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Politics – what hope for civil society? theme for November 20 

AS I write the tortuous American election  process is going on. The USA used to be a world leader .   This is a gripping example of 2 different ways to run the political process. With Trump – dictatorial ruthlessness – heading to fascism, with Biden, restraint, respect for the rule of law, and a co-operative effort.

2020 has seen the continuing dictators, like  Xi Jinping, Putin, Putin, Kim Jong Un, Bolsonaro, Bashar Al-Assad – , and also the drift to  dictatorship in democratic countries, e.g India.  As the world is faced with huge problems, many people seem to turn to uninformed, anti-science populist leaders – especially in English- language countries –  USA, Britain, Australia.

So –  the American election circus goes on: it is something of a test case for the world.  To deal with global heating, nuclear dangers, and the pandemic, we need people of intelligence, respect for science, and the ability to co-operate.

Fortunately there are many thousands of people with all kinds of valuable skills , working on the global problems.  Far too many great organisations to name here, and a lot of them under the wing of the United Nations.

The achievements can be seen, and continue to evolve, First and foremost , there’s the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, It matters, whatever the bosses of the ‘nuclear nations’ say.  There’s the global work towards the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference.   But, however good the work of these agencies, it can succeed only with the participation and support of millions of people

The media has a huge role to play in explaining and promoting this. But will they?

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  1. This article is american imperialist, jingistic crap. As long as the american empire and its threat of nuclear hellfire exists, there is no real peace in the world or integrity in the usa. The usaand its its hegemon states like brazil, w bolsonaro, apartheid israel, ecuador , japan, israel, the uk etc continue to bully the world. The neoconservative warmongers in the usa that are part of the unending warmonger corporate neoliberal duoploly, never rest.They never rest their nuclear threat to the world. They are destroying americans lives and many other citizens, of the world. Please try to present more balanced stories, instead of neoconservative propaganda. Xi Jinping, Putin, Bashar Al-Assad are the only people keeping the bloodthirsty american and, zionist empire in check now. China has only 280 nukes. The usa 7000. The usa is trying to nullify the UN, ican nuclear weapons ban Why even print such garbage?

    Comment by Kenr | November 10, 2020 | Reply

    • Oh I wish that you would calm down a bit, Kenr.
      You are right about the unending warmonger corporate neoliberal stuff – the arms industry rejoices at wars. The ‘peaceful’nuclear industry is more than ever just a front for the nuclear weapons industry.
      BUT – fascist dictators not only love power, they love weapons, and are far mor likely to use them on a whim.
      With a self-controlled and reasonable person like Biden, those opposed to the nuclear industry have a better chance of getting through the fog of nuclear propaganda from the compliant media, awakening the public, and getting rid of this toxic industry.

      ”Please try to present more balanced stories?”” This website doesn’t try to ”be balanced”. It is straight out anti-nuclear, but not stupidly so.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | November 10, 2020 | Reply

      • this will probly be censoree

        Have you been to china? The president of syria was elected. So was putin. The current presidents of bolivia venezuela and cuba were elected. Xi was elected in an elitest electoral party drill not unlike the usa and trump is still not gone. Please stop yur redbaiting . Please think about where the world is going. Think about your christian ethnocentrism. Think about christian fascist baiting. Growup to be a spititual person . The russians , the chinese europeans, smaller states and cubans want a better world . Many counties in the world large and small want rationality and a chance for posterity .

        This is typical anglo-saxon ethnocentricty and bible thumping nonsense

        Comment by Kenr | November 10, 2020

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