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USA’s nuclear lobby buys universities – Cambridge UK is the latest, touting thorium

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

The nuclear industry has a grip on USA’s Department of Energy (DOE) – they work together to promote nuclear power. It’s not hard to find academics who will pretty much advertise nuclear power- especially nuclear physicists and engineers. After all, where else will they get a high-paying prestigious job?

A global tactic of DOE is buying academia. Universities like the funding. We have some of this funding in Australia, at Flinders University, for example.

The latest from the UK is Cambridge University  – very happy indeed to be funded by USA to promote the pipe-dream of thorium nuclear powered reactors – as “safer nuclear power”.  Note that it’s not “safe” nuclear power – just a bit less dangerous than conventional uranium-powered nuclear power. And considerably more dangerous that wind or solar power, of course.


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The week in nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Japan. Authorities exercise tight control over public meetings held to persuade communities to back nuclear power.

Fukushima – Recent typhoon caused big increase in radioactive releases
USA . New nuclear build cannot go ahead without reactor licenses, which must comply with Atomic Energy Act. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s new Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) is not likely to meet the requirements of the Act, in relation to waste disposal. New legal action can be expected, to contest the GEIS.
Federal judge upholds the ban on uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.
New book by Julian Assange  When Google Met WikiLeaks examines Google’s role in USA ‘s surveillance operations.
UK – approval from EU for UK’s Hinkley nuclear project is not well received by economists, as well as by environmentalists. The Hinkley project is by no means a done deal.
Anniversary of Windscale nuclear accident last week. Information on this accident now declassified.
Radioactive waste transport ship catches fire. drifts off course – oil rig crew evacuated.
New book  The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought describes how the nuclear industry hasbought Britain’s politicians
Canada’s Nuclear Safety Commission orders potassium iodide tablets and emergency instructions to be given to all residents in the range of eight to 16 kilometres of a nuclear power plant, and pills ready for an 80-kilometre zone kept at nuclear plants.
South Africasecret deals with nuclear industries of Russia and France have got the government into a political mess.
South Korea –  City of Samcheok votes NO to nuclear power
Czech Republic US-Japanese company Westinghouse Electric Company pretty desperate to sell nuclear reactors, is adopting thenuke lobby’s new strategy of financing the purchase. Westinghouse pays now, the nation pays up forever afterwards.
Iran. With all that’s going on in the Middle East, the need for reconciliation with Iran is now urgent

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In brief: Nuclear and Climate News

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Climate Change. The People’s Climate March in New York, and in cities world-wide was a huge success. Political leaders also gathered at UN for the climate Change meeting.  BUT – a note of caution. The very powerful nuclear lobbyimmediately  used mainstream media to push nuclear as the climate solution. And – worse – President Obama’s proposed carbon rules count nuclear power as a clean, low-carbon energy option, and include subsidies, incentives and financial backstops for nuclear power.

Big businesses are becoming aware of the need for climate action. Rockefellers are dumping oil and investing in renewables.  Still the Koch brothers use their massive wealth against climate action, and the fossil fuel utilities fight back, with successful lobbying.

Japan. It‘s doubtful that Japan’s nuclear reactors will ever restart.

Fukushima. Secrecy and poor working conditions in the nuclear plant cleanup.  TEPCO dumps their failed plan for an ice wall to contain radiation. The radioactive waste problem in the prefecture persists, clean-up  is slow and very expensive.

USA. Obama raises the permissable levels of radiation in drinking water!  Is USA again using depleted uranium weapons in Middle East?

Russia  – with the Ukraine crisis, things are getting messy in regard to Russia’s nuclear export business in Europe.

Finland. doing a murky deal with Russia’s nuclear corporation Rosatom – secret, full of problems, and may never be completed.

South Africa. Lots of problems in the government’s secret nuclear deal with Russia.

