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After the pandemic – a global economy for a clean, nuclear-free world?

Right now, the world is experiencing an extraordinary global challenge,  with an infectious disease that respects no boundaries.  Nations panic to institute methods to slow the march of coronavirus. The ultimate solution is going to have to be global action. When a vaccine is developed, it will need to be shared globally, for the health and safety of all.

This health emergency is dramatically illustrating the urgent need for international co-operation.

Perhaps that lesson is the one good thing about it.  As the world struggles to get on top of this pandemic, we might  develop the ways to deal with the twin global disasters of climate change and nuclear danger.

While all attention is focussed on Coronavirus, the planet is still heating, the polar ices are still melting, extreme weather will still be happening more frequently.

Also, like the invisible  virus, invisible ionising radiation is still being released from uranium and nuclear facilities world-wide.

The threat of nuclear annihilation is greater than ever, with national leaders bristling against other nations – a trend that is led by the dangerous sociopath, Donald Trump.

With the global economy in free fall, there is now the opportunity to remake it, along global co-operative lines, getting away from the domination of giant polluting corporations, and the secretive and immoral nuclear lobby.

April 9, 2020 - Posted by | Christina's themes

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  1. Not likely. Nuclear melt-downs, nuclear fires and nuclear war. These things are more likely than ever now. The power will be re-elected. Pathetic opposition. Tragic wastelful, painful end to life on earth soon.

    Comment by Rich Christie | April 12, 2020 | Reply

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