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Health Ethics of Nuclear Energy – theme for December 2019

The early mutations of butterflies around Fukushima are alarming as the mutations disorders have been increasing with the offspring.

In a similar study on mice after 25 years of the Chernobyl catastrophe, it yielded the following outcome: “The rate of mutation amongst the field mice is one hundred thousand times higher than normal

“There is a linear dose-response relationship between exposure to ionizing radiation and the development of solid cancers in humans. It is unlikely that there is a threshold below which cancers are not induced

Ethics of Nuclear Energy  Abu-Dayyeh (P.hD) Amman – H.K. of Jordan E_case Society (President)  [Extract]

“……2- Health Risk Analysis,

If “risk” is defined as the product of probability of an accident happening with its severity, we ought to start this title by considering first major commercial nuclear accidents of level 7 on the INES scale, as a priority in analysis, so we must consider 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe where “Emissions from Chernobyl reactor exceeded a hundredfold the radioactive contamination of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki(10).

The latest New York Academy report on Chernobyl catastrophe has published horrendous facts of more than a million causalities; the new book concludes: Chernobyl death toll: 985,000, mostly from cancer (11). A paper by Kristina Voigt and Hagen Scherb also showed that after 1986, in the aftermath of Chernobyl, around 800,000 fewer children were born in Europe than one might have expected. The overall number of “missing” children after Chernobyl could have reached about one million (12); not to mention that the researchers have not covered all countries in their count!

According to UNSCEAR (United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation), adding to the latter casualties, between 12,000 and 83,000 children who lived in the vicinity of Chernobyl were born with congenital deformations, and also estimate that around 30,000 to 207,000 genetically damaged children were born worldwide (13). Amongst the interesting findings was that only 10% of the overall expected damage was actually seen in the first generation; the worse is yet to come with the offspring. A similar research on butterflies around Fukushima has yielded a similar result which will be discussed later.

As for the level 6 on the INES scale, it is classified as a serious nuclear accident that includes the accident at the Kyshtym facility in Russia in 1957, unfortunately not much research was published! on level 5, accidents with wider consequences include United Kingdom Windscale facility in the year 1957, Chalk River – Canada in 1952 and the Three Mile Island accident in 1979, after which the USA only licensed few new reactors; At present, only three nuclear reactors are being constructed in the United States: Watts Bar 2 reactor (1180 MW) which started  decades ago, and was put on hold till 2007, expected by the IAEA to commercially operate in 2015. Another two reactors; vogtle 3 and Summer 2 of 1200 MW each, are expected to operate in 2017(14).

The Fukushima-Daitii nuclear accident in Japan on March 2011 is also classified as level 5. However, nuclear accidents of level 4 with local consequences include a long list, so are levels 4,3,2 and 1; a non-ending list of accidents(15).

In one year only (2008), according to an IRSN report, 205 accidents were recorded in nuclear facilities (safety and environmental), a noticeable 56% increase compared to the accidents recorded in 2005 which accounted for 131 accidents only. A typical example of those accidents is the leakage of 20 m3 of radioactive water from Socatri facility at Tricastin – France. Some of the radioactive water followed rain water drainage into the eco-system while the rest radioactive water seeped underground polluting the soil and under-ground water aquifers (16).

Since March 2011 funds of hundreds of billions of dollars are being allocated by TEPCO, the Tokyo Electricity Company, as to cover for the direct damages of the Fukushima disaster; however, the scale of damage on biodiversity and genetic disorders is not clearly understood.

The early mutations of butterflies around Fukushima are alarming as the mutations disorders have been increasing with the offspring. Mutations caused by Fukushima disaster radiation had affected 12% of adult pale grass blue butterflies in the surrounding area two months after the March 2011 disaster. When that batch mated, it produced an offspring with an 18% mutation rate. In the following generation, mutations were found in 34% of the butterflies born. In September 2011, a new study disclosed that the adult butterflies displayed 28% mutation rate and their offspring had a whopping 58% mutation rate (17).

In a similar study on mice after 25 years of the Chernobyl catastrophe, it yielded the following outcome: “The rate of mutation amongst the field mice is one hundred thousand times higher than normal” (18).

