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2013 – On the Day of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 広島・長崎の日にて – Mari Takenouchi reports with Updated information to 2014

As if showing off some efforts, Prime Minister Abe said that he would tackle more on the issue of certifying A-bomb disease victims.  But how many years have been passed since the drop of A-bombs?  Many of the sufferers have passed away and now the government has started to work on it more while ignoring the health issues of children after Fukushima accident. 

In October 2002, the former ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata asked Mr. Abe in person, “please relocate children in contaminated areas,” Mr. Abe just ignored his plea.  In other words, the government of Japan is not really serious about helping out radiation exposed people, Hibakusha. 

Updated information from the UN can be found here

Links to the last data showing a confirmed 33 thyroid cancers on links at the bottom of this article (Click “more” if you are seeing  this on the home page)

8 August 2013 RePost

“Hiroshima is really hopeless.”


This is a word by a late female Japanese activist who was working alone in Hiroshima.  What does this mean?  It means that Hiroshima appeals on the cruelty and abolition of nuclear weapons, but never touches upon abolition of nuclear power, and furthermore, the Hiroshima movement is actually  hindering the anti-nuclear power movement in Japan.


I totally agreed with her.  When I became anti-nuclear power supporter for the first time in 1999, I visited the Japan Conference of A-bomb and H-bomb Sufferers Organizations thinking that basics of nuclear power issue is the radiation exposure issue.  However, I was told, “Our organization cannot oppose to nuclear power since there are actually A-bomb sufferers who have been working at nuclear power plants.” I was speechless.

その直後、日本では、JCOという核燃料工場にて、初めて2人の急性被曝死を出した原 子力事故が起きました。翌年、このJCO事故の関連で、私はある海外の環境団体のリーダーを広島にお連れした際、広島市長との面会の通訳として同行したの ですが、なんとその当時の広島の秋葉市長は面会の終わりに、「この面会の記事を反原発新聞なんかに載せないでよ」と言われて行かれたのを覚えています。心 底失望しました。

Soon after that, Japan had the its first nuclear accident which had 2 acute radiation symptom deaths at JCO nuclear fuel conversion plant.  The following year, I visited Hiroshima as an interpreter for a global environmental organization’s leader to meet the Hiroshima Mayor.  At the end of the meeting, the Hiroshima Mayor Mr. Akiba told us, “Never put our photo on a newspaper such as an Anti-Nuclear Power Paper.”  I was completely disappointed.

そして今年の5月終わりに、福島の子供たちの間に27人もの甲状腺がんが発見されまし た。(データはこのページの末尾参照)ところが、これについてものを申す、被爆者関連団体、また環境団体、市民団体がほぼ皆無なのに、私は打ちひしがれて います。それ以前に、のう胞や結節の割合が多いという時には騒がれていたのに、決定的な甲状腺がんの発症のニュースが出たら、皆、貝のように沈黙している のです。

At the end of May this year (2013), 27 child thyroid cancer cases were found among Fukushima children.  (You can see the data at the bottom of this page on the link) However, there have been almost no A-bomb sufferers organizations or anti-nuclear power organizations reporting on this most important issue.  Again I am totally discouraged.  Prior to this, the high rate of cysts and nodules were found, which became quite a big issue among citizens’ organizations, but amazingly when this critical news of thyroid cancer emerged, almost every organization became silent.

On August 6th (2013), 7 representatives of A-bomb sufferers met Prime Minster Abe, and they appealed for suspension of restarting nuclear power plants but they never touched upon 27 thyroid cancer children in Fukushima.


What is really going on?