New book. Crisis Without End , Much awaited report  from the 2013 New York Symposium The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

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Nuke news this week

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Japan.  the Nuclear Regulatory Agency is standing firm on the need to close the  Tsuruga nuclear reactor that is sited above an active earthquake fault. They are also pushing to permanently close a quarter of Japan’s 48 ageing nuclear reactors. Meanwhile, Japan is reluctant to sign up a nuclear technology deal with India,as there is no certainty that India will not use this to make weapons.  Another pesky woman speaking up when she shouldn’t? Akie Abe, wife of P.M, has once again politely voiced her opposition to nuclear power.

Russia. In the heat of the Ukraine conflict, one Russian general is pushing for Russia to adopt a pre-emptive nuclear strike policy. (America already has that policy)

Ukraine. Well, at the moment there’s a pause in conflict between separatists and Ukraine government. It is on the cards that peace will break out. For one thing, war is  just too damn dangerous: Ukraine has 15 nuclear reactors, including Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Imagine the radioactive pollution of Europe that would result if rockets or bombs happened to hit Ukraine’s nukes!

Planet Earth.  I have got tired of concentrating on the nuclear issue. It’s just one symptom, the worst though, of the human specie’s trashing of the planet. Geologists are saying that we are in a new Epoch – the Anthropocene Age. We have indeed changed the planet, and we’d better do something about it, before the human species joins the mass of other extinctions that it has caused.

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Scrutiny on the methods of pro Thorium Twitter trolls

A recent article analysed the illogicality, if not downright dishonesty of the climate sceptic trolls.
I welcomed that article with interest, as it dissected the often quite sophisticated comments, blogs, tweets, etc of the climate denialists, most of them well and truly in the pay of vested interests in the fossil fuel industries.
The nuclear lobby is no doubt just as sophisticated. However, it has a sort of “side arsenal” of tweeters, mainly focusing on the red herring industry of thorium energy, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs and Small Modular (Nuclear) Reactors. (Note how these new geewhiz lobbyists leave out that tainted word “Nuclear” )
It’s interesting to look at their tactics – particularly on Twitter.
I am constantly the victim of Twitter trollism because I campaign against the nuclear industry. It is ironic that these trolls use climate change as their argument for nuclear power, – and accuse me constantly of being in the pay of the coal and gas companies. That’s despite the fact that I repeatedly write and publish on websites on the critical need for action to address climate change
The pro nuclear trolls use two tactics.
 The main one is to abuse and discredit their targeted person. Thus I am not only “in the pay” of the fossil fuel industries, I am also a “murderer” – as well as being “stupid” “evil” ignorant” and have many other unpleasant attributes.
Their second tactic is to focus on narrowly technical matters - such as the intricacies of new (though not yet existing) Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs). The pretense is that this is the whole argument – the superiority of new nuclear technology. Subjects such as economics, ecology, public health, civil liberties, – these matters are “not relevant” to the discussion on nuclear power.
In fact, only people with technical expertise can have a valid opinion. (Of course if a technically qualified person should oppose nuclear power , then he or she must be “in the pay” of the fossil fuel industries).

Here are today’s samples of pro thorium tweeter tactics against critics – me, in fact. No attempt to answer the factual tweets that I posted about renewable energy versus nuclear power (My full name is Noel Christina Macpherson Wauchope)
Thomas Huxley @thjr19Notice how fossil fuel shill Noel Wauchope only mentions say coal (NEVER mentioning gas) perhaps once in a dozen tweets. $$$$$$ !! #thorium

Thomas Huxley @thjr19

Noel Wauchope: Please! Fossil Fuel Shill Manager: No! NW: Please! FFSM: OK, every 2nd tweet. NO MORE, hear me

Thomas Huxley @thjr19

Noel Wauchope, fossil fuel industry shill, has been told to lay off coal. How long to get permission again?!


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This week’s nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Nuclear targets. With international heightened tension over Ukraine, Iraq, Gaza, Syria – the dangers of nuclear war and nuclear terrorism increase, which is why attention should be going to the risks posed by all nuclear facilities – as targets for terrorism, whether it be by missiles, bombs, computer malaware, external or internal sabotage.

