The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

The Week to February 12 in Nuclear News

a-cat-CANArmed transport ships spotted in Panama Canal, headed for secret mission to later transport plutonium.

The very secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Arbitrary detention of Julian Assange – United Nations finding.

JAPAN. Fukushima nuclear station area has drastic mass death of species. What is to be done with all Fukushima’s radioactive trash? Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority Says No to Fukushima Daiichi’s Ice Wall.   5,300 tons of Fukushima radioactive trash dumped in 5 prefectures.

UK may be getting Beautiful Nuclear Cathedrals! (Amber Rudd will be pleased).  The UK ghost ships with the deadly nuclear cargo.  Huge production of radioactive trash would come from Hinkley point C nuclear reactor.   Hinkley Nuclear Project: trials and Tribulations Continue, and EDF is in dire financial straits. £100 billion. Confusion about financing of UK’s Hinkley nuclear power project. UK govt spurns the success of renewable energy, follows the dodgy chimera of “Small Nuclear Reactors”  Trident nuclear weapons system could all too soon become obsolete.

EUROPECourt action against nuclear reactors in Belgium. Nuclear utility Vattenfall in crisis – third consecutive annual loss. Ukraine buying Western technology, plans to double its nuclear power.

FRANCE   Electricite De France (EDF) faces €100bn bill for upgrading ageing nuclear power stations.


SOUTH AFRICA. Nuclear “renaissance” to Nuclear Fascism.

 CHINA. China’s nuclear fusion experiment – it’s still decades away from practical application. Problems for China’s nuclear power plans.

INDIA. Ambiguities in marketing nuclear reactors to India. Convention on Supplementary Compensation (CSC) does not override India’s nuclear liability law.

CLIMATE CHANGE & RENEWABLE ENERGY Sea-level rise ‘could last twice as long as human history’. New study: Meeting carbon reduction goals economically means no nuclear power.  World’s largest solar plant to be switched on in Morocco.

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Nuclear news for the past week

a-cat-CANInternational Court of Justice sets March dates for Marshall Islands’ nuclear case.

 Prof. T. Mousseau explains Life after Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters .

Thyroid cancer increasing: can they continue to ignore the link with nuclear power?

Exploding the false claims of the thorium nuclear lobby.

UN Panel Report finds in favour of Julian Assange

CANADA .Will the government listen to 92,000 Petitioners against Great Lakes Nuclear Dump?

EUROPE. European Commission faces the astronomic future costs of nuclear power.  Growing concerns in Europe over restarting aging Belgium nuclear stations

UK. Hinkley Point nuclear plant project director quitsHinkley delayed….again…best get used to hearing that! Hinkley nuclear fiasco puts the wind up Hitachi, concerning investment in UK. UK nuclear power project a bonanza for Japanese companies, Hitachi-GE and others.

GERMANY. Costly nuclear waste dump correction.   Costly, not available for decades, but Germany steps forward in nuclear fusion development.

FRANCE. Electricite De France : 6 union board members will oppose Hinkley Point nuclear project.  French waste group Veolia moving intonuclear clean-up business.   France’s plan for 1,000 kilometers of road paved with solar panels.

*SOUTH AFRICA.   CORRUPTION GOES NUCLEARJacob Zuma, the Guptas and the Russians



INDIA. Protest repressed in India, as government panders to France, USA’s nuclear power marketing.

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Wrap up of nuclear news

a-cat-CANDoomsday Clock to stay at 3 minutes to midnight.

The growing climate problem of data farms’ consumption of energy.


FRANCE. French unions unhappy with arrangements for UK’s Hinkley nuclear build.  Fatal rockfall at planned French repository site. France’s President Hollande visits India, hoping to market nuclear reactors.


UK. The nuclear revolving door: Former Labour MP appointed boss of nuclear industry trade body. It’s looking increasingly as if the Hinkley C Nuclear EPR is dead in the water. What if EDF says no to Hinkley Point? The danger oftransporting plutonium.

CANADA. A major economic drain – the renovation of Darlington nuclear station.

CHINA . China supports UN move to denounce North Korea over nuclear test. Safety concerns cause China to halt construction of two nuclear reactors.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s nuclear corporation in a mess.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  Solar power an economic winner for Chile.  Japan starts work on ‘world’s largest’ floating solar farm. Solar panel costs to fall 10% every year.

