem.  And there was a new  problem sitting there, waiting to be exploited. – CLIMATE CHANGE!

You’ve gotta hand it to these nuclear snake oil salesmen – they are doing a great job, worldwide – especially seeing that they know that Small Nuclear Reactors would be no use whatever against global heating.  And governments and media are swallowing their story.

November 26, 2020 - Posted by | Christina's themes


  1. Nuscam in merica is heavily funded by the Robinson’s and mercers. They put a lot of money into TRUMP. Probably biden too. What a mess. How much worse can it get

    Comment by Anonymous | November 30, 2020 | Reply

  2. Nov 14, 2020 GAMMA RADIATION IN AMERICA 2020.13 – NUKES STILL OUT OF CONTROL by Bob Nichols

    “…Gamma radiation in America increased steadily over the past 10 years and is well past the Kill you level. How much more Gamma radiation have you absorbed today?…”

    Comment by Washington 76 | December 2, 2020 | Reply

  3. I smelled SMR topic. My hound dog nose brought me here.

    Love your stuff.

    HillbillyHoundDog, HHD, or Sarah

    Comment by Sarah | December 14, 2020 | Reply

  4. This hillbilly hound dog thing published racist crap on enenews. It was protrump is supports racist sensationalism racism conspiracy bullshit durnford and discusting bastard blanch. Cecalli helper and its exmilitary partner received money funneled by a cia. Post contra group to stir up shit in Nicaragua. All the fuks.on enenews used fukushima misery and fake antinuclear to bring us trump. To the.brink of nuclear oblivion and nazi insanity

    You know trump will not pardon ASSANGE or snowden sorry

    Tell me this is not like nazi Berlin in 1935

    We’ll call you when you’re six years old
    And drag you to the factory
    To train your brain for eighteen years
    With promise of security
    But then you’re free
    And forty years you waste to chase the dollar sign
    So you may die in Florida
    At the pleasant age of sixty nine

    The water’s getting hard too drink
    We’ve mangled up the country side
    The air will choke you when you breathe
    We’re all committing suicide
    But it’s alright
    It’s progress folks keep pushin’ till your body rots
    Will strip the earth of all it’s green
    And then divide her into parking lots

    But there’s nothing you and I can do
    You and I are only two
    What’s right and wrong is hard to say
    Forget about it for today
    We’ll stick our heads into the sand
    Just pretend that all is grand
    Then hope that everything turns out ok

    You’re free to speak your mind my friend
    As long as you agree with me
    Don’t criticize the father land
    Or those who shape your destiny
    ‘Cause if you do
    You’ll lose your job your mind and all the friends you knew
    We’ll send out all our boys in blue
    They’ll find a way to silence you

    But there’s nothing you and I can do
    You and I are only two
    What’s right and wrong is hard to say
    Forget about it for today
    We’ll stick our heads into the sand
    Just pretend that all is grand
    Then hope that everything turns out ok

    Trump put assange
    in jail . he will not free snowden.  I met ron Paul in 1990, at a libertardian event. I thought he was ok then. Atheist pro civil lib.

    My rich uncle in Texas knew him . I heard him talking in denver w my uncle. Called BLM cultural marxism. Ron nazi Paul , supports inverted totalitarianism.supports trump nuclear power and nuclear missiles directed at China. Is a nazi fascist. .  Pronuclear. Red baiting evil man. Thinks a nuc war is winnable.. Life hating nihilist elitist . believes in the importance of selfishness and the dominion of captains of industry. Some animals more equal than.others . liar about civil libertarianism.
    Inverted totalitarianism is his thing. Gather poor  peoples person info on internet and use it against them because they have poor credit. Medical murder and parasitism.  Social Darwinism. Now Nazism. U KNOW TRUMP WILL not PARDoN SNOWDEN or assange. HE KILLED ZEESE, GRAEBEN, COHEN AND ANDRE. Vltchek in September 20000. All relatively young men. Left of center. Trump has been threatening journalists for years.

