The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

Nuclear politics – theme for November 2016

usa-democrat-republicanAs long as our politicians dance to the tune of their donors, the threat of nuclear disaster will never be far off – Amy Goodman –  Big Nuclear’s cosy relationship with the Obama administration.

It’s awfully hard to find out how much nuclear companies and utilities have contributed to election campaigns. gives some information on how much the Nuclear Energy Institute has donated to the American political parties, each year, but not beyond 2014.

Barack Obama in his political campaigns clearly became dependent on support from nuclear industries, notably from Exelon. Exelon and other companies used their access to the White House to successfully lobby for weakening some safety regulations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and water  safety provisions of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The mind boggles at the sort of influence and control that the weapons industry and the Pentagon have over American nuclear and military policy.

In a sense, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Democratic or Republican Party in charge of the American government. They’re both beholden to big corporations and the commercial and military nuclear lobbies.

The only complicating factor would be the unpredictability of Donald Trump. in the unlikely event that he were to be elected as President.


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