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Anniversary of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown – 11 March

There’s not a lot in the mainstream media, about this important anniversary. But much of what there is – concerns the “recovery” of the area, the Olympic Games,  the robots, the ice wall, the (forced) return of evacuees, the story that tritium contamination doesn’t really matter, does it? ……    etc etc – whitewashing the real situation. And, perhaps more importantly, encouraging the world to forget about the nuclear catastrophe.  And above all, let’s pretend that it does not have global significance.

All sorts of experts, scientists etc propound ways to fix Fukushima’s nuclear problem, get rid of the molten nuclear fuel debris, and the nearly 2 million tons and counting, of radioactive water.

I could believe in their sincerity – IF all this  concern were not linked to the promotion of the global industry. Indeed, if their concern were linked to a plan to stop producing toxic radioactive trash.

The people of Fukushima need help from the world –   but not the kind of help that teaches them, and the global community, that everything is OK really, and the nuclear industry can charge ahead.

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    • This creature from Mining Awareness is some kind of operative. God only knows what kind

      “This is what pundits missed. And, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat because he hasn’t paid in his literal party dues ($) through the years, nor has he paid in his metaphorical dues.”

      From VOA News:
      “Michigan Top Prize as Six States Hold Democratic Nominating Contests
      By VOA News
      March 10, 2020 03:36 AM
      Voters in six U.S. states cast ballots Tuesday in the race for who will be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

      VOA is run by the american CIA. It is pronuclear armament.

      Particularly relevent in this rigged
      election cycle in nuclear fascist america

      Comment by tom tiller | March 11, 2020 | Reply

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    Comment by Nancy | March 10, 2019 | Reply

  3. VOA News and/or sister station RFERL are similar to BBC & Radio France International and were among the first to report on Chernobyl. That’s why Putin and his trolls hate them. They didn’t do a good job on Fukushima, of course. VOA are mostly public domain materials and I read and edit them. They are mostly general news. I even use CIA maps and things because they are public domain. There’s not much public domain stuff apart from US govt.

    Bernie Sanders isn’t really anti-nuclear (see more, including more Murray Bookchin below). When Bernie was Mayor, Bookchin (1986) said “These ‘national’ statements by a local official tend to lose their credibility when Sanders refuses to call for shutting down or even phasing out nuclear power plants nationally, with the excuse that he is running for statewide, not national, office. Sanders’ Johnny-come-lately demand that Vermont’s Vernon reactor should be “phased out” in three years — this, after a militant movement (the Green Mountain Alliance) emerged following the Chernobyl meltdown demanding its immediate shutdown — seems less believable than ever.”

    What I said about Bernie is true. He’s an Independent in Congress and should run as that for President. When they say he’s not a Democrat it’s not because of ideology, per se, but because he has saved himself thousands of dollars and maybe tens of thousands by running as an Independent and not paying fees that keep local Democratic offices open on the State level. The cost varies per state, but he has saved money since 1990. These offices help support campaigns, often more effectively than the campaigns themselves. Churches are the proper analogy. You can’t show up at denominational churches and declare yourself a preacher or priest, let alone the Pope. You have to be baptized, attend church, donate money and time, etc. You can set up your own church, but you can’t declare yourself a priest, preacher of a denomination without being part of that denomination.

    In 2016 I supported him, because I believed he was anti-nuclear. Now I believe him a dangerous fraud. He’s not for shutting down the NPS that are operating, however. He did oppose relicensing in 2016 but they are all relicensed or shut now. At best, he’s simply a nuclear NIMBY (and a liar). He led dumping Vermont waste on Texas and will dump more on Texas or New Mexico, while protecting the wealthy Casino magnates in Las Vegas by blocking Yucca. No Yucca means dangerous interim storage in Texas and New Mexico. To me, if you aren’t rich and aren’t from Vermont, Bernie means the risk of having nuclear waste falling upon you. I can’t think of anything more heinous than this. There are no good candidates on this NPS topic. Klobuchar wanted to better enforce regulations, which would have shut them down due to cost. But, she was supporting Obama’s climate plan, which I think included nuclear.

    Since the candidate’s lie, I decided to look at their campaigns as an indicator.
    Bernie’s co-chair, Ro Khanna, wants us out of the Middle East but into South Asia with a NATO-like alliance with India. This risks US nuclear war with China or Pakistan. We got out of the British Empire early. India was and is a Russian ally. Ro Khanna preaches the Green New Deal while his wife continues to invest in dirty energy, including nuclear utilities. She’s worth $28 million and could do a lot of green investments on her own. If Biden picks Kamala Harris as VP we may get a similar problem. Her uncle was advising India on nuclear defense until a year ago. I believe that she and Ro Khanna are both foreign agents for India, since India has spy services, too. Both are family connected to India’s Congress Party, which was Soviet allied and developed their nuclear weapon. I hope and pray that Biden will pick a real African American and not a fake minority like Kamala.

