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Macho Madness – nuclear power- nuclear weapons – theme for February 2016

The “Me Too” movement exposed the sexual exploitation of women at work, and the men in authority who make the decisions to cover this up.

Men in authority have forever been making decisions to cover up the exploitation of women, children and men in every arena of society. But in no arena more than in violence and war.

Without “Me Too” in decisions on nuclear power and nuclear war – we are all finished.


January 14, 2018 - Posted by | Christina's themes, Women


  1. Dana Durnford, Radchick, Kevin Blanch etc. Love Trump. Them, and their altight buddies, will threaten you, if you criticize him.
    Trump has opened America up for a zillion new, nuclear reactors. He has started Uranium Mining again. He brags about initiating a first-strike nuclear war. He wants to build enough nuclear waepons, and reactors, to turn America and the world, into a huge nuclear shithole.
    What is wrong with this picture? Do-de-do Dana Durnford, claims he cares so much about Fukushima and nuclear crimes. Trump encourages Japan to ship radioactive food, all over the world. Trump says nothing about Fukushima, and does nothing. You gotta ask yourself, what are the up to?

    Comment by Nick | February 3, 2018 | Reply

  2. The Trumputin Trolls from dreamcatcher. “Dont harm us we mean no harm”

    They are say they are antinuclear. Do not worry, trumputin means no harm they say. He has opened, the most pronuclear power and pronuclear war regime, in history. His cointelpro agents swear , they care about nuclear and fukushima. From protrump altright sites they come extolling the protrump bandwagon. Radchick, dana Durnford, the enenews trumpputinrolls, which is all of them now. Trumputin encourages Tepco to open more nucs. Encourages more tainted food to go to the world from Japan. Trumputin, encourages nuclear weapons and more reactors in the most unstable country in the world, Japan. If anyone critcizes the trumputin trolls, they openup their automated echo chambers, that are funded by dark money and republican nsa interests. Fox, infowars, all the altright sites. The overt nazi sites fullblast. They are the ultimate double-think agents. They are pushing hard for the noose to tighten around american democracies neck. The fascist state is moving ahead.Why doesnt trump do anything to stop radioactive food from Japan? Why nothing to mitigate fukushima. He, and his handlers do not talk about it. It is so trumputin can help his boss putin build dangerous nuclear reactors, all over the world. Primarily in thirdworld countries and the volatile middle east.

    Trumputin state of union

    ll tortured explanations of Donald Trump and his Russian handlers can be boiled down to one simple word: Mafia.

    He dare not mention it in the State of the Union. But with Trumputin, it’s all about rubles.

    Republican hackers didn’t need the Russkies to strip and flip the 2016 election.

    As Greg Palast has shown, Kris Kobach of Kansas (KKK) and his GOP minions stripped from the voter rolls countless citizens of youth and color. As Bev Harris has shown, GOP insiders flipped more than enough hacked electronic vote counts to guarantee Republican dominance.

    They’re all set to do it again. Unless there are serious changes to our electoral system, Trump won’t need the Russkies in 2018 or 2020 either.

    And who are we to complain? Our own CIA has stripped and flipped countless elections in foreign lands. That includes Russia itself, where we installed the drunken buffoon Boris Yeltsin. And Honduras, where Hillary’s latest dictator of corporate choice is still causing untold deaths in service of her Wall Street minions.

    The Trumputin connection goes far beyond mere elections. The Donald’s KKK dad was a New York developer, i.e. neck deep in the mob.

    When his idiot offspring squandered the inheritance and hopped in and out of bankruptcy, only Putin would invest. His interests were obviously other than financial. The money was laundered through Deutsche Bank and all those chintzy condos sold at huge markups.

    Where’s the evidence? demand his enablers.

    In his tax returns, is the obvious reply.

    But you haven’t seen his tax return

    Trump-Putin Teach Bonhoeffer; Bonhoeffer Explains Trump-Putin And The Urgency Of Holding Trump Legally Accountable While It Is Still Possible


    “In his work “Ethics”, theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, writing in Nazi Germany, made a point that it is worse for a liar to tell the truth, than for a lover of truth to tell a lie: “Schlimmer ist es, wenn ein Lügner die Wahrheit sagt, als wenn ein Liebhaber der Wahrheit lügt…” [1] It is better to tell a lie than to be a lie. Prior to Trump the meaning appeared somewhat elusive.

    Having watched Trump and Putin’s propaganda machine, for an extended period of time, everyone should better understand what Bonhoeffer meant. The occasional truth from liars only serves to confuse people more, and can lure them into a web of deceit. And, Bonhoeffer was obliged to lie to the Nazis and did not feel that it was ethically wrong.

    The links between Putin and the Nazis are direct, via the East German Stasi, with whom Putin worked as a KGB officer. He is old enough to have learned his techniques first hand from old Nazis. The Stasi used those engaged in illegal activities as informants, creating mafia ties.Most importantly, Bonhoeffer should teach everyone the importance of hurrying up and putting Trump on trial, while there are still legal mechanisms in place to do so. It is unclear what mechanism can remove Putin from power, if it would even help, since he apparently represents Russian mafia and rich, powerful oligarchs. How to stop the wheel of Putin’s imperialism, militarism-nuclear arms race, environmental destruction, and human rights violations? Stopping the Trump-Putin wheel will give Americans the opportunity to stop the wheel of US imperialism, militarism, environmental destruction, and to pull back from the nuclear arms race. The Russian mafia play dirty, and this may be why no one dares to put Trump on trial. Trump’s mafia ties go back decades. Who will be brave enough to save us all?”


    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    Comment by | February 5, 2018 | Reply

  3. Trumputin is supported by the Republican creeps that live in washington dc, have second houses in s america and gated communites across america. They could give a crap less, what trumputin and putin have in store for the world and, american people. They simply want their zionist russian and american oligarch and mafia benefacttors, the kochs, the mercers , and their mic and goldman sachs benefators to be satisfied. The republican dogs of war, radioactive hell, strife and damnation, in congress just voted 1.5 trillion dollars tax incentives for the nuclear power industy, nuclear arms industry, and nuclear extraction industries to move forward with trumputin and putins plans to enrich the shit, out of all the american, russian, and zionist oligarchs and trumputins mafia friends. They will mine uranium, frack, carpet the world with nuclear reactors and nuclear waste. They will make sure there is a new nuclear arms race, with 10s of thousands of new nuclear bombs all over the world! The most evil , psychotic plans possible. Nuclear waste omnicidally existant in both hemispheres. Meanwhile, America needs a massive influx to its infrastructre, a plan that would include, making america 100 % renewable. Many smaller countries have signed a nuclear arms ban. Chile plans on being 100% renewable in 20 years. Putin and trumputin want to enrich themseles fabulously, as all chickenshit dictators do. They want to to extract the guts from the earth , megaexpand nuclear weapons, perpetuate the old imperialistic massive arms dealings, and carpet the world with nuclear weapons. Murica still has a chance to get rid of the living lie that is Trumputin. Meanwhile war is about to breakout in palestine again! With trumputins blessings.

    Comment by Nt | February 6, 2018 | Reply

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