Another environmental damage connected with the nuclear industry is thermal pollution which is basically the form of water pollution that refers to degradation of water quality by any process that changes ambient water temperature. The main cause of thermal pollution is attributed to one particular industry, or to be more precise to nuclear power plants that use water as a coolant. After this water has been used as a coolant it is returned to the natural environment at a higher temperature. This change in water temperature decreases the amount of oxygen in the water which can lead to negative ecological effects.

Less oxygen in the water can harm fish population, as it can increase the metabolic rate of fish population and other aquatic animals so that they would more likely eat a lot more food in a shorter period of time than if their environment was not changed. This change can lead to imbalance in the food chain, thus resulting in significant long-term damage to many aquatic ecosystems.

Warmer water temperatures are known to lead to reproduction problems for many aquatic animals, and can further cause huge bacteria and plant growth. Warmer waters can even lead to algae bloom resulting in a consequent loss of more oxygen in the water. However, this damage is likely to be ethically benign compared to the mutations that result from radioactivity.

As for the effects of radioactivity on humans, scientists from the universities of Moscow and Leicester examined blood samples from 79 families, the parents of who had been living within a 300 km radius of nuclear reactors. The scientists were surprised by children born between February and September 1994 as cases of mutations had doubled (19). Peter karamoskos, a nuclear radiologist, quotes the following: “There is a linear dose-response relationship between exposure to ionizing radiation and the development of solid cancers in humans. It is unlikely that there is a threshold below which cancers are not induced(20). Radiation can cause the breakdown in chromosomes, causing Down’s syndrome in babies as well as mental and physical disorders. Children exposed to radiation have a higher risk to develop leukemia (21).

Higher incidence of leukemia in UK children has been reported in the environment of the Sellafield (Windscale) fuel reprocessing facility in England (22-23), not far from the Dounreay reprocessing plant in Scotland (24-25), and also in similar children who lived within a few kilometers from the Aldermaston or Burghfield military weapons facilities in England (26). In a comprehensive survey done by Forman et al(27) and Cook-Mozaffari et al (28-29) reported excess mortality rate due to leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease particularly in young persons living in the vicinity of fourteen nuclear facilities, eight of them electricity generating nuclear plants.

In the United Kingdom, studies of populations living near nuclear power plants have yielded mixed results. Ewings et al (30) found increased incidence of leukemia and lymphoma in young persons near the Hinckley Point power station. Clap et al (31) reported an excess incidence of leukemia in men in five towns near the Pilgrim nuclear power station in Massachusetts.

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  1. Japan is contaminated, with very high level radionuclides. From the explosions, the fuel fire. It is contaminated from burning waste and topsoil, all over the country from Fukushima.
    Japan is the sickest, of sick places. It is barely survivable. Japanese, people who go to visit Japan, will not talk about their trips. They say it was ok, without going into details. It is a nightmare! Every relative and friend sick, dying, or dead.
    The projection that Japan is doing well is totally inaccurate and fabricated.

    Scientists found, at most 600 Bq/kg Cs137 at the Chernobyl Evacuation zone, 7 years after that accident.
    They are finding 10,955 Bq/kg Cs-137 in cow stools by fukushima .
    100 Bq/kg Cs-137 for a few months,i s enough to cause sterility, permanent heart damage and cancer death in a year and there is 100 times that amount. They have found 5,000 Bq/kg Cs-137 by Tokyo and Yokohama, 150 to 250km south of Fukushima. That is because three reactors blewup and melted down and a fuel tank with used hilevel radionuclide caught fire for a while. The japanese have been burning nuclear waste all over Japan as well.
    Marco Kaltofen
    Nov 26 2019
    Our lab
    found domestic cow stools with up to 10,955 Bq/kg Cs-137 & 646 Bq/kg Cs-134 (from Namie – 6/14/18), despite an air dose only 4X background as beta. These animals (and even their eventual remains) are necessarily permanent residents of the restricted zone.
    Quote Tweet

    · Nov 22
    Wild monkey’s stool emits #radiation around x3 of background air dose.
    It means devastating amt of radionuclides are contained in it.

    Appreciate him for sharing us of rare reports on how some places in east #Japan are so contaminated w/#Fukushima Dai-ichi fallout.

