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Inquiry into Litvinenko’s radiation-caused death, but no inquiry into radiation deaths of nuclear veterans

LitvinenkoDyingflag-UKImagine if Alexander Litvinenko’s death was ignored like our nuclear veterans, Mirror, 28 Jan 15 After eight years Crown Prosecution Service has finally led to a public inquiry into the Russian’s death – Britain’s nuclear test veterans have waited 63 years so far.

When Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with a radioactive cup of tea, it provoked an outcry. Within six weeks of his death the Metropolitan Police announced the name of their main suspect, a Russian. Within six months the Crown Prosecution Service issued charges and the Foreign Office made a formal extradition request to the Russian authorities.

After eight years it has finally led to a public inquiry ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron and has already heard the killing was ordered by the Kremlin itself.

Can you imagine what it would be like if no-one had investigated, no charges brought and no inquiry held?

Imagine – a government responsible for the death by radiation poisoning of a man, and never held to account.

It would be a stain upon our nation if we allowed it, and a denial of the rule of law.

Now imagine a government potentially responsible for the death by radiation poisoning of thousands of men.Imagine that government could also be responsible for the grief of thousands of mothers who miscarried fetuses warped beyond recognition by that radiation.

Imagine that government’s actions may have created thousands more living children, disabled by chronic pain, rare genetic conditions and unusual deformities.

Would you expect a public inquiry into that? Would you hope for a criminal investigation, scientific explanation, or at the very least a ‘sorry’?Then you would hope in vain, just as Britain’s nuclear test veterans and families have hoped for 63 years so far……… And it is a stain upon our nation that it continues.

Litvinenko was a man in the employ of our security services, working on our behalf to expose the criminality of Vladimir Putin.He was killed by a high dose of Polonium-210, a rare radioactive metal added to his tea.

It cannot pass through skin, but drink a cup of the stuff and it causes chaos, made worse by the fact that it cannot get out again.It’s called ingested radiation, and was used to kill him while presenting very little risk to those wielding it………://

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Australia keen to sell uranium to India – easier now with no tracking to prevent its use for nuclear weapons

India looks to use US formula to convince France and Australia –  Indian Express by Shubhajit Roy | New Delhi | January 27, 2015 A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama announced a resolution to the nuclear liability issue and administrative arrangements, India  plans to engage with France and Australia in the next few weeks to clear the remaining hurdles before nuclear commerce.

India will share the Indo-US formula on resolving the nuclear liability issue with France to resolve the issue of liability with the latter as well, sources said — this has come in the way of nuclear commerce with Areva, the French nuclear supplier.

With Australia, the sources said, India will share the template of its administrative arrangements with Canada — and now the US — so that uranium from Australia can be supplied without further delay. India signed an uranium supply agreement with Australia last September, when Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited the country.

……….The US is said to be no longer insisting on tracking these supplies, required under its rules to ensure it is not being used for military purposes. -……

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Renewable Energy Is the Future – says Robert Redford

Robert Redford: Fossil Fuels Need to Stay in the Ground, Renewable Energy Is the Future (VIDEO)   Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman sat down today with Robert Redford, the Oscar-winning director, actor and longtime environmentalist, at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

In the interview, Goodman jumps right in by asking Redford, founder of Sundance Film Festival, about last week’s vote where half of the Senate refuses to formally acknowledge the existence of man-made climate change.

“I think the deniers of climate change are probably the people who are afraid of change. They don’t want to see change,” Redford tells Goodman. “Too many in Congress are pushing us back into the 1950s.”

Goodman also asks Redford, a long-time opponent of the Keystone XL, about the attempt by the new Republican majority in Congress to approve construction of the controversial pipeline. “I had a lot of experience with oil,” he says, noting that he once worked in the oil fields. “I think it should stay in the ground. We’re so close to polluting the planet beyond anything sustainable.”

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Is the USA-India nuclear deal really a “breakthrough”?

Differing interpretations emerge in New Delhi and Washington over ‘breakthrough’ nuclear deal By Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury, ET Bureau | 28 Jan, 2015 NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama departed after three-days of intense negotiations and getting a taste of famed Indian hospitality in what was termed as a landmark visit in which logjam over operationalisation of civil nuclear deal was removed, though different readings have emerged over the contours of the understanding.