このブログにもあるように、私は国連の各機関にも今年に入ってからメールを書いていま すが、いまだ何らかの解決策を提示されているわけではありません。残念だったのが、国連人権理事会さえも、今年1月から増加を見せている福島の子供たちの 甲状腺がんの発症を含む日本での健康被害について、全く触れていません。(人権理事会のグローバーさんにも私は日本における健康被害について幾度かメール しましたが)

As in this blog, I have been writing to the UN offices, but I haven’t received any concrete solutions.  What was most regretful was that the Human Rights Council gave out recommendation at the end of May 2013 but it didn’t touch upon the Fukushima thyroid cancer cases which showed increases since January this year(2013).
(Even though I wrote e-mails to the secretary of Mr. Anand Glover several times regarding the health hazards in Japan)

国連人権理事会については、1mSv以上の汚染地帯では、住民たちに避難の権利を与え るべきであるという良い勧告もしていますが、1mSv=セシウム30000Bq/人なのです。これは、50kgの成人であれば、600Bq/kgという体 内セシウム濃度に当たります。低レベル廃棄物の濃度が100Bq/kgであることを考えれば、その何倍にもあたる負荷を人体が耐えられるはずがないので す。チェルノブイリで1mSv以上のところで避難の権利が認められても、その後病気が絶えないことは、こういうことにも関係しているのです。

The UN Human Rights Council says that residents should be entitled to relocate in areas more than 1mSv/year, however, according to ICRP, this 1 mSv is equivalent to 30000Bq Cesium incorporation in one’s body.  A person who weighs 50 kg would have a 600Bq/kg cesium concentration.  Considering that low level radioactive waste to be stored in a drum can is 100Bq/kg, the human body would not withstand such a radiation load.  In Chernobyl, even now, lots of children are getting sick even after the introduction of this 1mSv/year relocation option. 


In fact, Dr. Bandazhevsky ( who conducted thorough research on internal radiation through pathological autopsy said, abnormality on electrocardiogram (ECG) was observed from 10Bq/kg per body.  However the Tokyo University team ignores this (even though some members acknowledges this fact) and supports the ETHOS program where residents are supported to continue living in contaminated areas and they will start a baby whole body counter research from September (2013).

そしてこれは有名な話ですが、東大の他、広島、長崎の医師たちが、被爆者の実際の被害 を隠しながら、そして今も盛んに福島の放射能が子供にさえも危険がないと喧伝しているのです。同じことをチェルノブイリでも行って、汚染地帯の子供たちの 被害を増長させたのです。その間、自分たちは高度な遺伝子研究をしていたのです。(朝長医師は原爆でRUNX1遺伝子が傷ついてことを、山下医師はチェル ノブイリでFOXE1遺伝子が傷ついたことを論文に書いている。)そして元をたどれば、戦時中、中国の方たちに恐ろしい人体実験を行った731部隊に通じているのです。詳しくはこちらを。

Besides Tokyo University, currently doctors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki downplayed the effects of radiation in these places and now are saying radiation in Fukushima is harmless even for children, whilst writing a high-level paper on the damages of genes.  They had done the same thing with Chernobyl that victimises children!  (Dr. Yamashita knows FOXE 1 was damaged due to Chernobyl and Dr. Asanaga knows RUNX1 was damaged by the A-bomb)If we look at history, their evil acts can be traced in the Unit 731 that had conducted horrendous human experiences on the Chinese people.  Please refer to this page.


It is very difficult to eliminate radioactive materials once they are incorporated into the body.  Especially, when radioactive materials are inhaled into the respiratory system, some will deposit in respiratory organs and some  will move all around the body through blood circulatory system.


In Fukushima, there are many areas beyond Enforced and Obligatory Resettlement Zones in Chernobyl, but lots of events such as children’s marathon race, mud-spreading festival, local food sales are going on under the name of “People’s Bonds”, “Reconstruction of Fukushima” and “Promoting Reconstruction” through eating Fukushima foods.  To my eyes, there are all homicide with poisons.


There are a lot of contaminated areas in East Japan not only in Fukushima.  I myself was exposed to radioactive plume along with my then 1 year old son in Tokyo and had become sick for three months.  I really want children still living in contaminated areas to live in uncontaminated areas.