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The week in nuclear news

a-cat-CANEUROPE. Nuclear hazards extend beyond a nation’s borders: Belgium a case in point

UK. Senior Tories agree with Jeremy Corbyn on ditching Trident nuclear weapons system. Jeremy Corbyn suggests submarines without warheads. Inquiry into Litvinenko’s radiation murder points to Putin as instigator. EDF Directors might delay UK Hinkley nuclear decision yet again.Nuclear waste plans an abuse of democracy in Britain.

China, Russia. Big anxieties with China and Russia’s plans for floating nuclear reactors

USA.   Republican presidential candidates clueless on the danger of nuclear arms race.   Bernie Sanders opposes the one $trillion nuclear weapons plan.  “Modernisation” making nuclear war more likely: time to renew disarmament process.   Best to store nuclear wastes locally in deep bores, not export it. Stanford experts warn on the nuclear risks for Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southeastern New Mexico.   Radioactive material constantly being emitted from LA gas blowout.

JAPAN. Fukushima cleanup will need underwater robots

CANADA.  92,000 petition Canada.Don’t store nuclear waste near Great Lakes

TAIWAN. Why is the media ignoring the anti nuclear success in Taiwan‘s election landslide?

SPAIN. Anniversary of a nuclear disaster in Spain.

IRANSanctions lifted as Iran complies with nuclear deal

SOUTH AFRICA. Political connections in South Africa’s uranium energy drive. Radiation hazards in planned uranium mining in the Karoo, South Africa.


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2016 This week in nuclear news

a-cat-CANTo the delight of the nuclear weapons corporations, things are getting all too tense on the international nuclear politics scene. USA and South Korea discuss a simulated pre-emptive nuclear strike on North Korea. The two Koreas ramp up the tensions. North Korea claims to have a hydrogen bomb.   Nuclear corporations in America not only sell bombs, they influence government policy.   Iraq war is a bonanza for US weapons salesmen.

Hope for nuclear disarmament – the Marshall Islands legal case.

Cyber attack: Nuclear Threat Initiative finds 20 countries vulnerable.

FRANCE: Electricite de France (EDF) at new low with crippling financial problems

USA. Smaller nuclear weapons make greater risk of nuclear weapons use. Nuclear weapons now more likely to be used, with Pentagon’s new B61-12 bomb.  USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission finds itself at risk of being cyber-hacked. Against all reason, Republican hawks still trying to sabotage Iran nuclear agreement.  Massive gas blowout in Los Angeles now releasing radioactive material.   Wisconsin might have to get nuclear waste dump if moratorium is lifted on new reactors. Wisconsin Assembly approves lifting nuclear moratorium.

UK. Leadership Crisis in Britain’s nuclear safety regulator. Jeremy Corbyn – inconveniently sensible on nuclear weapons. Birth defects in families of Britain’s nuclear test veterans: the fight for justice.

CANADA. Canada’s UN ambassador to spearhead Anti-nuclear weapon effort.

JAPAN.  Food Contamination:  Political Interests Take Precedence Over People Interests.  Japanese Govt. To Reuse Fukushima Contaminated SoilToday’s Fukushima Nuclear Evacuees – their situation.

RUSSIA  punishes environmental groups as “foreign agents”.

CHINA. Hong Kong: lack of confidence in China’s nuclear safety system.

TAIWAN nuclear phaseout tipped as result of coming election

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Nuclear news – the coming year

a-cat-CANAs an Australian, this one is hard for me – so many countries, so many issues.

CHINA We are always being told that China is the big player, and will set off the wonderful new version of the “nuclear renaissance .”  That remains to be seen. Safety issuesRenewable energy successes, Public opposition –  it’s not all roses for the global nuke lobby.

CLIMATE CHANGE.  Nagging facts persist about nuclear lobby’s claim to fix climate change. A lot of people are realising that the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, the Breakthrough Institute and The Third Way are front groups for the nuclear lobby. Their propaganda will continue, but might not be effective.

IONISING RADIATION. Nuclear propaganda about this is a scary development. USA is still a leader in opinion about nuclear issues, despite its own failing industry. It would make life so much easier for the nuclear industry if radiation safeguards could be relaxed –  if we all found out that ionising radiation is OK after all. heck! there’s “hormesis” – telling us that radiation is good for us! he lobby’s grip on the Nuclear Regulation Authority, the EPA, The Department of Energy –  is  a worry.