    As far as being anti-nuclear weapons, failure to address Russia’s invasion of Crimea did serious, maybe irreparable, damage. The US and Russia promised to respect Ukraine’s borders in exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear arsenal. Since Russia invaded and the rest of the world, including US, refuse to thoroughly sanction Russia (because they want the oil and gas) no country is going to unilaterally give up weapons, anymore. Part sanctions are like part quarantine. They are ineffective and risk being lethal. After Russia invaded Ukraine, and no one did anything, it is clear that the only countries that can survive, as countries, without nuclear weapons are those that deal in dirty money for the nuclear armed countries.

    Bernie could be for unilateral US nuclear disarmament. However, since he fired his assistant who opposed the Gatling guns which were mowing down civilians in El Salvador, all while Bernie played footsy with Ortega in Nicaragua, he is not against weapons, per se. I don’t know what he is. We need multi-lateral international nuclear disarmament and I don’t see how we will arrive there. If Putin would drop dead and Biden become President, we might have some hope of reducing stockpiles. But, reduction isn’t good enough. Biden may be willing to do some unilateral reductions, I haven’t checked.

    Anti-nuclear activists who have blind faith in Bernie are doing a lot of damage. One anti-nuclear friend has been harassing me and name-calling all week, even after agreeing to disagree. I didn’t bring up the topic and was trying to help with questions on tritium (for which I got no thanks). I will find it difficult to work with the person in the future. In particular, someone living in a home worth over a million dollars, calling poor people, especially poor black people, “corporate Democrats” makes me angry. This troll in the comments could be the person operating under a pseudonym.

    Biden says he is supports renewables but will allow mini-NPS, but this requires Congressional funding. And, since Biden’s son, who was raised on a bay across from a NPS, recently died of brain cancer I think we shouldn’t give up on him (or anyone). Furthermore, mini-NPS require subsidies and subsidies don’t happen without Congress. If Bernie is the Democratic candidate, people will vote a Republican Senate to help block him, which is one reason why they are talking about “down ballot” candidates. Florida is lined up against him due to his praising Castro. The Medicare for All bill, as written, is a back-door way of stealing Medicare from seniors and Medicaid from the poor. There are no caps on charges by private providers. Its only funding is Medicare trust fund. Proposed funding is inadequate. Trump is trying to rob Medicare from the front door and Medicare for All is trying to rob it from the back door. Under Obama’s Medicaid expansion, the poor are covered. However, some states have refused this money. It’s the middle classes that are in trouble, but caps on charges is the only solution, unless they would nationalize the sector, and that isn’t the proposal at all. Medicare for All, if it existed today, as written, would put healthcare in the control of a former big pharma executive/biotech lobbyist (HHS Secretary).

    Anyway, I’m not a CIA agent, but, in the end, I should probably consider that a complement. As an American it would be better than being a foreign agent. I feel that my work should speak for itself and be judged on its merits, or not. It’s interesting that I was never attacked like this when I allowed comments and my blog was more popular then. I have seen no evidence that VOA is pro-nuclear. However, since Obama removed the board of governors, it is currently under control of Trump and should be used with care.

    Murray Bookchin was an environmentalist and for a decentralized socialism. He knew Bernie in Vermont. Bookchin’s daughter later worked for Bernie for a little while.
    In 1986 Bookhin observed:
    “not a single member of Sanders’ kitchen cabinet appeared at this nationally famous trial, which placed American foreign policy on indictment. The occupation was organized entirely by peace activists, many of whom are bitterly hostile to the mayor because he has obdurately opposed their modest actions against the GE Gatling (“Vulcan”) gun plant in Burlington, even to the point of opposing their efforts to reconvert it to peacetime uses. It remains ironical, in fact, that one of the occupations’s main organizers, city accountant Barr Swennerfelt, was fired by Sanders because of her actions and arrests around the Gatling-gun plant.”

    Murray Bookchin (1986) wrote regarding Mayor Bernie Sanders, who was already middle-aged, in his 40s: “To dwell heavily on his well-known paranoia and suspicious reclusiveness beclouds the more important fact that he is a centralist, who is more committed to accumulating power in the mayor’s office than giving it to the people.” He points to Bernie’s “commitment to thirties’ belief in technological progress, businesslike efficiency, and a naive adherence to the benefits of “growth.” The logic of all these ideas is that democratic practice is seen as secondary to a full belly, the earthy proletariat tends to be eulogized over the “effete” intellectuals, and environmental, feminist, and communitarian issues are regarded as “petit-bourgeois” frivolities by comparison with the material needs of “working people.”

