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Stranded nuclear wastes- what to do with the nuclear industry’s toxic poo? – theme for October 16


Stranded nuclear wastes. At the beginning of the nuclear industry’s career, it seems that they never thought about this. For decades the nuclear industry, governments, media were apparently oblivious of the the fact that these wonderful new “peaceful” nuclear reactors excreted toxic and very long lasting droppings.

Now, especially in America, the truth is becoming apparent.  In Russia, the government owned industry claims that it has the problem solved, and touts its nuclear technology for sale, with  a promise to “look after” the droppings.   In China, with its appalling reputation for mismanagement of industrial excreta, the problem is barely, or never mentioned.  Japan is in turmoil about it.  They’re busy getting ready for the “clean” 2020 Olympic Games, and busy pretending that Fukushima is fine.

How can the Americans compete in marketing nukes to the “developing world” – Asia, Africa and the Middle East?

Well, there’s the distraction of the new young geewhiz guys and gals promoting the as yet non existent LEGO toy nukes, with the deception that these will the wastes problem.

But, the well subsidised and well connected American nuclear lobby has  come up with  a new idea  – send the toxic poo to Australia.  It was always a colony anyway. Now Australia can become a Nuclear Colony –   radioactive trash toilet to the world.  This is being kept pretty much a secret from the Australians – comfortable in their laid-back, beer swilling, footy loving culture.  Except in one economically disadvantaged State – South Australia. Here, they are being promised a bonanza, streets paved with gold. (Except of course, for the indigenous people, on whose land the poo will surely be dumped)



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  1. You know, I have a real hard time saying no to taking back the trash, as our illustrious leaders allowed the mining sector to dig up the ore and ship it off so, with minimal, if any processing, done here (in Oz). How can we morally say no, when we’ve benefited so much from exporting the ore. I have to clarify that “we” does NOT include the first Australians, so, I guess, I should be advocating an urban storage site in Australia. That way, we (white ones) would think twice about the long term ‘benefits’ of mining. 😕

    Comment by david fisher | October 9, 2016 | Reply

  2. When you speak of the American nuclear lobby I wish you would specify. Do you mean Japan’s Westinghouse? India’s Holtec? French state owned Areva?

    The US is an older colony and an older prison colony than Australia (as is Canada). The earlier arrivals and the indigenous are really imprisoned in a nuclear wasteland and despised by their own government. These earlier rejects of Europe and former slaves aren’t allowed to leave the nuclear waste-land. Newer “Americans” can mostly come and go as they please with secondary passports and maintaining easy contact with families abroad by phone and air travel which was difficult for earlier generations. They are NOT hefted to the land, as Cumbria’s sheep.

    The US has 3 temporary dumps (open parking lots) in progress as well as waste stored on site. One in a hot swamp in South Carolina; one in west Texas; one in Utah.

    I think that Australia is being eyed up for Japan and South Korea and maybe Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.

    Which US nuclear lobby? Holtec is totally privately owned by someone born and educated in India. Areva is owned by the French State and another country (Kazakstan?) Westinghouse is Japanese Toshiba. Much or most of the nuclear lobbying is coming from hyphenated Americans – a lot from India (many came in through Canada), and those who are either allowed secondary citizenships – i.e. citizenship by blood (e.g. Tom D’Agostino former head of NNSA, now with Fluor automatically gets Italian and hence EU citizenship ) and priority citizenship (Moniz in Portugal plus through his wife 2 more citizenships). And, if you think about it I guess that the head of Energy Solutions – a big nasty nuclear waste company founded and run by an Iranian American during a period when most Iranian Americans were frightened to admit their nationality which is why I harp on it – is currently headed-owned by Jewish people who can move back to Israel. Energy Solutions owns the Utah dump and is trying to buy the Texas dump. They own one in South Carolina too.

    This is NOT speaking against any particular ethnic group but rather the unfair fact that some can come and go and some are stuck. Of course, the rich can buy foreign passports anyway but dual nationality fuels the myth of escape.

    It is also speaking for the fact that people of colonial settler states need to make a special effort to protect the land. If not they should be deported back to where-ever they came from.

    And, the need to exclude migrants whose sole goal is economic, as opposed to those who are persecuted. This, of course, is hard to sort out. But, no one seems to be trying. Some white South Africans have worked out what is also true for Americans- they have been there for 400 years; they are unwanted in Africa, and Europe won’t take them back.

    Comment by miningawareness | October 25, 2016 | Reply

    • I forgot to say that the main nuclear waste player which appears to be “American” is Texas based Fluor.

      Comment by miningawareness | October 25, 2016 | Reply

    • That’s a good point. I do see the West’s nuclear companies as all interlocked, and all connected too, with militarism. However much they pretend to sell “peaceful” nuclear power to other countries, we all know that this is a foot in the door for nuclear weapons. Russia and China might be seen as outside this nuclear marketing conglomerate. But even they are not, really. The geewhiz “new nukes” companies work in with China, and tout their wares as enabling the “conventional” nukes to keep going.
      The pitch for Australia as the toilet comes mostly from American companies like NuScale and Fluor, and from Canada’s SNC Lavalin, and from France’s AREVA. I see the whole lot as somewhat interconnected – it’s in the interest of all to keep the nuclear monster going.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 27, 2016 | Reply

  3. Fluor seems to be behind the dumping of German nuclear waste on the US to be buried as they are running the Savannah River site. Tom D’Agostino went to work for Fluor right afterwards. He actually went to work in South Carolina – maybe at Savannah River site – and didn’t go to Europe (yet). So, maybe just as stupid as he looks. I think Fluor and Energy Solutions are very big nasties dealing in waste that most haven’t even heard of. I just read that NuScale is now Fluor. Lavalin could have mafia ties. I need to check.

    Comment by miningawareness | October 27, 2016 | Reply

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