FUKUSHIMA.  Off the agenda for the mainstream media, but still in crisis, as even PM Shinzo Abe has recently admitted.

UK. The saga of the Hinkley C Nuclear Project drags on – ever more expensive, ever more dodgy.

POLITICS UK. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn throws a spanner in the discussion on rebuilding and actually using the Trident nuclear weapons system.  USA – Bernie Sanders is making anti nuclear weapons noises. Even Hillary Clinton airs doubts on this. Then there’s Donald Trump etc – it doesn’t bear thinking what might happen if that lot got in.

I know that there’s more –  India’s nuclear ambitionsNorth Korea’s inflammatory statements – it’s all too much.

On the positive side – RENEWABLE ENERGY grows apace. The Paris Climate Agreement showed a global good will to act.

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2015 in Nuclear News

a-cat-CANImpossible to encompass all the nuclear news for 2015, even in just headlines. So, I single out some themes that I found most interesting.

The survival of investigative journalism, even in this troubled time for print media, and for the shrinking of journalists’ employment. The two stories revealed were:

Also: Ionising Radiation & Risk of Death from Leukaemia & Lymphoma in Radiation-Monitored Workers (INWORKS): an International Cohort Study

The Paris climate agreement –  the nuclear lobby failed its goal of getting nations to adopt nuclear power as a government subsidised method of addressing climate change.

USA. Because America was the great pioneer country for nuclear power, and still the land with the most nuclear reactors, and nuclear weaponry, nuclear issues in USA are particularly important. Through 2015 the industry has grappled with the reality that it is not now economic, (if indeed it ever really was), and with the new imperative of what to do with its mounting dangerous radioactive trash. Once again, I marvel that none of the nuclear authorities have contemplating shutting down the industry, and stopping production of this toxic trash.

The global nuclear lobby came up with two survival tactics – pretending that nuclear is needed to solve climate change, and trying to overturn the science that ionising radiation is harmful to health and ecology. They went all out to get the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s radiation safety standards weakened, and to promote the quack science of “hormesis” . “Hormesis” Advocates Dodge Scientific Rigor with “Special Pleadings” – Ties to Tobacco Industry & Koch Brother Exposed. Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, Breakthrough Institute, in Paris, resembled  snake oil salesmen for new small nuclear reactors. 

Bill Gates to export ‘new nuclear’ reactors to China, where the safety regulations are slacker.

St Louis residents demanding answers on underground fire near nuclear waste. Residents of St Louis County get cancer from long-term exposure to low level radiation. Decades of bungling over radioactive landfill in St Louis County.

Repeating a few of of the many significant headlines 

Independent assessment of the state of the nuclear industry. Bleak outlook for Generation IV nuclear reactors, asGeneration III look like failing.  Nuclear lobby promotes a new ‘health disorder’ – radiophobia.

JAPAN. Declassified report shows Fukushima nuclear situation much worse than we were told.

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke out against using nuclear weapons, and  opposes renewal of Trident nuclear weapons programme.

CHINA. Tianjin explosion highlights need to prioritise environment over economic growth. China censors Internet on Tianjin explosion news. France worried that China’s hasty nuclear power programme is unsafe.

FRANCE. Gloomy financial situation for AREVA in so many ways. Safety problems may mean the end for AREVA’s EPR nuclear reactor.

AUSTRALIA. South Australia runs a shonky pro nuclear Royal Commission .

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Are Britain’s nuclear stations at risk from flooding?

text-cat-questionI’m just asking this question. I note that earlier this month, there were all sorts of jolly headlines about a Cumbria Food Festival going ahead, despite flooding. And the nuclear industry sure was looking good – they donated £500,000 of immediate funding to help Cumbria’s flood recovery effort.

Nary a mention in the mainstream media that Cumbria’s flooding might be a worry for Sellafield, and the rest of Cumbria’s toxic nuclear industry plans.

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Nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANInvestigative journalism lives!  In this media climate of the 24 hr news cycle, and of journalists losing their jobs – it can still happen! This week:

McClatchy News Service’s Washington Bureau’s Rob Hotakainen, Lindsay Wise, Frank Matt and Samantha Ehlinger spent a year, over 100 interviews across USA, and analysing over  70 million records in a federal database obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, for this story:

At least 33,480 American nuclear workers dead from radiation-caused illness

The Center For Public Integrity’s  Adrian Levy documented the scandal of India’s nuclear industry , in India’s nuclear industry pours its wastes into a river of death and disease, and also India’s repression of activists who protest about its poor safety record.