    The Japanese need to wise-up and not burn anymore fukushima waste. They need to elect a government, that will get serious about their severe nuclear problems.

    Comment by ken | December 9, 2019 | Reply

  2. The fertility destroying activity of pesticide and radionuclides is making the so called developed world sterile and so full of gene defects, it probably will not go on much longer.
    Japan has the highest concentration of the worst radionuclides now but, the vast United states is by far the most radionuclide saturated country in the world from all the nuke tests, leaky reactors, waste, rads in water, nuke accidents.
    EWG is good. They have shown that there is a lot of radionuclide in american water. That plus the pesticides and other chemicals are eating us from the inside out. Several studies since 2014 are showing that the american lifespan is decreasing dramatically.
    Now that we know that at least 170 million people in the USA are exposed to sigificant amounts of uranium and radium in drinking water. Probably accounts for surges in female reproductive problems. Especially Uterine Fibroids and menopausal complications. Effects of radionucldes on sensitive female reproductive physiology is seldom discussed.
    Vol. 115, No. 12 Research
    Drinking Water with Uranium below the U.S. EPA Water Standard Causes Estrogen Receptor–Dependent Responses in Female Mice

    Stefanie Raymond-Whish, Loretta P. Mayer, Tamara O’Neal, Alisyn Martinez, Marilee A. Sellers, Patricia J. Christian, Samuel L. Marion, Carlyle Begay, Catherine R. Propper, Patricia B. Hoyer, and Cheryl A. Dyer
    Published:1 December 2007
    Cited by:44

    The deleterious impact of uranium on human health has been linked to its radioactive and heavy metal–chemical properties. Decades of research has defined the causal relationship between uranium mining/milling and onset of kidney and respiratory diseases 25 years later.

    We investigated the hypothesis that uranium, similar to other heavy metals such as cadmium, acts like estrogen.

    In several experiments, we exposed intact, ovariectomized, or pregnant mice to depleted uranium in drinking water [ranging from 0.5 μg/L (0.001 μM) to 28 mg/L (120 μM).

    Mice that drank uranium-containing water exhibited estrogenic responses including selective reduction of primary follicles, increased uterine weight, greater uterine luminal epithelial cell height, accelerated vaginal opening, and persistent presence of cornified vaginal cells. Coincident treatment with the antiestrogen ICI 182,780 blocked these responses to uranium or the synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol. In addition, mouse dams that drank uranium-containing water delivered grossly normal pups, but they had significantly fewer primordial follicles than pups whose dams drank control tap water.

    Because of the decades of uranium mining/milling in the Colorado plateau in the Four Corners region of the American Southwest, the uranium concentration and the route of exposure used in these studies are environmentally relevant. Our data support the conclusion that uranium is an endocrine-disrupting chemical and populations exposed to environmental uranium should be followed for increased risk of fertility problems and reproductive cancers.

    Uranium, the heaviest naturally occurring element, is valued for its radioactive properties. Development of nuclear weapons in the 1940s fueled the U.S. government’s desire to become independent of foreign sources of U (Ball 1993; Moure-Eraso 1999; Panikkar and Brugge 2007). The U “boom” in the southwestern United States lasted from the early 1950s until the market collapsed in 1971, when the U.S. government ceased being the sole purchaser of U ore (Brugge and Goble 2002).

    There will be another fukushima type accident in the us soon. They are extending 40 yo reactors ready to blow

    Comment by Gloria | December 10, 2019 | Reply

  3. Excellent pdf Ionizing Radiation and cancer Clarke University
    Numerous studies showing pancreatic cancer and uranium, thorium, polonium in the the usa.

    pdfs on radionuclides and pancreatic cancer

    plutonium in denver. Think drinking water. Uranium places. Nuclear complexes. Fracking. Nuke reactors. Bomb test sites. Depleted Utanium fon army sites. LANL by Santa Fe. Hanford. San Onofre. Paducah, Rocky Flats. The west Usa and all the reactors on the others side of the Mississippi

