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STRANDED NUCLEAR WASTES – theme for October 2016

You’ve heard of “stranded assets”, for example – things like coal mines that are no longer economic, and the owners can’t sell them.

That’s bad enough. But what about STRANDED WASTES?  This is the horrible reality already going on in America – the land that pioneered the (?) great nuclear power industry.  They are already stuck with radioactive trash in its various forms – liquid and solid.

They’ve even got legislation to try to unravel who’s responsible for the toxic trash –  H.R.5632 – Stranded Nuclear Waste Accountability Act of 2016

The nuclear lobby bravely puts up its latest gimmicky ideas for nuclear reactors that should “eat the wastes” . But even those reactors would still leave highly toxic radioactive trash, and the experiments in nuclear reprocessing are turning out to be super expensive duds, such as Japan’s Monju project.

Why on earth would we keep on making radioactive trash, in view of this pressing problem?




September 24, 2016 - Posted by | Christina's themes, wastes


  1. I have been following the various stories related to nuclear power and its problems ever since the Chernobyl event in 1986. I thought I knew about pretty much all of them. But then I found out that Britain has the largest shingle beach in Europe. It’s over 8 square miles in size and because of the fast moving tides and river currents, around 90,000 cubic meters of shingle are washed from its western shore to its eastern shore each year. Its lighthouse is regularly moved because of this problem.
    This is the same shingle beach (western side) on which our government chose to site, not one, but TWO nuclear power plants. Contractors move 30,000 tons of shingle (less than a third of what is lost), back in front of Dungeness each year because of this erosion.
    This Is for me, a shocking and disturbing revelation!

    Comment by Miss Sian Farrell | October 2, 2016 | Reply

  2. This was the excuse used by Germany to send nuclear waste to Russia – that the tailings could be enriched later and so were valuable. German environmentalists made the utilities repatriate some of it. I have to check out the link for the US Congress still.

    Your nuclear blob is simply too cute, however. I want to take the blob home! Such is not the case with the rad waste.

    Comment by miningawareness | October 15, 2016 | Reply

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