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Kashiwazaki Nuclear Plant: Fukushima Governor stands in the way to stop restarting! 柏崎原発:再稼動させないよう立ちはだかる新潟県知事泉田氏

(Posted by Mia on 17/11/13)

Niigata Prefecture Governor Hirohiko Izumida said:
I would not accept the restart of Kashiwazaki nuclear power plant unless Tepco gives a full investigation into the cause of the Fukushima disaster, which should be a starting point that whether to restart or not”
They will not be able to Vent radioactive gases without permission of local residents” , this has been written in the application by Tepco. Just knowing this fact, the Nuclear regulatory Authority (NRA) wouldn’t be able to make it pass. I would like to make this fact clearly.”

 Mr. Hirohiko Izumida 

Mr. Izumida had a meeting with the TEPCO president Hirose a couple times, the first point was to criticize Tepco’s decision to apply for the restarting and the second point was reported as Mr. Izumida approved of applying the safety regulations to the NRA. Since then, it has been reported in Japanese and foreign media that Niigata prefecture governor Izumida gave the green light towards restarting Kashiwazaki Nuclear Power Plant.
*The Creditor banks are to loan 500 billion yen to TEPCO 住友、三井、瑞穂、三菱銀行は、来年の再稼動を考慮にいれて、5兆円のローンを東電に融資
Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s main creditor banks agreed to provide 500 billion yen ($5 billion) in loans after the utility forecast a fiscal 2014 profit based on assumptions it can restart two nuclear reactors.



Ever since the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 plant, TEPCO has posted huge annual losses for two consecutive fiscal years.
The creditor banks may stop providing loans if the utility reports a loss once again for this fiscal year. TEPCO plans to return to the black in this fiscal year by restarting the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant.
According to its rehabilitation plan, TEPCO planned to resume operations at reactors at the plant in phases from April.
Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Kansai Electric Power Co., Shikoku Electric Power Co. and Kyushu Electric Power Co. have also submitted applications for restarts for a total of 12 reactors as early as July 8 2014.

Taking into account that the NRA needs about six months to screen an application, TEPCO decided to apply for permission now, after concluding that it will not be able to restart the reactors for several years if it does not submit applications together with the four other utilities.


Despite there being all sorts of pressures from pro nuclear groups Mr. Izumida stands on his view firmly.. in his interview in Hodo Radio program that he made clear he would not accept for restarting Kashiwazaki nuclear power plant unless Tepco gave a full investigation on the cause of the Fukushima disaster which should be a starting point that whether to restart or not. He commented that he repeatedly saying this point but never being reported in the media. So he appreciated very much to be invited to this program to say it.

(Source)報道するラジオ 「原発再稼働をめぐる攻防・泉田裕彦・小出裕章・古賀茂明」25/10/13
Talk on “offense and defense” (or battle) over restarting reactors with Niigata Prefecture Governor Hirohiko Izumida, Prof. Hiroaki Koide at Kyoto Nuclear Laboratory, former METI civil officer. Shigeaki Koga, Master of the ceremony: Ms. Mizuno
(Abstract translation by Mia)
He has been followed by a mysterious black car and he has had his personal life checked by nuclear village to find any of his weakness. Apparently, they couldn’t find anything to tarnish his reputation or defeat his views. So, they have been attacking his character instead by saying untrue stories about him such as
he is strange”,
he got angry”,
there must had been various difficulties while he was working for the METI, therefore he left it …..”
Mr. Izumida had requested to have a meeting with Mr. Tanaka, the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, however Mr. Tanaka has been rejecting his offer with the reason that he doesn’t normally have private meetings with people from the utility companies that are checked by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency because if he does he would be questioned of his fairness and impartiality. 「審査をされる側の電力会社等々と密室で会うという事は公正中立性を疑われるんでやりません」This from the same gentleman who said that he would happily have a private meeting with Mr. Hirose, president of Tepco in the near future, which seems contradictory.
地元としてはどうなります? 了承は必要ですが、その時は。
When he was asked what he would do if the Nuclear Regulatory Agency passed the safety regulation, he said “If the NRA passes the safety regulation for the Kashiwazaki Nuclear Plant, it would mean that the NRA is not considering the safety of local citizens. Therefore, their credibility would be very much questioned.
The Vents will not be able to be used without the permission of the local residents” is written on the application by Tepco. With knowing this fact NRS wouldn’t be able to make it pass. I would like everybody to know this fact.
(Editor’s note: No reactor can be restarted without the permission by the prefecture governor.)
*Niigata governor opposes nuke plant restarts, criticizes TEPCO 3/7/13

*Fukushima: Leaking problems to cover up something unusual at reactor 1 and 3 おしどりマコ氏「汚染水のタンク漏えいは1号機と3号機のがれき撤去を隠すための目くらましだ」と発言

Tepco and the Japanese government announced in 2011 soon after the Fukushima accident that explosions at reactor 13 were a hydrogen explosion, however, this hasn’t proved scientifically yet. It is important to investigate at the scene to find out a cause of explosions before clearing up highly radioactive debris from reactor buildings. But Tepco started to clear up the debris at reactor 1 and 3 building from this summer.

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