    Comment by ken | December 11, 2019 | Reply

  4. Slimey rigged UK elections. Same will occur in sleazeville USA. Look for a major nuclear meltdown soon

    Comment by dl | December 13, 2019 | Reply

    I like this site.  Trump is ruining people like me. I think there is not much meaning to anything, anymore. Family killed by nuclear. Debilitated. The people with the money and power, want us to die.  The trend is in  the UK, in South America, in Australia in America. Trump is a mean, old, demented man that holds neo-fascit ralleys extolling hate, racism, and killing. Most of the politicians in the oil- corporate, dominated west, are now. It has turned to a decidedly fascist flavor. The voting system is rigged.  Trump will win again. Little hope for most of us. I will get my uranium disability benefits cut, and starve as many alreay are in the usa. No hot meals for school kids. So kirshner and trump can get kickbacks for trillion dollar deffense budgets, with nuclear weapons in space aimed at us. For more nuclear bombs and tactical nuclear bombs . To break treaties and build intermmediate range nuclear weapons, to start a new nuclear arms race.
    Trump has preachers calling for liberals and his opponents to be rounded up , tried and executed. The radchick had some of that nonsense on here TWITTER that was toned down so she would not be kicked off. Names of liberals and people she called antifa coded on the internet probably to be harrassed or hurt or killed. And if you think this note is funny or silly u r seriously wrong because they mean business. The stock thing was banned from twitter for doing it. How can you in good conscience associate with such things in plain sight on the internet arclight? It is ao evil I do not care if they call themselves antinuclear or not.

    Comment by ken | December 23, 2019 | Reply

  6. The woman I went with, was ao morally compromised that ahe could not possibly understand the contradiction of the preacher man preaching love in one breath and vicious, love hate and murder in the next nbreath.  I tried to explain the turn of the century massacre of black people, in america. Went right by her. She had no basic information about the struggles and assasination of MLK. They insulate themselves through, their blind faith and addiction to emotional avoidance through prayer. Too brainwaahed to realize.
    evangelical service, I went too last night.
    It was a hispanic preacher, who was at one time an illegal in Mississippi.
    Towards the end of the Christmas sermon, about how Jesus spoke to common people. Towards the end his sermon turned political when he glorified trump and condemned liberals acqueacing to the vicious authoritarian evil that now permeates america now, where oppoenets of Trump should be rounded up and treated as threats to their life.
    Weird twisted testimony by the hispanic preacher, about how he got put in a coma by white racists, in Mississippi.
    He said he later was taken in  by a a rich ku klux  klan guy, in Mississippi. He said he prayed with the rich guy and was healed. He said he was converted to his frikin rightwing murderous, baptist antigay, antiblack christian ideology-slash-religious beliefs at that time.
    The preacher went on a diatribe about blacks and gays. I had to leave at that point.
    One cannot reason with this irrationality and brutal way of thinking.
    Very sad what things are coming too.

    The Bright and the Beautiful.
    All worship the Bomb

    Comment by dtlt | December 26, 2019 | Reply

  7. Japan is dying. My good friend in Japan dead from cancer.
    I am sick and alone. I am alone from the nuclear hell unleashed on this planet. My sibling ia dying of cancer, that has come back. My other aibling diad laat month. Dozens of families in the nuclear sacrifice zone, where i lived, ruined. People left alone by multple family member deaths in two or three generations of close relatives. Mother, father, grandparents, kids. Why won’t people wake-up in america? Cows will not breed on Midweatern farms. Birds and bees die enmasse. They lie about the cancer cluster in town I grew up in and others. Cancer clusters that i know are some of the worst in the world. Small isolated uranium and downwinder towns.

    They will say there are higher cancer rates there but not admit that the cancer ihas been epidemic for years. Two close friends in their fifties on chemotherapy, this Christmas

    In a town in Nevada where they detonated bombs and have nuclear waste the cancer cluster the do admit to is blamed on jet fuel leaks at an airforce base, closeby. The military, the government, the Nucleoapes in america are terrible liars, that have sacrificed so many.

    I went too a Christmas evangelical service, before  Chrsitmas.
    It was a hispanic preacher. He was at one time an illegal Mexican worker in Mississippi.
    The man was trying to break in as an evangelical preacher. He spoke about how Jesus spoke to common people. The followers of Jesus were common, poor shepards, he said “They were not rich patricians. Jesus died for our sins.
    There is One god  Men should not be with men  or try to be women.” He talked about Jesus’s love of the people and how Jesus taught love.

