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Russia’s Nuclear Marketing – theme for July 17

Russia has taken the lead in marketing nuclear reactors overseas –  but for how long?  Just recently,they held a nuclear marketing extravaganza in Moscow the  IX AtomExpo International Forum.  The industry propagandist World Nuclear News was ecstatic – their report would make you believe that Russia-Nuclear is taking over the world.

And Russia itself churns out joyous news of marketing success – to Turkey, Uganda, Philippines, Sudan, South Africa, Indonesia, Nigeria, India, Zambia, Kenya, Malaysia,  Tajikistan, Kuwait, Bangladesh, IndiaMyanmar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Ghana, Egypt, even Japan, Vietnam, Bolivia, Iran, Laos, Cambodia, Armenia, Britain, even USA

There was even a grand plan of partnership with USA and Saudi Arabia for a Middle East nuclear selling binge.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a lot. And Russia itself is waking up to the grim reality of the failing nuclear market. Ever keen to be a marketing leader, Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom is looking to renewables now.

And, just as well, for Russia’s customers are waking up to the dodgy deals offered by Russia. Russia’s much touted nuclear sales deals are not resulting in real development. Rosatom’s deals are in fact rather meaningless “memoranda of understanding” or “framework agreements.” 

Rosatom’s agreements lead to unhealthy dependency in the purchasing States,as they go into debt to Russia, which supplies the funding, expertise, and fuel for the nuclear build. Those States also risk being stuck with radioactive trash, with  lack of planning for nuclear waste processing and disposal.




July 9, 2017 - Posted by | Christina's themes, marketing, Russia


  1. Great graphic and content! One thing that put Russia ahead is BOO – build, own, operate – where they promised to take the waste to reprocess. However, they are apparently sending the waste back in some or all instances, although it sounded like they would keep it. This waste transit through the narrow strait by Istanbul adds to the risk of their Turkish reactor. It is very bad for Russia’s environment too.

    Comment by miningawareness | July 13, 2017 | Reply

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