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Climate change against nuclear power theme for August 2018

Nuclear power and sea level rise – All reactors on sea coasts endangered by sea level rise Over the next hundred years there will be significant sea rises, one meter or more, and many closed nuclear reactor sites could be flooded, including the stored nuclear waste. That could contaminate much of the coast lines for decades.


nuke-tapNuclear power and water shortage –  Climate Change is already bringing droughts and changed rainfall patterns.  Even if the vloume of rain might be the same, or greater, with the warming planet – it’s not much help if it falls in the oceans, or if it falls intermittently – in flooding torrents.

As water becomes scarcer, and more expensive, nuclear power becomes a very uneconomic way to use it.


Nuclear power and the heating planet  The discharge of nuclear power’s cooling nuke-hotwater brings about heat pollution of

As temperatures rise, nuclear reactors will more and more often be forced to shut down – adding to the already well known diseconomics of nuclear power




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  1. thank you so much for your writings and insight…you are being featured here as a top Nuclear News Now news site

    p.s. there is a live chat. not so many folks yet, but perhaps u may stop by and give a soundbite

    Comment by chemfood99 | July 15, 2011 | Reply

  2. Nuclear Reactors, spew tritium and heat. Tritium, is unbelievably poisonous. Virtually all the drinking water, around any nuclear power plant, in America, has radioactive tritium in it. Water that runs by, and over the reactor cores, instantly turned to tritium. The vile and unrelenting lies!

    Nuclear is an abominable lie! Every day these death reactors, are making more of our precious water more radioactive and, there is no way to change it back.

    Look at this. The most vile waste in the Universe by San Diego

    How stupid can humans be?

    Comment by Nick Hashimoto | August 12, 2018 | Reply

  3. Nuclear reactors, spew heat and tritium.. Tritium, is unbelievably poisonous. Virtually all the drinking water, around any nuclear power plant, in America, has radioactive tritium in it. Water that runs by, and over the reactor cores, instantly turned to tritium. The vile and unrelenting lies!

    Nuclear is an abominable lie! Every day these death reactors, are making more of our precious water more radioactive and, there is no way to change it back.

    Look at this. The most vile waste in the Universe by San Diego

    How stupid can humans be?

    Comment by Nick Hashimoto | August 12, 2018 | Reply

  4. The altright was supposed to save us from the unending proxywars all over the world. Now trump wants to bring in erik prinze and escalate afganhistan. He is esacalating syria. He will probably help the saudis screw myanamar.Trump is sticking very close to the neoconservative playbook of George w Bush. The same playbook initiated by PNAC and arch neoconservatives Bolton, Wolfowitz, Rumsfield and Cheney. The playbook that allowed them to do.911 whichTrump.was privy to. The playbook that allowed them to illegally invade iraq. To desroy iraq along with most of the ancient antquities there.
    WHAT DOES ALTRIGHT MEAN? Do you feel sickened by this cutesy meme that turned out to be such a grotesque lie?
    It means extreme right ie
    1. White suprememacy : white nationalism , whites are superior. Whites should have more rights than others more property more priviledge
    2. Dissolution of the Founding Fathers, John Lockian and, enlightenment philosophies of liberal democracies . The philosophies, that contain allowances for commons and, established rights and, protections for ordinary hard-working-people . Not just the priviledged. THE GREAT CIVIL LIBERTARIAN JOHN LOCKE WOULD BE ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE!
    Rights that eventally led to humanitarian ideals. Ideals of public education, libraries, national parks. Rights that came from hard fought battles for public health and consumer protectections. Frameworks for safe work environments. Habeas corpus. Making child labor and exploitation illegal. There is a big difference between John Lockes ideals and KOCH-rand Corporatism
    3. Following the KOCH BROTHERS philosophy of absolute domination of the country, by the corporate monopolies and billionaire class. The corporate interests. Mussolini put it this way, extreme corporatism.
    4. Dissolution of protections of the public, from corporate abuse and criminality. Corporate personhood. Citizens united. Like trumps proposal to abolish all epa laws, created to keep corporations from poisoning us to death. Trumps abandonment of regulations, even for nuclear power plants and nuclear waste. Such absurd irresponsibility and malevolance in the face of fukushima. Trump supports Abe and, his export of radioactive food. Abes reopening of dangerous reactors un Japan.
    5. Dissolution of protection of life support systems on the planet. Subsidizing and encouraging corporations, in the country to further pollute, with massive hydrocarbon burning. Quadrillions of gasoline yearly. They encourage and, subsidize the ongoing ubiquitous poisoning of our water with fracking and pesticides. They encourage fascist government over-reach in subsidizing coal, oil, nuclear, while regulating renewables out of existence.
    6. They say you can trust the corporations to shutdown reactors and cleanup nuclear waste. A horrible lie. They never do. Corporations always walk away or declare bankrupsy . They simply leave the shit there to poison everyone.
    Look at san onofre or in the St alouis landfill. As long as there are nuclear bombs there will be nuclear reactors in murica.
    The corporations keep lobbying to keep the worse nuclear reactors, open. These same crooked nuclear corporations, say the lights will go out without the nuclear reactors. They rig the system, against renewables. Renewables would be an economic rennaisance in america, as the radionuclide apocolypse is encouraged and fully funded to make the elites more rich.
    7. Extreme climate denial, to the point of clownish-nonsensical propaganda and cultish conspiracy memes.
    8. More racism through propaganda memes, like cutural marxism.
    9. The cultivation of consumer and ownership society society meme. A meme. that does not come close to giving people ownership, only more wall street scams and banking bubbles.
    10. The enforcement of their fake laissez-faire economic principals on the rest of the world. It is done through murderous strong-arming and nuclear threats . They say, they are anti-big government yet, they somehow always have a justification for nuclear weapons.
    All for the promotion of their brand of extreme exploitative and extractive capitalism. The capitalism, they claim that is necessary, for liberty .
    11. They hippocritically, fund the huge military industrial complex and the deep state that goes with it. They lie about how much it costs. They fund it, through the enslavement of many americans.
    A massive complex, that involves nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors are necessary, to continue producing nuclear weapons of mass destruction, that can never really be used. They have justified their nuclear bombs and military complex, nuclear reactors, in the past as a means to interfere in other countries politics.
    Other countries politics, that they do not consider, capitalistic or neoliberal enough.
    The ramifications of nuclear armament, entail maintainting, a massive infrastrucure to create nuclear weapons. A massive-military industrial complex and weapons complex, for nuclear weapon logistics.
    Nuclear weapons that can never really be used. All done, to maintain the illusion, to the many, of their superiority, power and material wealth on the world stage.
    12. All in all, the altright-new-world-order is not so completely different, from the new world order, first proposed by George Bush Senior and, carried on till trump. Just a lot more lies, bullshit and malevolence to it. with the most base racism, exploitation, meanness and fraud to carry it along.
    13. Disregard for nature, and natures most beautiful creatures. The embelishment of the wholesale slaughter of the last of earths most splendid creatures: Grizzlies, lions, wolves, buffalos, carribou, mountain lions, giraffe etc etc
    This comment maybe reprinted by anyone. Thanks Terran

