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It’s time to STOP MAKING NUCLEAR WASTE – theme for January 2020

The world is rightly becoming aware of the climate crisis.

Don’t be fooled by the nuclear industry’s lies about nuclear solving that crisis.

Nuclear waste is also a crisis NOW. Already there are many hundreds of thousands of metric tones of radioactive trash piled up in the nuclear countries.  A crisis that rivals climate change. A crisis that means more sickness, more danger, more terrorism risks, more secrecy and security – heading to police states.

It’s time that the world faced up to it

It’s a massive and pressing problem in USA – because America was the first to develop nuclear power and nuclear weapons in a big way, – and because there is freedom of speech in USA so people know about the problem.

Anxiety about the nuclear waste problem is growing in Britain and France, and some European countries.

Russia undoubtedly has a massive radioactive waste problem, but you don’t get to hear about it in a totalitarian state.

And China? China has huge pollution problems from industry – but little public acknowledgment of its nuclear waste. Still there are protests –  nobody wants the waste in their backyard.

And smaller “non-nuclear” countries like Australia still face the radioactive horrors from uranium mining, and the threat of nuclear waste dumping.

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  1. There is no way to store nuclear waste safely. Uranium mine waste can be diluted and reburied.  Medical isotopes, any purified radionuclide, reactor waste, enriched uranium, plutonium all contain hi level radionuclides. They generate heat, from their radioactive- nature. Many are highly chemically-reactive too. They also emit beta, gamma and neutrons that will chenge/degrade the walls of the material, they are encased in. They can generate gases. They can catalyze exothermic reactions with substance in around where they are stored. They can generate combustable-explosive gases like hydrogen. The nuclearists, have gone out of their way, to  keep these things a secret for years.

    Comment by Ken | September 1, 2018 | Reply

  2. This is the best Fukushiam and nuclear blog on the planet! Thanks Christina.

    Comment by Lisa Stengler | September 4, 2018 | Reply

  3. TRUM IS LEADING THE ECONOMY and NATION INTO 2 OF THE WORST CRASHES IN HISTORY. The economic crash and a nuclear catastrophe that draws nearer everyday hw is in power deregulating Nuclear Reactor Oversite and Lobbying for Old Shoddy Reactors to Stay Opened.

    He is also allied with Abe who is opening reactors that may go up like Fukushima. Not to mention a few nuclear reactors blowing up in the USA. Not to mention the ongoing climate catastrophes, and other environmental catastrophes. The massive fires in the northern hemisphere. The crashing of the pacific fisheries. The melting of the polar ice sheets.
    Not to mention, that Japan is hanging on by a thread, since fukushima. Japan has an economy that is crashing. When it goes the USA will go. So much self-important spin and propaganda. Probably deepstate spin on one side, or the other. The ongoing trainwreck, of fuko the clown. The inevitible endpoint, when it crashes into a nuclear power plant. These things, will make this asshole, and all of its asshole-followers, the most reviled creeps, in what is left of human history.

    I am not necessarily, alwaytalking about Trump directly. He is a charlaton , criminal, he has some form of early alzeimers and he is crazy.

    I am talking about the nihilistic philosophy and politics of trumps- billionaire patrons like the kochs and its followers. The meaness, the racism the crass destruction of things is just window dressing to it. Sometimes stupid people have to experience trauma and loss, to see reality. 

    There was no cult of coolidge or hoover or any of the freaks after the great depression. No adulation of nazis after ww2. Things are about to be worse. Never had multiple nuclear catastrophes here, along w everything else. 

    The Japanese are not, doing so well with theirs. That is, in spite of all the hype, lies and major coverup. That is because there is not much that can be done.

    Notice how Trump replaced the NOAA head w a nonscientist. Now americans do not get warnings of hurricanes till they are right on top of them. Take gordon for example. There will be no warnings of nuclear accidents or meltdowns under schmuko the clown. Lots of death and suffering there is getting to be liitle or no oversight of the worst reactors in america

    Comment by Teri Southern | September 4, 2018 | Reply

  4. The radiation in Japan is caused by massive amounts radionuclides. Radionuclides that can never really be cleaned up.

    There has probably been another nuclear accident in japan from the last 6 eq on hokaido.

    The northern hemisphere is dominatied by by nucleoapes. France, england, japan, korea, murica, canada and especially russia. Idiotic-treacherous, nucleoapes. Nucleoapes like crazy man Trump and Abe are deregulating, old beatup, reactors.

    The insane japanese are opening old-reactors-damaged by the 9.0 fukushima eartquake of 2011.

    Chernobyl destroyed Ukraine, economically, politically and environmentally. Most have fled . Ukraine is in a civil war. More nuclear accidents have occured in Ukraine since 1986.

    There 17 old beatup Soviet Style Reactors in Ukraine. The are ill maintained. One or more serious nuclear meltdowns, like chernobly can occur there soon.

    Fukushima was a hundred times worse than chernobyl and chernobyl cesium 137 is still wreaking havoc in Belarus, Norwegian and swedish reindeer, german wild pigs 32 years later.

    Japan is failing economically. When it goes the US will go. I do not give it 5 years.

    A great deal of inhabitable western Russia is heavily contaminated by radionuclides. Their reactors are poorly designed and ready to go. Same with Murica and france.

    Multiple nuclear catatstrophes, will probably destroy what is left of the northern hemisphere with global warming. It will occur before global warming plays out. The radionuclide apocolypse will make the world uninhabitable. Too bad humans are so stupid.

    Comment by Nick Hashimoto | September 7, 2018 | Reply

  5. We are all living On the beach. Too stupid to acknowledge it

    Comment by Gloria Swan | September 7, 2018 | Reply

  6. Dr Goodheart from a green road stole my article on pyrophoricity and said he wrote it. he is a thief and scumbag

    Comment by ken | January 25, 2020 | Reply

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