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The world moves to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – theme for July 2019

renewable_energyIt seems impossible for petrol heads coal and gas heads, and especially nuke-heads to get their heads around this – BUT – renewable energy and energy efficiency ARE HAPPENING  – world -wide, in both big ways, and small ways.

It must be tough, when you’re addicted to such a complex , complicated, and expensive technology as nuclear power – as well as addicted to the money you get from being involved in this business –  it must be tough to consider the reality that the fuels for solar and wind energy are FREE, and so is the energy conservation from good design in energy efficiency.

As Dr Helen Caldicott pointed out, long ago, if they could put a blanket around the sun and sell holes, they would.

The out-dated energy systems of the past – nuclear,coal, gas, are looking more
and more like unwieldy and costly dinosaurs, as the world wakes up to the diversity and flexibility of 21st Century clean energy systems.

The nuclear lobby now tries its last ditch promotional pipe-dream – Small Nuclear Reactors – that in fact would rely on the continuation of the old big ones.


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  1. Heat decay is effecting the Fukushima site because of old contaminants and new meltdown contaminants at fukushima.

    Some of the radionucleides, new and old could be sequestered in the island sized heeps of garbage and plastics in the pac ocean.

    Many and high quantities of poison occured from the initial fuku event.

    I think the initial event did create a large warm blob. I think there are many smaller warm blobs now in the pacific from sequestering.

    There are pools and streams of hot, highly radioactive water around the fuku plant from old contamination and new contamination. New contamination from the ongoing neltdowns.

    The storage tanks at fukushima are calorically hot from radioactive heat decay like the tanks at hanford.

    Fukushima is about as big a mess as there could be. No use denying it.

    Fukushima continues leaking tons of radionuleides into the ocean daily.

    There was much radionucleide contamination before fuku in the ocean from waste dumping and continental runoff.

    The nuc industry has and continues to lie about everything. they say we cannot prove radionucleides have killed people in japan from fukushima. Pronucs say that radionucleides are not killing the ocean yet we know radionucleides and heavy metals are deadly.

    They know heat decay exists and it is destructive yet they have hidden the manmade effects of heat decay in the environment from the getgo.

    They will say that the heat in magma in the earth is from heat decay and yet, deny heat decay from more potent and refined radioactive elements that are the spawn of man.

    Another killer spawn effect from the death machinations of the nucleoapes.

    Comment by ma | March 29, 2016 | Reply

  2. This is what an expat from Tokyo has to say about Tokyo.

    I feel like the Japanese made a deal with the devil after world war 2. Mostly with Edward Teller. People from the US happily followed Ed Teller into nuke hell though. They also reaped benefits from exporting it.

    There is no need for tetraethyl lead in gasoline. Many of us in the United States drove around gleefully in cars with te lead till 1995.

    Some nascar racers in the US still use tetraethly lead in race cars to prevent knocking. TE lead gives more kick to their bloody gas guzzling “high performance” death machine.

    Americans revel in excess and insanity. Let them eat cake they say. 

    More people could have and, can stand up against nuclear power in the United States. Supposedly Environmentally conscious americans continue to invest in nuclear power and nuk weapons through 401ks and the stock markets. They could divest now, especially since fukushima. They say that their financial advisors or, someone else is making those decisions. 

    Americans could use less nuclear powered electricity by not living in energybinefficient mcmansions and doing wasteful things.

    The most populace areas of america have guzzled evergy based on nuclear and hydrocarbons for years. We have sucked off the teats of the energy corporations and military-industrial nuclear monsters. The highly profitable companies and the government have built and maintain these living creature death-machines and weapons of mass destruction. They are our sugar daddies, our bread and butter. 

    Oil refineries, coal and oil plants, cars, and chemical co. send a lot of and many different naturally occuring heavy metals into the environment . They send naturally occuring heavy metals and radionucleides like polonium, radon, radium , etc into the water and air every year.

    Pollutants that have simmered deep in the ground for millions of years with uranium and lead, with uranium daughter products. All very dangerous. They have known it for years but, make the excuse that technology will eventually fix it. Stupidity, sociopathy, and wastefulness.

    Americans always could have protested nucs more for years and can now. Americans can do more with their pocketbooks and mass ralleys like in the UK and Japan to show their disdain for nuclear death. Americans can support total reliance on renewables.

    Some of the “so called antinukes” did not, and still do put their hearts into it. The new pronuclear gurus like Stewart Brand, James Lovelock, and Bill Gates are old antinuc hippies. They called themselves gaia-environmentalists. They make me sick.

    Many Americans, baby boomers and old hippies, have investments and retirements with nuclear interests and military contractors vested in their portfolios. 

    Americans, even “so called antinucs” got rich off their speculations in the stock markets. Stocks that were and are vested in mining, military industrial contractors, unscrupulous oil companies run by the likes of the koch brothers, energy companies that helped build nuclear power plants, and their contractors.

    Oligarchs like koch brothers, abuse their political clout to try to stop solar and renewable projects or electric cars. Most americans have benefitted financially from crushing imperialism, cronie capitalism, arms sales, and exporting nuclear reactors for years and continue to do so as their own country becomes a radionucleide waste dump.

    Contractors like hallibuten do oil field work and build nuclear power plants.

    Many amercans have had good lives and have good retirements from working for companies that had and have associations with the military industrial complex. “It is the american way.” 

    “Oh but I simply invested and reaped the benefits, thats capitalism.” Its like an old beat up gangster ruefully wishing there is and had been more law and order. Now the millenials have to reap what we have sewn. Pretty sociopathic.