I note that a Belgian nuclear reactor has just been shut down until next year, due to sabotage. In UK 3 French made nuclear reactors have been shut down, due to design flaws, raising questions on the safety of France’s own EDF -made nuclear reactors.

Japan: Hiroshima and Nagasaki Mayors made their moving Peace Statements on the anniversaries of the atomic bombings. For  a variety of reasons, the nuclear power restart is just not happening.

Fukushima: New research is revealing the harmful consequences to plants and animals, of the Chernobyl and Fukushima radiation.  Dissolved radioactive particles have bound to organic matter, meaning that they could be long-lived in the environment, and in the food chain.  The release of radioactive water from the crippled reactors remains uncontrollable. Meanwhile, it is found that Japan is still exporting some “hot ” cars.

USA. In the month when we recall Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a respected nuclear weapons expert spoke out against nuclear weapons proliferation, and was promptly sacked. So much for freedom of speech in the nuclear culture.

UK.  Scotland’s referendum (18 September) -on independence  will decide whether or not the Trident missile system base stays in Scotland. Moving it would add somewhat to its multi-billion pound cost, but is affordable, and would remove a dangerous target from Scotland.

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) - a new report shows them to be a financial boondoggle - costing even more than large reactors.

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Nuclear news snippets this week

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Ukraine I cannot yet find information on what the airline tragedy might mean  for nuclear power in Ukraine – and sanctions perhaps on Russia.

Iraq. ISIS insurgents seize nuclear materials

USA  – Radiation Safety Standards The Environment Protection Austhority (EPA)  is calling for comments on its planned update of  “Environmental Radiation Protection Standards for Nuclear Power Operations.”   The nuclear lobby is of course very keen to weaken those standards. Sophiticated and disingenuous arguments are being pushed towards that aim.  This is  acomplcated and difficult matter. I would hope that the EPA is concerned first for the public, and second for the nuclear industry, but I doubt this.

Japan. Even with safety clearance Japan’s nuclear reactors might not restartBig protest in Tokyo against nuclear restart.

Fukushima.   Now  available first hand witness: The Yoshida Testimony. The Fukushima Nuclear accident as told by plant manager Masao Yoshida   The ice wall plan to stop leakage of radioactive water is not working

TEPCO workers leaving Fukushima for better paid, clean, safe jobs in solar energy projects. $1 billion in loans for Japan’s solar energy.

Iran Diplomacy struggles on, as the nuclear talks between Iran and the West are extended until November

Renewable Energy. International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that there are now 6.5 direct and indirect jobs in renewable energy.     10 top USA corporations call for renewable energy

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Today’s tweet attacks from pro Thorium Nuclear trolls

For your entertainment? nuclear-lobby-&-critcsThese tweets are in response to news items that I have tweeted about problems with thorium nuclear reactors, and the benefits of renewable energy. These pro thorium tweeters make no attempt to answer that information. Their response is to repeatedly attack me personally.  But in my opinion not very intelligently. I note that they use sexist and ageist language and pictures. (The pictures are taken ftom ny own graphics, but changed so as to insult me. I wouldn’t bother about all this – but I think it is good to expose the nuclear lobby’s tactics.


It seems that Noel Wauchope, MURDERER has a thick skin. Well take note, you will be exposed for what you ar
This is the crime Noel Wauchope is guilty of. NO! to her #GrannyFUD! Stop the MURDERING of the Japanese people [ ??? Editors exclamation]

Look carefully at Noel wauchope’s DISHONEST tweets “It rained today. I got wet. No to #thorium” Really?!

That the person Noel Wauchope is MURDERING with her FUD was NOT exposed to #thorium is irrelevant to this DISHONEST person!

Noel Wauchope is STUPID. Using the MOST EXPENSIVE #nuclear power plant as reference, German solar is STILL 4 times as expensive! #thorium  

Noel Wauchope is not more a critic of #nuclear power than my dog. All she has to offer is IGNORANT BIGOTRY!

