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International politics – and nuclear issues – theme for April 2017

Most of the world is busy commending Donald Trump’s American unilateral military action against Syria, undertaken with no Congressional authority, and with no indication of what the next step might be. Trump must be basking in all this global attention.

Meanwhile, in a quieter and much less publicised process, some 123 nations were represented in the United Nations talks in New York, planning for a nuclear weapons ban treaty

Setsuko Thurlow, survivor of nuclear bombing of Hiroshima

It’s interesting to reflect on aspects of these two processes. The decision to send 50 cruise missiles to bomb a Syrian military site was taken in a room full of men of the most powerful nation in the world. There was one woman there. She got in presumably because she can speak Arabic, and none of the men could.

The careful deliberations at the UN were discussed by all those smaller, unimportant, countries. The big nuclear guys were conspicuously absent – USA, Russia, China, Britain, France, India, Pakistan,  and their dependent allies, such as South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia .

Indeed,proceedings were led by small nations – e.g Costa Rica – which doesn’t even have an army!

If that wasn’t unusual enough – in these discussions, women took an active, even a leading, part.   Makes you ponder on just who should be running this world.


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