    Ayn rand was in love with serial killers

    psychpathic demon. Paul  said he was a Christian last year. He implied whites are superior .  Paul wants people, who paid into social security to starve.  Believes in unlimited capitalistic industrial growth. private slave prison.s . murica has 2 percent world pop and 25 percent of the inmates.Ron Paul is a shriveled up, white supremacist ayn rand fascist, and now a nazi .

    Comment by Kr | December 15, 2020 | Reply

  5. “Kr” Er nah. But thanks for the accolades. I always get a good feeling when industry trolls go on a rampage when I post. Means something, ey? Makes me want to rake Holtec over the coals….some more.
    The fifth wheel tactics precede you.
    My very first post and this is your reply?
    I hope nuke news knows not one single thing you said about my person is true, that I have included links to for my readers for five years and that I have a long history of exposing industry corruption and trolls. Sounds like you’re one of them.
    What are you bringing to the table, besides shooting down anti nukes?
    Politics, gov orgs…race, creed, origin…big, ugly words for name calling, scaremongering, inflammatory and accusational garbage? Got a link for any of your libel?
    Back to work…
    Thanks for the thumbs up.

    Comment by HHD | December 15, 2020 | Reply

    • U r a moron and a racist creep. I was in.enenew starting 2011 i have published dozens of articles.on nuclear news. Net. Same OLD playbook. I have participated in grassroots antinuke.ralleys. was arrested at San.onofre. u.r.a.phoney.poser. i personally know harvey wasserman and was at three the seventies. 2 went to clamsheller ralliss in the 70 and.80s. Crewrew off rightwing racist poser troll. Go back ymto.boogaloo no nazi troll and airseptec . ur buddies hate.Dr.caldicott ur an evil old annd paid. Agent.special nuclear hell.for trash. We know at us are

      Comment by | December 16, 2020 | Reply

      • I hope that those in this argument will cease and desist soon…..

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 16, 2020

  6. No HHD, it was not me, I have nothing to do with that neither have I posted anything anywhere except on Ene and here.
    I’m sorry things evolved as they did and yes I was wrong, made a terrible MISTAKE whilst sedated on CRL so grave that I can’t find the right words to apologize but this bunch of lies about HHD ain’t mine.

    Now who else could have a motivé to do damage to me, HHD and CRL and is smart enough to play a caricature of ME to lie in public about HHD who défendable although a bit unpatiently banned us both?

    Ask arclight if there is the slightest change I’m speaking the humble truth..

    DUDe, aka D.I.D back in the day’s on ENE.

    Ps: please don’t delete this before HHD and Horse could see it.
    I’m sorry I have to add to an unpleasant conversation for a first post here but now I’m under the suspicion to be that 2 post poster above.
    (Kr and rise up)

    Comment by DUDe | December 17, 2020 | Reply

    • Whatever this squabble is, it had better end soon. This is not a social media site for personal spats etc

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 17, 2020 | Reply

      • I’m very sorry for the trouble Christina and thank you for letting me post that desperate defense. It’s my only chance to save what’s left of my damaged reputation..

        Comment by DUDe | December 17, 2020

    • “neither have I posted anything anywhere except on Ene and here.”

      TYPO : “here” I ment CRL

      Comment by DUDe | December 18, 2020 | Reply

      • This is great fun, like Frank was . Dont you think Christina?
        Frank did too many drgs and drank too much but he was somewhat sincere.

        I went to an antinuclear rally by Marfa texas two weeks ago. If there are enough of us, biden can’t have us mass arrested like trump did at standing rock annd other places.

        Maybe some of these goofballs, will get off their butts and out of chairs in front of the inet . thats wat they do all day. Sit on their ASSES typing, drinking booze and smoking weed.

        They could help. I doubt it though. Ol dana and and crazy kevin blanch , radchick, drink beer, smoke weed and rant on the inet . They rant till they use up their welfare checks and ill gotten gains from,go find me money.. Then they go on fake walkabouts, to raise more money for booze dope and more ranting on the internet.

        Comment by Ken raskal rask. | December 18, 2020

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