Be carefiul of Noel Wauchope. Kills Japanese with glee [ ??? Editors exclamation] but cries boohoo when exposed. NO TO HER DISHONESTY!

Let’s be clear: Noel Wauchope aka @ChristinaMac1 is a Fossil Fuel Industry shill. People have died because of her actions.[ again ???]

Noel Wauchope cannot read let alone understand Science. Her IGNORANT BIGOTRY is all she has. STOP the #GrannyFUD!

brendan @totterdell91 Bwhahaha Noel Wauchopes sock puppets constantly defame everyone else, then have the hide to whine #whataloaofcockycrap #thorium

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Pro Thorium Twitter Trolls cannot stand any criticism

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

I suppose I should be feeling flattered, finding myself the subject of abuse from the nuclear lobby, in the same way as
nuclear-lobby-put-downthe well known and highly regarded Dr Helen Caldicott and Dr Chris Busby.

Nevertheless, I find their constant abuse rather tiresome.

I note that   @thjr19 was the Twitter address of a John Randall. When I reported John Randall to Twitter for abuse – his tweets then stopped. Now there’s a Thomas Huxley tweeting abuse about me on that same Twitter address.

For the record, my real name is  Noel Christina Clare Wauchope. I blog at

I use the name  Christina Macpherson (and  ChristinaMac1 as Twitter address)  I am particularly worried about the big con going on in favour of Thorium nuclear reactors.  To tweet specifically on that pont, I use the Twitter name  Clare Egan @NoThorium

Like this website – none of my efforts get any funding from anybody.  But that doesn’t stop the the Thorium Twitter Trolls from repeatedly accusing me of being paid by the coal, gas, oil lobbies.

Here are just a few of today’s samples of their efforts – they make these in response to my tweets about the costs, safety, and waste problems of thorium nuclear reactors.  Note the sexism and ageism :


Noel Wauchope cannot read let alone understand Science. Her IGNORANT BIGOTRY is all she has. STOP the #GrannyFUD!

All Noel Wauchope can come up with is lies, misdirection. strawmen and IGNORANT BIGOTRY. Stop the #GrannyFUD

Thomas Huxley @thjr19   12 July    Let’s be clear: Noel Wauchope aka @ChristinaMac1 is a Fossil Fuel Industry shill. People have died because of her actions. #nuclear #thorium

Has Noel Wauchope no shame? Exposed as a shill for the Fossil Fuel Industries, she persists in spreading her despicable FUD. NO! #thorium

Tweeple, beware Noel Wauchope & her sock puppets Paid by the Fossil Fuel Indurstries to spread FUD No to shills! #nuclear #uranium #thorium

Tweets on the #thorium hash tag feed from Noel Wauchope aka @ChristinaMac1 aka @NoThorium but NO attempt made 2 disguise she shills for FFIs

 brendan @totterdell91     #thorium no wonder Noel Wauchope uses #sockpuppets no one would want those tweets linked with their real identity #auspol #climate #nuclear

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THIS WEEK in nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Fukushima. A new critical problem – as the cooling system at nuclear fuel pool 5 is not working.

USA. Wisconsin town faces economic disaster, with the closing of  Kewaunee nuclear power plant, and the prospect of 60 years of clean-up – the first of many tons to have to cope with the nuclear power aftermath.  As USA’s nuclear industry declines, renewed efforts to beat China, Russia, France, South Korea, in selling nukes to Vietnam.

Underground danger, and continuing radiation release from USA’s crippled Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) in New Mexico

Escalation in nuclear armed submarines, their $100 billion costs now amplified with associated costs to $347 billion.

 UK.  Quakers speak out against Trident nuclear missile program. The proud Scottish  peaceniks, of the 32 years’ campaign to shut down Trident nuclear weapons, renew their  drive, in view of the coming referendum on Scotland’s independence.   Did you know that Last March, two Peace Campers, Heather Stewart and Jamie Watson, broke into the naval base and climbed on board a nuclear powered Astute submarine?  That feat of civil disobedience did not get into the news, did it?  A security failure too, wasn’t it?