The apparent breakthrough was in narrowing differences on the liability issue. But there are different interpretations in Delhi and Washington. While Indian officials led by the Foreign Secretary said the way has been cleared for nuclear commerce and that US have agreed to lift its insistence on flagging or tracking the nuclear material supplied to India, US nuclear suppliers said they were still reading the fine print in the liability law……..

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After wave of power closures, RWE will close Gundremmingen B nuclear reactor in 2917

 RWE sticks with planned date of German nuclear reactor closure FRANKFURT/DUESSELDORF Jan 27 (Reuters) - German utility RWE will stick with a closure date of 2017 for its Gundremmingen B nuclear reactor under a national exit plan, pausing after a wave of power station closures over the past two years……..

Rival E.ON is to shut its Grafenrheinfeld reactor between March and May, more than seven months before its previous closure date of end-2015.

It cited as reasons for the move unsatisfactory returns due to weak wholesale power prices and a fuel element tax which utilities are fighting in court. (Reporting by Vera Eckert, Christoph Steitz, Tom Kaeckenhoff; Editing by Maria Sheahan)

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Film-maker inspired by mother’s anti-nuclear stance

Mom’s anti-nuclear stance inspires film Documentary maker travels the world to get the big picture, Japan Times,  BY KEIJI HIRANO KYODO JAN 27, 2015 In the days of uncertainty immediately following the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, documentary filmmaker Masako Sakata turned to a book written by her late mother, an anti-nuclear campaigner, to try to make sense of what was happening. (registered readers only)

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Renewable energy market growing in India – India seeking support from USA

India to push renewable energy drive during Obama visit BY VALERIE VOLCOVICI AND ADITYA KALRA (REUTERS) 23 Jan 15 -India will look to the United States for more private sector partnerships and technology to support a drive to expand its use of clean energy, as Washington looks to secure political support for a global climate change deal in 2015…….

The U.S.-India talks will focus on supporting Indian efforts to electrify the country by boosting emissions-free energy and building manufacturing capabilities for solar and wind energy, said two officials familiar with the matter and several climate experts.

India needs $200 billion of investment in renewables by 2022 – half of it from abroad – to raise its solar power capacity by 33 times to 100 gigawatts and its wind power capacity to 60 GW.

U.S.-based First Solar and SunEdison Inc are among the renewable energy companies already active in India, but the market is growing rapidly…….

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Ohio’s State legislators call for more funding for uranium site cleanup

Lawmakers seek more funding for Ohio uranium site cleanup By Kantele Franko 
Associated Press January 23, 2015 PIKETON, OHIO: The state’s congressional delegation is urging the White House to fully fund the decontamination and decommissioning of a Cold War-era uranium plant in southern Ohio where hundreds of workers feared layoffs last fall amid budget concerns………

The lawmakers’ letter says decontamination and redevelopment of the site is critical for southern Ohio, and it asks that the president’s next annual budget provide full funding for the cleanup……..

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Cameco struggles with continued saga of falling uranium prices

Uranium Producers Continue to Sruggle With Low Prices CKRM, 24 Jan 15The oil market has seen a decline for about 3 months, but Cameco’s CEO says the uranium industry has seen dropping prices for more than 3 years.

Tim Gitzel told a conference in Whistler, BC, that the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima more than three years ago continues to have a ripple effect on the industry, and many companies have struggled with the drop in prices.

Gitzel says it will be a tough test for Cameco in both the short and medium terms while they wait for Japan to restart two reactors and construction continues on 70 reactors in Asia.

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The nuclear industry ushered in the new Anthropocene Era

WE ARE SOWING THE SEEDS OF HAVOC. atomic-bomb-A JPRATT 27 Mark down this date: Monday, July 16, 1945 – the day that the first atomic bomb was detonated in the New Mexico desert.

It is also the geological marker of the start of the “Great Acceleration” – when mad-made activities began to take over from natural variability with such force that it has taken the human race just one generation to pretty much “stuff the planet.”

Welcome to the Anthropocene. Such geological epochs are normally measured in the thousands of years, but scientists have been able to narrow it down the switch from the Holocene to the Anthropocene to a single day because the radioactive isotopes emitted to the atmosphere and spread worldwide by that detonation have entered the sedimentary record. That has provided a unique signal.

Since then, humanity has altered the planet to such a degree (well, nearly 0.85C in fact) that Earth’s natural systems have been pushed beyond natural variability and now risk being destabilized – all in a single lifetime.

