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Iitate 飯舘村 _Fukushima Hot spot with full English translation


Published on 4 May 2013
Iitate radioactive Hot spot / 飯舘村 /Zone contaminée de Iitate
We are on a road approximately 40km north-west of Fukushima Dai Ichi power plant near Iitate. The village is now a famous Hot spot with high levels of radioactivity.
It has been nearly completely evacuated. It looks like a ghost town with deserted homes everywhere. But here and there on the side of the road, among abandoned fields, one can see some farmers still growing vegetables. While we were filming this, an old man came to me and started talking.
Nous sommes à environ 40km au nord-ouest de la centrale sur une route près de Iitate. Le village est connu maintenant pour être un “hotspot” avec des taux de radioactivité élevés. Il a été évacué presque en totalité. On dirait parfois une zone fantôme avec des maisons et serres abandonnées. Pourtant aux détours des chemins et des champs en friches, on aperçoit encore des agriculteurs qui continuent de cultiver leurs terres. Alors que j’étais en train de filmer, un monsieur s’est approché pour me parler.
原発から四〇キロ地点の飯舘村に近い道を走っている。村は「ホットスポット」 と言われている。ほとんどの住民が避難している。荒れた畑の間に空き家が散在し­てい て、まるでゴーストタウン のようだ。けれどもやがてところどころに、田畑を耕しつづけている農家の人々がいる­ことに気がついた。撮影していると、一人の男性に声をかけられた。
Interview conducted by Keiko Courdy for 霧の向こう*AU-DELA DU NUAGE°Yonaoshi 3.11_ Japan Webdoc project in Iitate, Fukushima on July 1, 2012
All rights reserved – Copyrights KI 2013

Further translation by Mia

“….. 0.6-0.8uSv/h measured in my house, 0.8uSv/h in my bedroom upstairs, 1uSv/h outside and 1. 2.5uSv/h in my vegetable field.

Therefore, I haven’t grown any vegetables since last year.  Even if I grew them I wouldn’t want to give them to other people because they are no good any more.

For myself I buy and eat vegetables produced in the other areas such as Ibaragi prefecture.  I think I’m managing just about ok by taking some herbs to help detoxify the contamination out of my body effectively.”

(Editor note ; He went on saying that what he does to look after himself at dinner time.)

“Before I eat my main meal I take a fair amount of vegetables that are high in fibers and seaweed.  I think they are digested easier so that the body can detoxify itself more effectively.

I don’t want to be too nervous… We’ve got to enjoy our life as much as we can.  I’ve just retired at the age of 65… Were your children not worried about you?

They came and invited me to live with them but I didn’t want to leave here.  (He greeted another farmer who just passed by.)   …He lives over there.  He still grows vegetables…”


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