    Comment by ma | March 29, 2016 | Reply

  3. My Boobs Were Busy Breastfeeding My Newborn. Then They Turned On Me.”

    The lady worked in South Korea. There are 22 beatup old Nuclear Reactors in South Korea, spewing Tritium and other radionuclides into the small country. Not to mention Fukushima. These factors are never considered, when they write articles like about cancer like this. It is anethema to the Nuclear Security State. The story is tragic. The lady’s ongoing tragedy is not fully explored. A toddler, chemo-therapy while pregnant, advanced inflammatory breast cancer. The story is white-wahsed according to the ongoing ignoraing of Nuclear pollution and cancer, in nuclear countries.

    Excerpts from
    My Boobs Were Busy Breastfeeding My Newborn. Then They Turned On Me.

    “i was relieved to be able to dismiss my lumps, since I had a very active 2-year-old who I was trying to potty train, an intense full-time job, and was living abroad in Seoul, South Korea, with no family or close friends around other than my husband.”


    Two days later I received a call. The biopsy results were in. It was a metastatic adenocarcinoma. “We think it originated from your breast,” the radiologist said.

    “Excuse me,” I asked. “Did you just tell me that I have cancer?” He asked me to come in for a mammogram, but provided no other information. I went into a tailspin. ”

    “After receiving my mammogram, the scans came up immediately. I could clearly see a mass in my right breast. This was not a clogged duct. It was breast cancer. How did this happen to me? I wondered. I thought I had done all the right things!”(blaming herself)


    The holistic doctor said the cancer was from having a root canal as a child or, maybe the guilt of having been adopted.
    The allopathic doctors, blamed her lactation while pregnant, for the cancer and not catching it. Always blame the victims. Never look at the most carcinogenic substances in the universe that are so abundance in HYPER-NUCLEARIZED industrial states like South Korea, Japan, Russia, France The USA , where there are dozens of radionuclide leaking, reactors in each country.

    Comment by kitty | July 6, 2019 | Reply

  4. The Greenland ice sheet is experiencing an unprecedented spasm of melting this week, losing half of its surface cover (more than 2 billion tons) in a matter of days…It hasn’t happened before.

    It will again next year and be worse. Where do you suppose the water, from the melting ice caps goes? Why are there so many wildfires now in the north deep into alaska and, in australia?

    There are massive rain storms across the globe that just open up, and dump rivers of rain in a matter of hours . Several of them flooded the Mid Western and Southern United states so badly that they put a dozen Nuclear reactors in peril.

    Could the ocean from massive saline gradients and temperatute differentials
    from the poles melting, and radically altered ocean streams cause such phenomenon?
    Why are islands being inundated ? Could it be from the poles melting? Islans that existed in the oceans and seas 20 years ago, covered by water .
    Why are temperatures in the middle latitudes so high now, that people cannot live there anymore . The people are becoming refugees. Carl Sagan knew.

    Sane people in Alaska, Scandanavia , the pacific, Australia, the middle east, south asia know but, propaganda trolls lie about it for no good reason, other than the fact that they are deranged from dementia and or insane-severely menally ill or only partially sane.

    Comment by doug | July 8, 2019 | Reply

  5. Human Monkeys are a race of cowards! Dominated by psychopathic Mass murderers and Safdists.
    Cowardly monkeys, that have no determination to save their children. No value to save their world. They wallow in the trappings of crass materialism and enable the deranged sadism, torture and psychopathic insanity of the Sick Plutocrats. The devils have destroyed, most things left of virtue and beauty in the world.

    There will be a nuclear disaster in America soon. It is assured. It is assured by the chaotic-narcissism and hate that governs America now. It will happen soon. The nuclear disaster, will be covered-up. Another disaster will follow. The catastrophe will occur in the next 2-3 years or sooner.
    The illness will precipitate a societal breakdown, as is occuring in Ukraine and Japan.

    The decline and collapse will occur much more precipitously in America. America is in the the grip of a gross-simmering health crisis, from that already exists.

    The monsterously irresponsible, Plutocratic-Kakiocracies in the west and, places like India or Korea will follow . Their Nuclear Death machines will explode from aging and negligence. The nuclear cataclysms and climate change are insuring the demise of the human monkeys in 5-8 years.

    Comment by Dt | July 22, 2019 | Reply

  6. Mr wasserman is sane . No one cares to listen to him. There will be reactor disasters. soon . you know why and whats up. Lucky u have none in australia

    Comment by dl | July 23, 2019 | Reply

  7. The government is purposely blocking the internet link to this story on the the website. It is far worse than santa susana. Cesium 137 contaminated brush is going up. A nuclear reactor is surrounded by wildfire
    sean mcgee
    Climate change’s impacts on the nuclear industry – wildfires shut down parts of Idaho nuclear research site…
    View summary ·

    Comment by Nick | July 25, 2019 | Reply

    • Strange! That link works for me – is not blocked. (I am in Australia – if that makes a difference?)

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | July 26, 2019 | Reply

    • Furthermore – that link leads to a rather comfortingly ?pro nuclear article.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | July 26, 2019 | Reply

      • News of the wildfire, is being suppressed by broken lnks at other websites. There are substantive amounts of radionuclides in the Idaho Nuclear Reservation flora and soil. Two meltdowns there since the fifties. Large amounts of nuclear material and abandoned. waste, on the reservation. It is extremely unfortunate for people downwind in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Probably worse than Santa Susana. The link works now.

        Comment by Nick | July 26, 2019

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