    Importantly, Bookchin also notes: “Sanders’ denunciations of American foreign policy, which seem to escalate whenever he runs for public office, can barely be regarded as more fiery than those of any liberal Democrat. These “national” statements by a local official tend to lose their credibility when Sanders refuses to call for shutting down or even phasing out nuclear power plants nationally, with the excuse that he is running for statewide, not national, office. Sanders’ Johnny-come-lately demand that Vermont’s Vernon reactor should be “phased out” in three years — this, after a militant movement (the Green Mountain Alliance) emerged following the Chernobyl meltdown demanding its immediate shutdown — seems less believable than ever.”

    Currently, Bernie Sanders is not calling for shutting down US nuclear power stations, only to stop relicensing, but they’ve all been relicensed or shut down.

    A reporter pointed out to Bernie Sanders: “Since the former assistant city Treasurer [Barr Swennerfelt] got out of jail, she’s expressed some sense of, having had time, I guess a lot of time to reflect about things, that there may have been a contradiction on your part, as someone, as she said who talks a lot about peace and justice and yet not supporting someone who acts on it.”

    Murray Bookchin, “Response” (1986)
    Socialist Review 90 (November-December 1986), pp. 56-69
    Murray Bookchin, The Bernie Sanders Paradox: When Socialism Grows Old
    Socialist Review 90 (November-December 1986), pp. 62-66
    See one minute to the end:

    Comment by miningawareness | March 12, 2020 | Reply

    • I think that you are a bit hard on Bernie. He is being a practical politician, and as far as I can see, no politician in America stands a chance of getting nuclear power shut down – so many interests at stake, – jobs, electricity systems,- people’s funds in banks, superannuation etc. I can see why any politician might plan for a gradual phaseout. Meanwhile, as I understand it, Joe Biden is actually pro nuclear. Not since Ralph Nader has there been a candidate with the guts to be really anti nuclear.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | March 12, 2020 | Reply

      • I hope we can agree to disagree. He’s no longer proposing a phaseout of nuclear power stations. All of our reactors are relicensed now for 40 years, or shut, and an accident is imminent. He got Vermont’s nuke shut and the waste sent to Texas and his interest has dissipated since – except he still has to send Vermont high level waste to be buried in New Mexico. You can review his Senate record. If Bernie will push burial of nuclear waste on Texas, he would do the same to Australia in a heart-beat. If it weren’t for Bernie co-chair Ro Khanna I might still give him the benefit of the doubt. Ro Khanna is the biggest fraud I’ve ever come across. I sat on Bernie and the Texas dump topic for four years and didn’t publish because I believed he was anti-nuclear. I wrote the post in 2016. The more I have read the worse it looks. People needed to know the truth.

        If he really cared to win he would have to distance himself from his pro-Castro views, too, which he has refused to do. Whatever your views of Cuba, that’s a fact. He will lose Florida for that reason alone. If he were practical he would do that.

        Biden’s son just died of brain cancer in 2015. That could be used as a toe-hold for discussion. A southerner signed the Civil Rights bill. They used to say that only an anti-communist like Nixon could go to China. Help can come from strange places. What’s more Biden co-chair is a normal intelligent American guy who might listen to reason and Bernie co-chair wants us in a NATO alliance with India to fight China for them or to steal the latest airplanes so that India can come bomb us.

        The sort of name-callng by that person isn’t in order. I never said that he couldn’t run. I said why he’s not considered a Democrat.

        Attacks by his followers all week have changed me from being disappointed in him to be an active hater. Such behavior is not a convincing argument.

        Furthermore, the rich “anti-nuclear” Californian who has been harassing me all week lives in a beachfront million plus dollar mansion. That person calling black people corporate democrats is beyond the pale. I had hoped to continue to work with the person, but had to spam the emails. Treating me as a whipping boy like I have any power over the outcome is unacceptable.

        Nader ran as a green candidate and put Bush in as President. Gore was for renewables. Instead we got Mr. Bush (Oil, Inc.) The key to killing nuclear is renewables. I worked hard for Gore because I didn’t want the second war in Iraq. Everyone knew what Bush would do if elected. Gore ran a bad campaign, but Nader didn’t help. Most of us blame Nader for Bush. That is a schism that has remained. It took me 15 years to be able to tolerate the words Nader and that’s only because I blame the Gore campaign for being run badly. I used to adore Nader for his good work, and now, like many, can barely stand to hear his name. I worked like a dog for Gore to keep Bush out, because I didn’t want the war. Bernie’s only been tolerated as a Democrat because of the Bush-Nader-Gore fiasco. Bernie should have run as an independent, since he is one.
        I had hoped to turn to other topics, but I guess I have to continue to hammer the truth about Bernie. It is unlikely that Bernie will win. We could all die tomorrow from nuclear or Corona. It is the wee hours of the morning and I’ve gotten no sleep for days because I have tried to be civil with Berniecrats, to no avail. If antinuclear folks want to burn bridges and practice incivility to protect the Bernie myth, I want no more of this movement. I still can’t even get anti-nuclear people to understand that tritium can be filtered and that no one wants to filter it. If I can’t even get the anti-nuclear folk to understand that, I’m just wasting my time.