The mind boggles – in reading about America’s sick nuclear workers – to think what the situation might be in Russia, or China, where no investigative journalist would get  a chance to study and publicise it!

Study: Environmental Exposures Account for Vast Majority of Cancers.

Global trend towards bankruptcy for the nuclear industry.

CLIMATE.  The Paris Agreement on climate — a good start, but…      SO FAR, nuclear lobbyists have not managed to hijack climate action funding. Nuclear lobby in frantic mode at Paris Climate Summit.  The new climate denialism – that renewable energy “doesn’t work”. Sea level rise threatens nuclear stations and nuclear waste dumps. Corporate Astroturf “Nuclear for Climate” is really a lobby group of 140 pro nuclear societies. USA govt’s Mission Innovation should not send tax-payer money to Bill Gates’ nuclear dream.

GERMANY abandoning nuclear fission, but has developed research nuclear fusion reactor.  Belgium’s nuclear restart causes anxiety in adjacent North Rhine-Westphalia.

USA.  Former Clinton Defense Secretary offers dire warning on nuclear war risk.  Donald Trump shows abysmal ignorance about USA’s nuclear weapons.  Endless delays – that’s the system for Hanford nuclear waste clean-up.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission: obfuscation when it comes to Freedom of Information. Gloomy prediction for USA’s nuclear industry. Strong wind power takes over New York’s electricity as nuclear station shut down. New York Governor Cuomoorders investigation of Indian Point Nuclear Station.  Dangers of USNRC Approval of Broken Nuclear Spent Fuel Rod Storage

Kansas’ nuclear workers with cancer from exposure to radiation. Idaho nuclear workers: 360 killed by by exposure to radiation. Texas nuclear workers sick and dying from exposure to radiation. Mississipi nuclear workers victims of radiation Huge increase in medical insurance claims by nuclear workers.

INDIA‘s secret nuclear weapons building cityJapan-India nuclear deal sounds good, but not likely in practice.

JAPAN. Declassified report shows Fukushima nuclear situation much worse than we were told.  Enormous increase inradiation levels in Fukushima underground ducts.  High level nuclear waste into the ocean: Japanese govt’s latest idea. Cover-up of radiation effects makes Fukushima victims’ lives even worse.

UKRAINE troubles continue with the toxic Chernobyl site

UK Tax-payer funding to go to Britain’s small nuclear reactor companies! Toshiba’s financial travails threaten UK’s nuclear power plans. Britain’s heavy burden – its Trident nuclear programme.

IRAN IAEA concludes its probe in Iran’s history of nuclear weapons research

RUSSIA Missing highly enriched uranium canisters probably came from Mayak nuclear facility

CHINA Concerns about China’s nuclear technology: is it safe?


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December 11 Climate and Nuclear News

a-cat-CANPARIS CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT to miss Friday deadline. Climate deal due Saturday after more all-night talks.Some optimism . Many articles on climate change. Cities the key to action. Paris COP21 anti-nuclear activists arrested after daring climb on Arche de la Defense. Climate refugees will be needing help, whether or not COP21 talks produce a result.

Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, Breakthrough Institute etc – more like snake oil salesmen for nuclear. Breakthrough Energy Coalition and Mission Innovation – all for pie in the sky new nuclear,  carbon capture, nuclear fusion etc. Seven top billionaires in Breakthrough Energy Coalition are big investors in the nuclear industry, and most members are nuclear enthusiasts. However, the good news so far is that nuclear is not even mentioned in the drafts of the climate agreement presented over the last several days. Organisers at COP21 dismiss nuclear, in favour of faster, cleaner, cheaper, renewable technologies.

NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT. 166 nations vote to abolish nuclear weapons, but not Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States.

NUCLEAR FUSION. At least 50 years before nuclear fusion power might become a reality

UK. Britain’s nuclear power programme a cash cow for overseas companies. Toshiba having problems getting money to build UK nuclear power project. Floods in West Cumbria threaten nuclear installations.

USA Dr Ken Buesseler reports cesium-134 from Fukushima in ocean waters off North America shores. Nuclear Free US Presidential Candidates Sanders and Comley. 10 Control Rods accidentally dropped into nuclear reactor core – Indian Point. The nuclear industry’s plight – the COSTS OF RADIOACTIVE TRASH DISPOSAL.  Still secret: where are the radioactive hot spots near Coldwater Creek, St Louis County?.

