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-*+Fukushima – School students forced to clean swimming pool without proper safety equipment! – 未成年が除染作業を強いられている-福島県郡山市

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10 May 2013

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…On a more technical point, it was explained that annual exposure to radiation was at the level advised by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)….

Japanese government delegation statement to the UN concerning the Fukushima Nuclear disaster April 2013

High school students were forced to clean their swimming pool!



Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture

The students were allowed to clean the swimming pool (Gieger showing 0.51 uSv/h) without wearing any safety equipment. They just had their school uniforms for protection!


Nearby were students doing vigorous exercise, as dust and moisture droplets were being made airborne.


The Reading here was 0.50 mcSv/h, an air reading taken approximately 1 metre off the ground.

Screenshot from 2013-05-10 14:09:52

This is the video footage from the high school in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture showing the work being done;

Published on 8 May 2013


The Japanese Government has allowed decontamination work to be done by minors!

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights considers Report of Japan

Committee on Economic, Social
  and Cultural Rights

30 April 2013



Regarding those that survived the atomic bombing, their medical needs related to their exposure was subsidised and this would allow them to maintain a suitable level of living. 


On a more technical point, it was explained that annual exposure to radiation was at the level advised by the International Commission on Radiological Protection.


More information was now being disclosed through information materials and press conferences on Fukushima, said a member of the delegation, and this was to make decision making more transparent.


“….The concluding remarks of the Committee would be adopted on 17 May 2013….” (Seven days to go! Arclight2011 )

Japanese government delegation statements to the UN concerning the Fukushima Nuclear disaster April 2013

More here..

United Nations – A Human rights milestone!


The Optional Protocol announced!

“…. The Optional Protocol provides for such complaints to be heard by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights after attempts at pursuing national remedies have been exhausted.

The Committee may assess the action taken, or not taken, based on the State’s available resources and can decide if a violation has occurred. It is then up to the State to enforce and implement any recommendations made by the Committee.

“The Optional Protocol represents a veritable milestone in the history of universal human rights,” says Ms. Pillay. “It will enable victims to seek justice for violations of their economic, social and cultural rights at the international level for the first time.”….”




November 2012

Mr. Anand Grover (UN Rappoteur to Japan) pointed out all the points the Japanese Government should listen to.

9m30s- he talks about decontamination work.  “However it is regrettable that some decontamination work has been carried out residents by themselves without proper equipment and information about harmful exposure to ionizing radiation……”

(Editor’s comment)

So if he knew high school students were cleaning their swimming pool, it’ going to be whey out of order!!!!


148production left his message saying;

(Editors’s note : I posted this youtube video last week.  I’m posting it back on again with more additional information including comments of the youtube video owner to let you know more about the situation in Fukushima prefecture.  What I found out is that the video owner was not sure the students were there for decontamination work or cleaning, but made this title to make a point that students shouldn’t be there whether for cleaning or decontamination work because both of them are equally dangerous to their health.)

In Japan as a part of educational purpose it’s normal for students to clean their classroom and any other facilities they use at school.  The class room is divided into several groups, and they take turns at cleaning.  Ionizing radiation tends to accumulate wherever water is, and higher dose were measured in the sludge in the swimming pool.  Out of ignorance and not wanting to cause any panic among students and their parents, some of schools downplay the danger of ionizing radiation.  I guess similar things at other schools happening more than what we hear in the media.

Here is what the youtube owner had to say in answering questions to one of the viewers


These students should take action against the school about cleaning the pool. You could see from the other comments that if we look at the scene objectively, they are made to do similar things as decontamination worker does.

(Editors’s note: As far as I understand the decontamination workers use hose pipe to wash down the ionizing radiation, and use brash to get rid of certain amount of ionizing radiation off the surface of roofs, walls, houses, etc.)


I inquired my friend who is a member of the Kooriyama-city council and Fukushima Prefectural Education Committee about this issue.  I was told that Fukushima Prefectural Education Committee issued a notice to person in charge at schools about not using students to clean the swimming pool at schools.

しかしながら、この学校の教職員はその通達を無視して生徒に清掃­をさせています。  即ち、プールの清掃にはリスクが伴うことを教育員会は認識してい­るので生徒たちに清掃をさせることを禁じていたのです。

However teachers at this high school had ignored the warning and made students to clean the pool.  It means that the Fukushima Prefectural Education Committee knew the risk of children being exposed to ionizing radiation; therefore they banned the children to clean the pool. ds


The aim of this video is to inform the public on neglect of protecting students from harmful effect such as being exposed to ionizing radiation and preventing further violation of their right to live healthy life.


If there are any problems, complaining or requests of the video, I’m open to discussion, and can be contacted by mobile phone and/or email.


*東京23区で唯一放射能汚染プールを子どもに清掃させた江戸川区-子どもの被曝回避は世界の常識なのにEdogawa-ku, the only one ward among 23wards in Tokyo, made students to clean the swimming pool.  It’s  common sense globally to protect children from ionizing radiation

「とりわけ子どもは、どんなに微量でも放射性物質からの影響は避けるようにしていくこと」が求められているときに、江戸川区は東京23区の中で唯一、中学 校のプール清掃を子どもたちに行わせました。(※プール使用期間中の日常の清掃ではなく、プール開き前の清掃のことです)

They should have avoided children from being exposed to ionizing radiation as much as they could, instead junior high schools in Edogawa-ku, the only one ward among 23 wards in Tokyo, made students clean the swimming pool.  (It wasn’t a daily cleaning; it was before opening the swimming pool after being closed during the off season.)

Katsushika-ku(48-50), Edogawa-ku(52-55), Adachi-ku(44-47) were worst hit by the ionizing radiation plume in Tokyo area.


2 times higher radiation from sludge in the swimming pool in Ibaragi

17000Bq/kg measured in sludge in the corner of the bottom of the swimming pool at primary school in Ibaragi prefecture

It’s 2 times higher than what it should be.  Current allowable level of radiation in sludge is 8000Bq/kg.  It was found out because one of the parents took the sample to be meadured.  There must be lots of school unkowningly (ignorantly) making children to clean the swimming pool as a normal routine.

(Editor’s note) The measurement was 100Bq/kg before the Fukushima disaster.

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