As James Dyke, lecturer in Complex Systems Simulation at University of Southampton, writes for The Conversation: “We are sowing the seeds of havoc on the Earth, it suggests, and the time is fast approaching when we will reap this harvest.” Giles Parkinson |

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Nuclear industry claims that it is not dead (just dying, perhaps)

NUCLEAR-INDUSTRY-FIGHTS-ON“Operable” is not quite the same as “operating” The international investment bank, UBS, has declaredold style centralized generation, like nuclear and fossil fuels “the dinosaur of the future energy system.” Yet the nuclear industry continues to claim, like the old man inMonty Python and the Holy Grail, that it is “not dead.”

UBS exorts its customers to “join the revolution.” The bank predicts that “By 2025, everybody will be able to produce and store power,” using a decentralized system that makes fissile and fossil fuel systems, “Too big, too inflexible, not even relevant for backup power in the long run.” Meanwhile, the World Nuclear News claims nuclear generating capacity rose in 2014, and trumpets that 2015 began “with 436 operable reactors.” (Since there were 435 in 2014 according to WNN, the boast is rather a hollow one.)

But as the 2014 World Nuclear Industry Status Report reveals, the key word here is “operable” rather than the more truthful “operating,” bringing the true number down to 388 for 2014, “50 fewer than the peak in 2002.” Nuclear may indeed not be dead, yet. But it is well on its way.


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Not counting Tony Abbott, Catholics in Australia are rallying for climate change action

climate-changeflag-AustraliaCatholics in Australia join global movement to curb climate change, The Age January 15, 2015  Environment Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald Australia’s Catholics are preparing to step up campaigns to address climate change ahead of an expected call to action by Pope Francis.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement, an international coalition of Catholic groups including Catholic Earthcare Australia, was launched on Thursday to bolster support for a global climate treaty at the Paris summit planned for December.

That’s going to create real change that’s really needed, and that’s great.

Jacqui Remond, director of Catholic Earthcare Australia, said Catholics numbered one in four Australians and the time is ripe for them to push for greater action on curbing global warming.

“Looking at the leadership and the governance we have in Australia right now, there isn’t a lot of hope coming from the policies and the agenda that’s set,” Ms Remond said.

However, Ms Remond said hope is coming from abroad with Pope Francis expected to release the first encyclical on ecology as soon as March. The doctrinal directive is likely to focus on the damage to humanity and ecosystems caused by climate change.

“[The encyclical] has a significant influence because it sets a benchmark for learning for everyone in the church, which includes the cardinals, the bishops, the clergy, the lay people,” Ms Remond said. “This message will have an incredible ripple effect through the church and beyond.”

Ms Remond said Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI had also spoken out about climate change, with the latter installing solar panels on church buildings in Rome and making the Vatican the world’s first carbon-neutral state…….

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AUDIO: Economic Isolation Weighs On Iranians

Hear-This-wayAUDIO: Economic Isolation Weighs On Iranians; Desire Nuclear Talks Resolved JANUARY 16, 2015 As nuclear talks with Iran resume, Steve Inskeep talks to Thomas Erdbrink, Tehran bureau chief for The New York Times, about rhetoric and sentiment in that country.

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Iran and USA held more than 6 hours of talks on nuclear deal

diplomacy-not-bombsflag-IranFlag-USAUS, Iran hold ‘substantive’ talks on nuclear deal, Yahoo News By Jo Biddle Geneva (AFP) – Iran and the US held more than six hours of talks seeking to nail down a complex nuclear deal, but negotiators remained tight-lipped on what progress had been made as the clock ticks down to a third deadline………

In a surprise move, US officials announced the talks had ended, only for Kerry to return to Zarif’s hotel for another hour-long session deep into the night.

The two sides are seeking to break a stalemate which has seen two earlier deadlines pass without an accord.

Now negotiators have given themselves until the end of June to reach a comprehensive agreement which would prevent the Islamic Republic from developing a nuclear bomb in return for an easing of iron-clad global sanctions……..

The new Republican-controlled US Congress is already considering a bill which would slap new sanctions on Iran despite attempts by the Obama administration to hold them off………..

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Video: Nigeria’s push for renewable energy

Nigeria’s push for renewable energy (Video), 15 Jan 15  In a few weeks, Nigerians will head to the polls for general elections. On the agenda will be the country’s ongoing electricity crisis. Nigeria is the biggest oil producer and home to the largest economy on the African continent. Yet 100 million Nigerians continue to live in the dark. Now, some see alternative energies as key to reducing poverty and ensuring environmental sustainability.

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