JAPAN. Time to Stop Nursing the Nuclear Power Industry. Japan’s nuclear regulatory body investigating spent nuclear fuel containersMonju fast breeder reactor – a failure that’s damaging France’s and Japan’s nuclear industry.

CHINA China’s awful safety record does not augur well for its planned nuclear project. China’s nuclear programme isfraught with problems.

INDIA. India’s Bhopal gas victims call on PM Modi to shun nuclear power industry.

VIETNAM  postpones construction of Russian -funded nuclear plant.

RUSSIA trying to sell to Egypt nuclear reactors with 80 year operation. Putin ‘didn’t rule out’ using nuclear weapons in Syria.

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The Week in Nuclear and Climate News

a-cat-CANCOP21 Bill Gates leads nuclear industry’s publicity drive at COP21.  I smell a Breakthrough Energy Coalition nuclear rat at COP21.  Gates’ nuclear dream doesn’t stand up to critical analysis.  What is needed isrenewable energy DEPLOYMENT, not just research. The global nuclear industry is clearly getting the jitters.

Paris Climate Conference ‘At the Limits of Suicide,’ Commitments Nowhere Near Enough to Miss 2 C. Complaint Filed Against French State Utility EDF-Climate Conference Sponsor for False Advertising. Republic of Marshall Islandsseeks refuge in USA for its climate (and nuclear) victims.

 Global warming is increasing wildfires (and increasing the danger from nuclear facilities). $3.4 Trillion Fossil Fuel Divestment Globally.

A warning to COP21 on dubious safety of China’s nuclear gamble.

UK Government’s Nuclear Plans – Will they work?   Britons fear Donald Trump might use NATO nuclear weapons, if he becomes President.


JAPN. Troubling indications of recurring nuclear criticality at FukushimaDaiichi. Despite bribes offered, 47 Prefectures not keen to host Japan’s 166,000 tons of nuclear waste. ‘NO to nuclear waste dumping’ say 13 Japanese Prefectures.

CANADA Ontario’s Energy Minister announces yet another sweetheart nuclear deal.

GERMANY  expecting nuclear utilities to pay the costs of decommissioning and disposal of radioactive trash.   Germanutility RWE splits, in order to deal with costs of nuclear station closures.

BELGIUM   extending life of nuclear reactors – meets with criticism on this, as nuclear no solution to climate change.

FRANCE sets up Europe’s biggest solar farm: it’s cheaper than nuclear power station. France to spend billions onAfrican renewable energy projects.

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The global nuclear industry is clearly getting the jitters

a-cat-CANAs you notice the spate of worthy articles in worthy journals saying that for climate action, we need new nuclear power, you might think that  a mood of optimism now prevails in the nuclear industry.

Not so. Indeed, the very presence of this media hype could well be interpreted as a collective scream of desperation from that industry.

What other industry would decide that it’s necessary to hand out 5000 books (“Climate Gamble”) , in Paris, extolling nuclear as the cure for global warming, while damning the anti-nuclear movement.

Meanwhile, in Cape Town, South Africa, at the  Nuclear Supply Chain Conference, delegates were told the dismal facts:

‘the nuclear industry has been “catastrophic” and “counter-productive”

‘Environmental lobby groups like Greenpeace receive tremendous support from religious and civic society groups as well as the general public. Its message is clear: nuclear energy must go.

Andrew Kenny, an independent energy analyst, told delegates that nuclear is “regarded with suspicion, hostility and fear by many people around the world”.’ –  Matthew Le Cordeur. News 24 Wire 1 De3c 15


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I smell a Breakthrough Energy Coalition nuclear rat at COP21

a-cat-CANI just read this article  –

I really do smell a rat here – a nuclear rat.
Whenever I see these weasel words “clean” energy” “low carbon” energy  – “part of the energy mix”  I get that odour.
They used to say “renewable” – but have got  lot more subtle now.   Bill Gates had to go to China to get his small nuclear reactors happening, because the USA’s NRC regulations for licensing are too arduous for him. (Things are slacker in China?)
Gates and Branson want the tax-payer to cough up for their “little nuclear” dream
Gates and Branson
Breakthrough Energy Coalition sounds suspiciously like the Breakthrough Institute, with its long history of delaying action on greenhouse emissions, by touting new gee-whiz Gen IV nuclear reactors.  They suck in well-meaning environmentalists with  a heap of sentimental waffle in their “Ecomodernist Manifesto”.
I’d like to think that they haven’t now managed to suck in the whole COP21.
Is anyone following this up?

