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The Nuclear Fuel “Low Carbon” Deception – theme for November 2018

Time to just blow this “zero carbon” “low carbon” nonsense out of the water.

The nuclear fuel chain emits carbon all the way through, and I find it extraordinary that journalists mindlessly parrot these lies from the nuclear lobby. Makes you wonder – do the mainstream journalists actually compose the stuff that they write, about nuclear power, or do they just copy the handouts from the industry?


Quite simply, nuclear industry leaders want to get financial help – subsidies, tax credits, from governments that have been duped into believing that nuclear power is “low” or even “zero” carbon.

The also want the “respectability”, public approval,  that comes from being seen as combatting climate change. (even though most were previously in the denying climate change camp).

Anyway – it’s common sense to see that nuclear power is quite a strong emitter of greenhouse gases.  Any thinking non-expert can see that. However, experts see it too. Only one step in that uranium-nuclear chain is low emission – though all nuclear lobbyists claim that this step is “no emission” – the reactor’s operation.



October 18, 2018 - Posted by | Christina's themes, climate change

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  1. Asean mcgee retweeted
    Union of Concerned Scientists Union of Concerned Scientists
    Nov 8
    If nuclear power plants that are unprofitable or scheduled to close are replaced w/natural gas or coal, #GlobalWarming emissions will rise. Temporary financial support may be necessary, given it comes w/strong safety standards and support for renewables.
    The union of concerned scientists wants nuclear reactors in america kept open, to fight climate change, it says.

    They will not investigate how the the millions on tons of nuclear waste in our oceans , atmosphere, and soil already effects the geo-chemical balances of the the atmosphere and the ocean. Radionuclides are the moat potent chemical catalysts and toxic substances on earth. Billions of times mre potent than any comperable free radical chemical propagators like ozone . Billions of times more toxic than even the worst heavy metal poisons like meyhyl mercury or alykylator mustards that crosslink and destroy dna or things like agent oranage . Billions of times more potent than targeted poisons, like sarin.
    Radionuclides kill oxygen generating organisms on land and at sea en masse in bareley measurable concentrations.

    Radionuclides act as catalyists that are billions to trillions of times more potent, in catalyzing reactions that cause free radicals and oxidative degeneration in the ocean and at the atmosphere. A few atoms can catalyze a billion chemical reactions that are life and biosphere threatening in deadly cascades of thousands of chemical reactions.

    Radionuclides also the poison the very fragile biochemistry that gives us life.

    No safe place to put all the icredibly-dangerous nuclear waste, already produced in reactors on this planet.

    These frikin corrupt creeps sat the Union of Unconcerned sociopaths, want to keep cappy reactora open, to make more radionuclide waste.

    When there is a cesium/strontium/zirconium/plutonium/uranium/cobalt60 fuel rod fire and or another nuclear reactor-explosion, meltdown fire, what will the Union of Unconcerned Shitheads say then? Sorry we helped kill everyone and everything on the planet?

    The atavistic science types at USC, will not reply to critical email.
    They will delete comments on their site just as evil-monkey-nucleoapes, like Rod Adams do. Complicit-criminal nucleoapes in this horrific infamy.

    They are either too bribed and bought-off, to continue to push for the renewable-revolution in the world or, they are insufferable-criminal cowards of the worst type!

    Comment by Doug | November 9, 2018 | Reply

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