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Don’t fall for the nuclear lobby lie about climate change – theme for July 18

Like the tobacco and asbestos industries before them, the nuclear lobby will ruthlessly promote any lie to keep their industry going.

Of course it’s all about getting tax-payer money.  How?  By promoting the lie that nuclear energy is a solution to climate change, so should get financial incentives from government.

Explode that lie, because:

  • The entire nuclear fuel chain releases greenhouse gases.  
  • The nuclear fuel chain is in itself a grave danger because  weather extremes with climate change could cause nuclear disasters.

climate and nuclear


Even if nuclear power were clean and greenhouse gas free, (which it’s not) it would not be ready in time to have any real effect on climate. It would require the very quick build of some 2000 large reactors  – or of millions of the much touted Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

On this, the hypocrisy of nuclear front groups  is breath-taking. The Breakthrough Institute and UK’s Alvin Weinberg Foundation know perfectly well that their touted nuclear power is no solution to global warming.



June 25, 2018 - Posted by | Christina's themes


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  4. The nuclearist state and industrial state  in america has poisoned america, into a place of unsurpasable chronic disease and cancer clusters. Much of it attributable to massive radionuclide pollution, from nuclear energy pursuit and production-nuclear weapon production. Nuke bomb testing. Nuclear waste is omnipresent, unbridled chemical pollution now unfettered by fascism. The blatantly discriminatory healthcare system is now openly embraced by the fascist state . 

    Downwinders , soldiers and their families have recieved little from the crimes of nuclear contamination committed by nuclear energy companies and the military complex. They have recieved pittances from being used as test rats for nuclear detonations, and contamination of america by the nuclear industry and its military counterpart.   

    Look at what happened to the USS ronald Reagan saileors at Fukushima. It is a drop in the bucket, of what nuclearists have done and are doing. What was done in the Marshall Islands and to the vast citizenry of the  United States. 

     THE victims of the thousand of nuclear tests in america  recieved mere pittances,  for the past crimes of the, nuclear military industial complex crimes, in america and elsewhere. 50 thousand or a hundred thousand dollars per family or person. 

    Trump seeks the expand the nuclear military complex and nuclear energy in america . It has ruined 75 years and they are cmmitting to it and a suicide-nuclear war machine unprecedented in the face of Fukushima.

    Many people in america, have been denied adequate healthcare because, of pre-existing conditions for year. It is open and blatant under trump. In many instances those conditions, could be traced to the unbound hubris, of the nuclear industrial comples and military nuclear comlpex and nuclear industrial complex. Trump wants to expand it, descriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, worse than before.

    Trump has  lied in major ways about healthcare in America. He has done an about face, about his comittment to do something about healthcare in america.. 

    The diseased trumproll,  natural news recently said  trump has drained the opioid swamp in medicare in america . Actually Trump  cut off pain meds for elderly people with horrible conditions like cancer and scoliosis on medicare. 

    The fascists trumpsters and trumptrolls, are again hard at work to making it impossible for most people to see a doctor if they are poor, elderly, or have preexisting conditions without putting up 400 dollars per visit up. That is because the aca and its provsions demanding that people, that have existing conditions or disabilities have the right to healthcare and health insurance. Lies, lies, and more lies are a continuing active part of the blatant lies and propaganda in the trump wrecking of what is left of america. Trump told the most baldfaces lies possible about holding medical costs and pharmaceuticla costs, down to the majority of americans.

    May 27, 2018 (6)

    St Louis Dispatch

    With the usual ballyhoo, the White House said on May 11 that President Donald Trump would announce his long-delayed plans to reduce the costs of prescription drugs. When Trump began speaking at 2:08 p.m., stock prices on Standard & Poor’s pharmaceutical sector dropped. By the time he finished speaking, the sector was soaring.

    Big Pharma was very happy with Trump’s speech. It contained nothing that will threaten its enormous profits nor anything that will slow down relentless price increases. As president-elect, Trump accused drug companies of“getting away with murder.” As president, Trump has become an accessory to that murder.

    It was yet another broken populist campaign promise, joining “great health care,” putting coal miners back to work, a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan and more. Trump has kept his promise to crack down on immigrants and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, but his economic populism has proved to be a mirage.

    Of course that doesn’t mean he won’t try to fool people into thinking otherwise: “Everyone involved in the broken system — the drugmakers, insurance companies, distributors, pharmacy benefit managers and many others — contribute to the problem,” Trump said. “Government has also been part of the problem because previous leaders turned a blind eye to this incredible abuse.”

    All of that is true, but the one key to dealing with the problem is to recognize that everything stems from the upfront price that drugmakers charge . Same drugs that cost $100 or 1000 dollars cost 10 or 20 dollars in canada or mexico

    Health professionals and cancer survivors, know only too well how rotten the american system is. Half the 10 million homeless people in america, are bankrupt from medical costs from things like radionuclide induced cancers. It is about to become a lot worse. 

    Comment by Nick | July 1, 2018 | Reply

    • Many people in america, have been denied adequate healthcare because, of pre-existing conditions for “YEARS” SORRY.

      Comment by Nick | July 1, 2018 | Reply

  5. Busby on internal radionuclide toxicology

    Comment by Ken | July 8, 2018 | Reply

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