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To the Fukushima workers . We support you! – Address to J Village supplied.

To the Fukushima workers …

Translated from…. (In french)

Those first moments , the most terrible nuclear catastrophe.
Those who daily continue to fight against the worsening situation.
Those who will replace them for many years.
To the families and their relatives.

Here is a message of gratitude and sympathy that comes from France .

If you can not count on your employers and managers to treat you correctly, and you ‘re not only provided for and discredited in the face of insurmountable problems that you face.

Although this is a small consolation to thousands of kilometers , strangers, ordinary people like you , are with you in thought and thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your courage and determination .

You are important people who deserve respect, by the responsibilities that rest on your shoulders, and because of that you do not really get in return recognition or rewards.

You can not blame the worker who disconnected the wrong pipe, pressing the wrong button or overfilled tank , due to a lack of training, specific instructions, or means of control.

You can not blame the worker who loses morale because he is faced with difficult working conditions and dangerous .

People like us, who are on your side , who rely on you , which offer you their trust and moral support that you do not forget , there are thousands and even millions surely worldwide .

We do not know you , but we are human beings like you , citizens of the Earth. We know the difficulty of your situation, and if we can not do much for you, we would like to say thank you for what you do , thank you for the risks you take for all of us . We are with you .

Thank you to the “Fukushima 50” and all the courageous people who from the first day of the disaster did not hesitate to put their lives at risk to prevent a more serious situation occuring.

Thank you to all the people that we never talk about that every day at their level, involved in the huge task of curbing the radioactive risk to the Fukushima nuclear plant .

Our moral support and our thoughts are with you and your families, and to the relatives of the victims who lost their health or their lives in this struggle.

☢ ~ ~

Here is the same text as PDF , translated into several languages. My first goal is that the message reaches the Japanese Fukushima workers . Post this text, pass it , for it has a chance to reach its recipients. (Please share the links below, not the files themselves or their direct links , so that I can maintain visibility into their use . )


福島 原発 で 働く 皆さん へ


An die Arbeiter im Atomkraftwerk Fukushima


To the workers of Fukushima


A los Trabajadores Fukushima


Al laboristoj the Fukushima


Fukushima workers


I lavoratori di Fukushima


Aan de werknemers van Fukushima


Trabalhadores Aos Fukushima


Работникам на Фукусиме


Your turn …

☢ ~ ~

The title of this article, “Full Tyvek jacket” , probably something to remind many of you . This is not innocent.

The Tyvek is a material made ​​from non-woven polyethylene fibers , a chance discovery of DuPont in the 50s. This is the constituent outfits white protective or sometimes blue , supposed to be worn by all workers who work on the site of Fukushima Daiichi and decontamination sites in prohibited areas . This type of combination is widely used in many industrial or artisanal activities as disposable protective clothing against soiling .

For what concerns us , so they protect
mainly workers against contamination by radioactive dust . But absolutely not against penetrating radiation, gamma rays or neutron beams. To do this, we must have recourse to the lead or tungsten-based composites , used for example in Chernobyl or Fukushima, by some very exposed stakeholders during work on the reactor 3 building.
They do not protect either risk caused by faulty adjustment of all protective elements of the outfit, due to missing or insufficient instructions , or parts unsuitable equipment . It will be recalled eg irradiated workers in March 2011 in the reactor building flooded unit 3, the highly contaminated water they waded having seeped into their boots too low and poorly fitting clothes . By cons , it is noted that “for the photos “, where their colleagues hide behind a cover at their disposal to receive care , everyone seems sealed and taped everywhere. Or almost …

Here is the only armor against radiation available to the vast majority of workers in Fukushima : overalls polyethylene . Full Tyvek jacket …
( 3’30 ” In st Fr)
Russia Today recently published a short report on the conditions of workers in charge of the work of post- Fukushima rehabilitation. Here subtitled in French .
It includes Tomohiko Suzuki, courageous investigative journalist who worked clandestinely in Fukushima for a month and a half during the summer of 2011 , and has published a book titled ” The Yakuza and the nuclear industry .”

Although a bit long , I suggest you look at this conference in December 2011 in two parts, translated into French , in which Mr. Suzuki describes his experience at the Fukushima plant , with some photos and video footage taken on the spot . Two main themes are :
– The state of the plant , despite the official declaration of ” cold shutdown ,” the risks to workers and the shortcomings of TEPCO and the Japanese government.
– Involvement for many years Yakuza mafia organizations in the Japanese nuclear industry .

More links to video evidence on

(Part 1 , 47’12 ” , Jp + st In Fr)
(Part 2 , 55’02 ” , Jp + st In Fr)

Now here is the testimony of some;
( 8’16 ” De st Fr)
Fukushima workers who contacted the studios of the ZDF in Tokyo in October 2011: “Those that are often called heroes, those who do the cleaning, gave their version of their harsh working conditions, without any idea doses of actual radioactivity there. Even if nuclear disaster is out of the head of most people , for those who work there, it continues … ”

( 25’36 ” In st Jp + Fr)
The months and years pass, some things change. Now back to more than 40 years ago, with the uplifting documentary N. Röhl , ” Nuclear Ginza ” , where he gives the word has multiple victims , sent to be irradiated without protection or training in the most dangerous areas, and parents of a worker even 30 years which left her skin there . I’ve already devoted an article there one year. If you have already read, go read it , review this video . This is also nuclear, in the beautiful nation of Japan, moving towards a bright future …

I think it would be unfair not to mention also those which are often the early major disasters frontline firefighters, and the military. Certainly , they are more likely to chose their profession without being picked up in some shallows by the Yakuza . But whether in Ukraine or Japan , how many of them paid with their lives for their willingness to fight a battle in which they were not prepared , and brought relief to others ? We ‘ll never know , it is in the interest of any government or authority to recognize and disclose exactly what kind of things when it comes to nuclear power.

( 4’33 ” Jp st Fr)
However, here is a testimony about the death of a member of the special rescue unit of firefighters, who has not been officially confirmed or reported in the mainstream media. It includes Taro Yamamoto, who had not yet paid policy. Since it also tries to make him pay a high price for the truths he tries to highlight …

( 54’40 ” En)

Here is also a PBS documentary “Inside Fukushima ‘s meltdowns ” American chain , unfortunately only in English, which pays tribute to these brave men .

The English transcript is available by following this link .

It seems difficult to conclude this article,
( 3’43 ” Fr)
Yet dedicated workers Fukushima, let alone France . Can we think that France , the situation of nuclear workers is better ? Among us , it is not the mob that provides all-comers intermittent nuclear . And here, not Fukushima , for the moment. But there is much to say on the subject, which deserves a folder alone .
Here are just ” The convicts nuclear ” , a montage made ​​in August 2011 , based on pictures of Vincent Capman . He also worked with men he photographed in central Cattenom and Paluel in 2008 and 2009. He shared their lives, their workdays , their rest periods.

More pics and videos on link

One last question:

do you want this for your children too,

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