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This week – CLIMATE CHANGE is the issue

The climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all.

What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?

It is time to acknowledge that light- hearted superficiality has done us no good.

We need to be alert to one sad sign of the “globalization of indifference”: the fact that we are gradually growing accustomed to the suffering of others, as if it were something normal

We are confronted with a choice which cannot be ignored: either to improve or to destroy the environment.   –  Pope Francis

a-cat-CANAs I write, the Paris Climate Change Summit COP21 gets underway. There is one important message about COP21 – IT’S A START – NOT A CONCLUSION. UNICEF reports that the greatest harm from climate change will be to children.  Impetus for action should come from COP21, but corporations are geared up to undermine climate agreements.

I am happy to report that it looks very much as if nuclear power is off the table as an energy source to be chosen at the Paris summit – too dangerous, and more significantly, too expensive.

Melbourne kicked off the global wave of rallies with a huge climate march.

Pope and Muslim leaders in call for climate action.

Declaration of the World Nuclear Victims Forum in Hiroshima.

The unmentioned apocalyptic ISIS terror – attack on nuclear reactors. Nor do world leaders talk about the terrorism possibility regarding nuclear weapons. Increasing risk of sabotage by extremists working in the nuclear industry.

EUROPE. European Commission in-depth investigation into Hungarian investment support for Paks II nuclear power.

INDONESIA‘s fires – enormous output of greenhouse emissions.

FRANCE‘s new energy law to drastically limit electricity from nuclear power. EDF removes employees, fears radicalisation at nuclear facilities.

USA Dead nuclear reactors still leave an intractable wastes problem. USA’s nuclear operators want to extend reactor lives to 80 years!  New York Opposes Big Easy Nuclear Relicensing Near New York City.  USA anxious about nuclear proliferation, but keen to market nuclear technology to South Korea.

JAPAN. Fukushima: pressure of groundwater is causing underground wall around reactors to lean and crack. Japan to step up radiation protection, as worker’s leukaemia attributed to radiation

RUSSIA now plans to store nuclear wastes on Arctic islands ! Russia’s plan for a Nuclear-Powered Data Centre. Russia keen to market nuclear power to impoverished Cambodia. Sale of nuclear reactors to Egypt entails big debt to Russia.

INDIA  again tests a Nuclear-Capable Missile. India opposes deal to phase out fossil fuels by 2100 at climate summit.

UK govt allout for nuclear power, discriminates against solar in tax system. Londan Mayor Boris Johnson scathing about £18bn cost of Hinkley nuclear plan.   Hackers could shut down UK’s £31 billion nuclear weapon system – warns defence expert.

CHINA Did China dump nuclear trash in Northern Sudan?

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Nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANSAFETY ISSUES. Despite airplane bombing , and Egypt’s lax security, Russia to provide nuclear reactors to Egypt!  Indonesia will block its waters to nuclear waste ship travelling to Australia.  Japan ramps up its evacuation rules for nuclear ship accidents.

NUCLEAR LOBBY CLIMATE SPIN “The Third Way” – front group for new nuclear spinning hard for Paris Climate Conference. “NuclearMatters” lobby group revs up its spin ahead of Paris climate conference. Nuclear lobby predominates at Wisconsin public hearing.

US NRC Proposes 100% Cancer Rate; Ignores Taxpayer Funded BEIR Report; Ignores ICRP; Ignores New Study of US, UK and French Nuclear Workers.   17 year delay before USA govt even starts cleanup of Hanford radioactive waste.

EUROPE/UK Legal challenge to UK’s Hinkley nuclear plan is joined by Luxembourg.  European regulators start legal action against Hungary’s Paks nuclear power project.

Europe’s nuclear companies face multi $billion burden in disposing of dead nuclear reactors.

UK’s Hunterston nuclear reactor has cracks in bricks at core.

AFRICA. Report from Nuclearisation of Africa Symposium highlights harmful effects of uranium mining.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Investment Bank Lazar  finds wind and solar beat coal and nuclear on costs.

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