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No Way Back: The Japanese Government Tells People to Go Home Despite Radiation Alarm 日本政府は放射能の危険さを無視して、避難者を立ち入り禁止にすべき地域に帰還させようとしている。

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21 November 2103
Posted by Mia
Scientists say that’s suicidal. Anti nuclear activists say no one should be allowed to return to Fukushima until it’s completely safe. What does TEPCO say? It’s under control! 
Mrs. Morizono, a Fukushima resident, is highly concerned about many hot spots existed around the area. She had to close her after school classes for children because of high radiation. One mother who has a small child joined the NGO group of the ordinary women, united by fear for the future of their chldren and distrust of the government’s actions.
*Future for Fukushima evacuees is not certain 福島原発避難者:将来への不安
Those residents in the area more than 50mSv/y will get sufficient financial help from the government, but those in the remaining area are not going to be financially supported. …Where are those residents in 50mSv/y going be housed? They could be offered to live in 20mSv/y zone in Fukushima prefecture as the government considers it safe…… Also, they would advise the residents to use dosimeters because it reads even lower than the public monitoring posts.
*Japan’s plan to make radiation readings come out looking better Plan to lower radiation readings OK’d 日本政府は住民の被爆を低く見積もるよう仕組んでいる。  JIJI NOV 12, 2013

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