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Nuclear Politics – theme for November 2012

A global trend is developing in nuclear politics.  At the “bottom of the heap” – indigenous peoples distrust and oppose uranium mining and nuclear power. But more privileged people, too,  are realising the financial and unsafety folly of nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Japanese public opposition to the dirty, dangerous, costly nuclear industry is being joined by public opinion in other countries.

Yet, governments in USA, UK, India, Russia, China are caught up a toxic service to the nuclear industry, rather than service to the public good. Corporations, energy and research departments from these countries join with Japanese corporations to market nuclear technology world-wide.

In the USA, home of the greatest number of commercial nuclear reactors, and of nuclear weapons-making,  the Nuclear Regulatory Commission now works on plans to allow nuclear reactor licenses to last for 80 years!

They seek to pass on the too difficult problems of nuclear cleanup to future generations. Politicians seek just to stay in power now – please the big lobbyists who fund them, and  let the children of tomorrow face the toxic nuclear legacy .

Today’s big boys in government, industry, and  media  minimise, trivialise the effects of Fukushima.   But they walk a tightrope in public trust.  That trust is evaporating fast – will it last until the time when – not if, but when, – the next Fukushima-type disaster happens?

p.s. Angela Merkel is depicted on the tightrope above – hardly fair, as she is one leader who has some vision on the way to the nuclear free future.


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    now ive been told… again 🙂
    nice to see that nuclear is not doing well and that the alternate media is on it..
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    Comment by arclight2011 | November 16, 2012 | Reply

  2. Did you see this?

    “Nuclear lobbyists wined and dined senior civil servants”

    “Mark Higson, the OND’s chief executive, received his first hospitality in the role just a few weeks after the office’s creation with a dinner at the Lancaster hotel in Kensington hosted by Westinghouse, the US nuclear plant construction company, and the Nuclear Industry Association. In the intervening period up to last month, Higson and his colleagues Hergen Haye and Stephen de Souza separately accepted hospitality from a range of companies with a vested interest in the nuclear industry, including Babcock, EDF, Areva, and GE Hitachi, as well as a range of industry consultants and trade associations.”


    Comment by Guest | November 29, 2012 | Reply

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