ところが、日本政府は、福島県民の帰還を促進し、なんと2020年までには、福島県民 全員を県内に返す意向でいます。たぶん、オリンピックを開催するのに、避難民がいてはかっこが悪いとでも考えているのでしょう。また日本政府は、事故後に 復興予算の一部まで使って原発輸出を推進し(本当に恥ずかしいことです)。

However, the government of Japan has been promoting the return of all the Fukushima residents to their hometown by year 2020.  Probably the government is aiming at holding Olympic Game in Japan, and the Government thought the existence of evacuees would look inconvenient. In addition, the government of Japan is using a part of reconstruction budget to promote exporting nuclear power overseas. (Shame on our government!)


(In the past, Japan has brought tremendous suffering to people in asian nations.  And now through exporting dangerous nuclear power, it may bring another disaster to other nations.  Please do not import nuclear power.)


August 6th (2013)  is the Memorial Day of Hiroshima.  However, neither Prime Minister Abe nor Mayor of Hiroshima touched upon 27 thyroid cancer kids in Fukushima.  This has never become any news in Japanese media.  With this going on, I truly think children in contaminated areas will have a true health disaster! 

松井広島市長の平和宣言は福島でも現在健康被害を隠して常にニュースで使われている、「いわれのない風評」という文言が非常に違和感があります。被ばくで遺伝的な影響がないという、御用学者の言い分を主張している。これぞ未来世代への犯罪です。 こちら後半読んで

It was welcomed that the Mayor of Nagasaki mentioned Prime Minister Abe’s not supporting NPT participation and intention to conclude a nuclear agreement with India.  However, he too had not mentioned about the most crucial on-going issue of Fukushima-children’s increase in thyroid cancers.

In fact, Prime Minster Abe said in his lecture at Waseda University in 2002, “It is not unconstitutional to possess a nuclear weapon, if it is a small sized.”
 There are many parliament members in Liberal Democratic Party who want to possess nuclear weapons in Japan.  LDP is now trying to alter Japan’s Peace Constitution by enabling to execute Collective Defense Rights.

アリバイ作り的に安倍氏は原爆症認定は進めていくと言いますが、いったい原爆投下から 何年たっているのでしょう。被爆者たちの多くが亡くなった後の最近になって国はやっと認定をするようになってきました。一方で、今増えている子供たちの健 康障害には全く触れていないのです。ちなみに2012年10月に元スイス大使の村田光平氏が、安部氏に直接「汚染地帯の子供たちを非難させてください」と 直訴するも、冷淡だったといいます。安部首相は本気で被曝者を助けようという意思がないのです。

As if showing off some efforts, Prime Minister Abe said that he would tackle more on the issue of certifying A-bomb disease victims.  But how many years have been passed since the drop of A-bombs?  Many of the sufferers have passed away and now the government has started to work on it more while ignoring the health issues of children after Fukushima accident. 

In October 2002, the former ambssador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata asked Mr. Abe in person, “please relocate children in contaminated areas,” Mr. Abe just ignored his plea.  In other words, the government of Japan is not really serious about helping out radiation exposed people, the Hibakusha. 


It is undeniable fact that even the UN is slow on this issue under the influence of UN Securities Council consisted of nuclear power states and the IAEA. 


This is a word stated by Mr. Katsutaka Idogawa, the former Mayor of Futaba, Fukushima.
“Please, if any state, anybody, any group in the world has intention to help Fukushima kids, please accept them.  Please help kids in Japan.”


If there is any concrete proposals, please let me know.

竹野内真理 フリーランスジャーナリスト
Mari Takenouchi, Freelance journalist
August 2013




The following is the actual data of the 27 thyroid cancer children (To August 2013 ) in Fukushima (On Link) with an update link to show how the ONHCR is dealing with the health issues in the contaminated areas of Japan.
Here is a link to April 2014 that also doesnt mention Thyroid cancers increase that stopped being reported anywhere in Japan after December 2013 after the Japanese Secrecy law effecting health effects came into force;
Here is the statistics up until “early” 2014 posted by CaptD;
Here is the actual figure of 33 confirmed cases by Natural News;

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