The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

A company CEO, Ms Shimotani, tries to file a civil case against Takenouchi -下谷七香ラフコ社長が竹野内を民事訴訟に!

Here is Ms. Shimotani smiling at the thought of shares in private Thyroid cancer treatment companies going threw the roof in about 3 years and any litigation cash she can pick up from people trying to evacuate children from radiation!! [ Note from Arclight2011part2]

“She (Mari Taekenouchi) doesn’t mind losing her life” (Pronounced – Ms SHIT o man  eeeee)

The rest of this post is from Mari Takenouchis blog in Japan;

Ms. Nanaka Shimotani’s tweet
“Why don’t we call her (Takenouchi) a ball of flames as for lawsuit target?(*´∇`*)


Another attack to journalist Mari Takenouchi by a company CEO Ms. Nanaka Shimotani
(The photo is from Google Image.  With this listing of her photo, she is threatening Takenouchi for further civil accusation on top of anothe civil case she was implying.)

Ms. Nanaka Shimotani’s tweet which enraged my mother


Let me give you warning to make sure.  I am not as sweet as . Be prepared and find a good lawyer for a civil case(*´∇`*)”



A company CEO, Ms. Nanaka Shimotani  

Against Shimotani’s above word, my 81 year old mother is furious and asked her repeatedly to tell Shimoya’s contact since she refuses to receive a phone call at her company.

Yet, Shimotani just blocked Takenouchi and still continues harrassing tweets with anonymous people on twitter.


Further, on April 15th, when I tweeted, “I will resist and spread the information at my life at stake to protect my son from those who are trying to further sue me.”

Then Ms. Nanaka Shimotani, CEO of Rafco, tweeted, “she doesn’t mind losing her life”

I thought this was a threatening word.

End of additional information.

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