    Towards the end his sermon, it turned political when he glorified Trump and, condemned Trumps opponents. I said to myself, “It’s true, there are even small evangelical churches, where preachers are pushing these politics.”

    The guy was from Mexico. He gave a twisted testimony about how he got put in a coma by white racists, in Mississippi, when he was in his early twenties..
    He said he, later was taken in  by a a rich white guy in Mississippi. He said he prayed with the guy and was healed. He said he was converted to this  evangelical way of thinking. The rich white guy was kind of a racist . It did not bother this mexican preacher, because they shared Jesus  and prayer.  The preacher was condemning blacks as a problem in America.  I walked out.

    The woman I went with, wondered why i left. I told here I could not listen to a sermon that was a veiled political hate speech.
    I tried to explain the turn of the century massacre of black people, in america. Went right by her. She had no basic information about the struggles and assasination of MLK. They insulate themselves through, their blind faith and addiction to emotional avoidance through prayer. Too brainwahed to realize they are condoning hate and division and not love.
    For me there is not so much hope left, that people can get together and close nuclear reactors before they fail or stop building these crazy nuclear nuclear weapons. Weapons that cannot and should never be used. Weapons made with radioacctive poisons,  pollute us to death with radioactive substances in their manufacture.

    Very sad what things are coming too.

    The Bright and the Beautiful.
    All worship the Bomb

    Comment by dond | December 27, 2019 | Reply

    • America is out-of-it. most americans keep themselves purposely too self-absorbed to talk about or do anything about the nasty state of nuclear reactors or nuclear armament politics in america. Cows refuse to breed people getting sicker. Massive dieoffs of birds and sea animals.
      There will be a reactor meltown in the next 5 months

      Comment by dltl | December 28, 2019 | Reply

  8. Talking about radionuclides like they radiation is so stupid and misleading and it simply goddamned propaganda

    Comment by htrv | December 28, 2019 | Reply

  9. i hope nothing happens to Christina or arclight or herve or dr caldicott because there are not so many to do the great things they do.


    If u think i am a joke u r wrong. My email is all hacked. I have participated in nuclear protests. This evil fuking nucleoape government, killed my family and many friends. I had leukemia at age 8 . Stayed in a shithole nuclear sacrifice zone hospital ,in an shithole western town 300 miles from a city. 30 other little kids with cancer. The fevers i had ruined my damnable life. Chronic migraines that last a day to weeks. Level 10 pain. Since i was 8 years old. Migraines that are so painfil that i hallucinate
    I went on to work around pure uranium later because it was the only goddamned job around. . They did not bother to give us respirators. My lungs are ruined and i am dying. My family is dead. I know japan is dead because i witnessed hundred of people die, horrible deaths in the small isolated nuclear sacrifice town i grewup in. I am using a disposable small screened smart phone to write this. I am under surveillance in this evil shitty fascist nucleoape country. fuk em i will die soon like my parents and brother and other sibling will. Like most of my friends and the people in my high school class. I cannot even talk to my kid who is in japan and will not leave that rotten death zone
    I know japan is dying because it is 10 million times more contaminated, than one of the worst cancer clusters in the world where i grewup being drenched in fallout from openair nukes being detonated , breathing uranium dust and uranium waste and drinking it in the water from a uranium mill and huge waste pile a mile from the goddamned town. From the nuclear bombs they exploded in the headwaters and under the river that ran through my town. Japan is contamninated by the most awful radioactive poison possibe where a microscopic amount would kill thousands. Go ahead make fun of me christina. I have suffered migrainEs can that last a month ALL OF MY GODDAMNED LIFE. That has happened for decades since i had fevers of 105 for 4 months while i suffered on a cancer ward at age 8 . I watched other KIDS DIE in that gooddamned nuclear sacrifice zone hospital. I cannot even write emails to u to i send anonymous comments. This country is a damnable murderous nuclear shithole.

    Comment by anonymous | December 28, 2019 | Reply

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