        I want no more of this BS and I guess I should have just reported the troll to WordPress because my facts seem to fall on deaf ears.

        I guess I need to thank you once again for your wonderful work and formally bow out. I will simply randomly approach things from the vantage of corruption, which was my plan anyway.

        If Bernie Sanders is the candidate I guarantee you that 80% of Democrats will refuse to vote at all and Trump will be elected for sure. If Biden is the candidate Bernie’s smaller numbers will sit home.

        Stay safe and be blessed.

        Comment by miningawareness | March 12, 2020

      • miningawareness. Wow! I’m just trying to absorb all this. first of all – I accept all that you say about Bernie. After all, as an Australian, I really have very little knowledge of American politics. I rely on what I read in the media.

        If I were an American, I think that I would be voting for Joe Biden, simply because I think that he has a better chance of removing Trump from office. Though I have socialist opinions, I do recognise that Americans are virulently opposed to socialism. They seem to view taxation as having solely the military purpose. I guess that I am a gradualist, believing that sudden change is too disruptive. So, indeed, Joe Biden might be open to thinking about denuclearisation.

        As to Nader, well, I too, thought that his candidacy was an ill-chosen thing, preventing Gore from winning the presidency. (In Australia we have preferential voting, – so it would have been OK)

        You say that you will “formally bow out” – do you mean from the nuclear-free cause? I guess so. Well, I think that you need and deserve time to smell the roses.

        You also say ” I will simply randomly approach things from the vantage of corruption, which was my plan anyway.”
        Well, that’s pretty much my plan, too. However, amidst all the crookedness everywhere, I do believe that the nuclear industry symbolises, indeed is, the very worst area of corruption.

        I’m sad for you, that you have had such a tough time. I’m not all that surprised about the anti-nuclear movement over there. I was in USA in 2013, and although most of them were kind to me, I was treated with disrespect by a very prominent anti nuclear person. So – I’m not at all starry-eyed about anti-nuclear people.

        Well, may you be safe, and rested. Always good to “hear” from you.

        By the way – hundreds of petrol-heads from Italy are here for a Grand Prix motor-race. Such is the corrupt power of the oil corporations – everything else is shutting down – but the Italians can bring us their coronavirus. ha ha.

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | March 12, 2020

      • Thankyou very much. I’m sorry you were disrespected. Yes, I mean I plan to stay on nuclear corruption and yes, at every turn it is there. Even if I try to avoid it. That and renewables are the only way to slay the nuclear power beast. How to stop the weapons I don’t know. I have important stuff on Holtec corruption still unposted because I figure people won’t pay attention right now. Yes, I am very tired, sad, and upset, because I have struggled to maintain a friendship with someone who I want to work with on anti-nuclear but that person kept venting on me all week like I was behind Bernie’s failures, while I tried to be civil. Meanwhile there is the poorly handled Coronavirus. I am extra upset with Bernie because I had thought he was so great. I’ve heard about him for 40 years. His literal British brother seems better in many ways. We can’t have quasi open borders proposed by most Democrats and socialism or even social welfare. We need to work on social cohesion and melting us all together as one country. His socialist ideas are sadly poorly planned and undermine current welfare. He may be well-meaning and surround himself with the wrong people – I don’t know. I am learning Obama did things to help the poor but he did them more smartly. Where Bernie is better is anti-fracking. Biden is proposing more regulations on it. Since you are so kind then maybe I won’t give up. I keep thinking about my father saying we need to build each other up and not tear each other down. So, thank you again. Sorry about the Grand Prix. The only good thing I know is that at least one 98 year old and one 101 year old survived in China, so there is hope. This has become a worldwide epidemiological experiment. I think they should have delayed the primaries for months. And, frankly, I not sure they should really have them anymore. Open primaries are actually gamed by the other side. I will put you on my please God protect prayer list. 😇🙏🏻

        Comment by miningawareness | March 12, 2020

      • to miningawareness Very quick response-
        But thank you for your warm wishes and prayers.
        There have been 3 comments just recently sent to this site, from a “tom tiller”mainly attacking Joe Biden, but also including some nasty insults directed at you. I have trashed those comments.

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | March 13, 2020

      • Many thanks!

        Comment by miningawareness | March 13, 2020

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