    Comment by Terran Horz | August 31, 2018 | Reply

  5. Abe and trump use same game plan. Far-right politics, blaming the victims, and blaming everyons else. ABE BLAMES IT ON KOREAN AND OTHER IMMIGRANTS IN JAPAN. ABE USES REFUGEES IN JAPAN AS FUKUSHIMA FODDER.
    In Murica we know we are a hugely ethnic diverse country and culture yet, the altright which means far-right has to play the racist card. Plays the racist card, to keep lying, cheating, and stealing elections. There are a few kids in Portland, that like to dress up for some bs antifa meme . There is little or no antifa. By washington DC a few altright, stridently-white supremacists tried to march at charlottsville again! An antiracist there, was murdered by a neonazi a while back. Thousands of americans, who are sickened by the altright devils showed at the recent ralley.
    Very few Americans are really kkk or neonazi yet, the altright meme is flaunted to ralley the dumnheads. The few “altright” tbat showed, to flaunt their evil racist nonsense, were routed. 20 of the pathetic trump racists showed up and ran away. The americans that went there were not antifa. They were part of the less than 90% majority of decent americans, that are sickened by the ugly insanity of the evil altright racists that include nazis, neonazis, kkk, and other scum of the earth.

    Comment by HAMMY | August 31, 2018 | Reply

  6. Right wing nationalism is now linked to climate denial. In sweden recently a rightwing nationalist-racist party took over. They threw out plans for renewables, and put an end to the phasing out of nuclear and nuclear reactors in sweden. Rightwing nationalism is racist and chauvenistic in nature.  Right wing nationalism-racism is shown to be  linked to a rise in climate denial as we see in america, sweden. It is linked to the invigoration of dangerous nulear reactors in japan post fukushima. Even with the continued earthquakes and dramataic increases in dangerous tropical storms there. The Swedes were growing renewables and cutting nuclear. Trump counts wwhite nationalst-racists as his base. Trump is a strong climate deniar that is heavily into nuclearism. The same can be said of nationalist racists in Britain like UKIP. In germany. In Hungary. In Poland.

    Abe in Japan engenders nationalism through hatred of korean and chinese immigrants. Through hatred of other immigrants and refugees. He even illegally uses refugees to work for nothing at Fukushima; while they are irradiated to death.

    With neonazis and rightwing nationalists  in power in sweden, they are scrapping renewables and planning on keeping old reactors open . They are planning on opening new nuclear reactors. 


    Why is rightwing nationalism and, their awful racism linked to fracking, more fossil fuel-oil rigs and exploitattion, more nuclear reactors?

    It is because they have to manufacture the fake motivations and anger of racism, to justify their corporate bosses and others, disconnection from reality. Also they have to have a rallying cause for their fake and amoral cult like with Trump in america and abe in Japan.The racism card fits the bill!

    Corporations have long been linked to climate denial. They are now cultivating and  

    Engendering rightwing nationalism and racism to further their dirty deeds and aims. Same can be said for nuclearists.

    ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIOLOGY recently published an article where M Hultman and his research colleagues show the connections between conservatism, xenophobia, and climate change denial, through a study in Norway

    Hultman an expert explains:

     “That many of the right-wing nationalist parties in Europe now have climate change denial as one of their most important issues.

    These parties are increasing in significance.

    We see it in Denmark and Norway, in Britain with UKIP, and Front National in France. But also, in Sweden, with the Sweden Democrats’ suspicion towards SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), their dismissal of the Paris Agreement and of climate laws, and in their appraisal of climate change denier Václav Klaus as a freedom-fighting hero.”

    Comment by Bill Bufford | August 31, 2018 | Reply

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