National Archives release  a chilling list of nuclear targets in the cold war – perhaps the same targets today?

Ukraine. Continued conflicts there raise a very real danger of attack or accident to their 19 nuclear power plants.

India did  a very bad nuclear deal with USA, Russia and France, in order to engage in international nuclear commerce, despite  its status as a nuclear weapons state outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Indian govt is nowcriminalising  nuclear and environmental dissent. 

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This week in nuclear and climate news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Japan. A high proportion of deformities in migratory birds.  Nuclear-news ‘ own co-editor, Sean arclight-SmMcGee, exposes the pro nuclear publicity campaign by Toyota, and Ogilvy and Mather, to discredit the scientific research on this.

Japan’s restart of nuclear power is far from  a done deal, as municipalities object,  and evacuation plans are inadequate. P.M Abe is ignoring public opinion, and stiff opposition to nuclear power.   Meanwhile, Japan’s nuclear utilities are mired in problems. In energy policy, it is apparent that Germany is now  winner, and Japan on a losing trajectory

Germany is achieving record levels of energy from solar and wind power (74% on one day) The State of  Schleswig-Holstein is close to 100% renewable energy, from starting just 8 years ago.

Fukushima  Japan Gov’t-funded Study: Fukushima has released up to 120 Quadrillion becquerels of radioactive cesium into North Pacific Ocean — Does not include amounts that fell on land — Exceeds Chernobyl total, which accounts for releases deposited on land AND ocean. Plutonium has been found in soil around Fukushima, including in a children’s playground.

India, with 4 big projects going, is on the way to a  renewable energy revolution.  India struggles to find a way toinsure nuclear power plants, as France renews its nuclear sales pitch to India. But at home, France adopts a vigourous pro renewable energy policy, and downgrading of nuclear power.

Climate Change. USA  In what might be a very important precedent  A federal judge has blocked a coal project in the wilds of Colorado because federal agencies failed to consider the future global-warming damages from burning fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy  records set in California and Texas 

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Australia special: Aborigines win out against nuclear waste dump plan

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Well, for a few weeks, the Australian media has been happily occupied titillating us all with matters legal – the court cases of Oscar Pistorius and of Rolf Harris.

Meanwhile barely noted by the media, a 7 year legal battle was over this week –  one that has far more significance for all Australians. And especially for indigenous Australians.

The  Aboriginal Traditional Landowners of the Muckaty station area, (Northern Territory)  fought against nuclear waste dumping on their land, and following the last weeks of this case, that plan has been scrapped. It has been a very unequal fight, yet those proud indigenous people have won out, against the legal forces of the Australian Government, and the Northern Land Council, which first signed up to  the dump plan.

Background. The global nuclear lobby is happy to have a research reactor at Lucas Heights, in Sydney. This reactor was envisaged, way back, after World War 2 as part of a push to get a nuclear bomb.  It remains there as a way in for the nuclear industry in Australia. The medical isotope production was tacked on later – to make the reactor look more respectable, but medical isotopes can be made in alternative ways.  Australia sent the high level nuclear reactor wastes overseas is legally bound to take them back.

2004   The Australian government first attempted to site a nuclear waste dump in South Australia, but South Australia resisted this and won. A Territory has less power and that is why the Government  targeted the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory Government passed the Nuclear Waste Transport , Storage and Disposal Prohibition Act 2004

2005 . A government expert team investigated and selected 3 sites suitable for burial of the returned high level nuclear wastes. All of these sites were on Commonwealth land.  The Muckaty area, which is seismically risky, as well as being on Aboriginal land, was not selected.  Nevertheless, the Howard Liberal government passed a draconian Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act 2005 , over-riding environmental and Aboriginal heritage laws, and State and Territory laws and selecting Muckaty for the site

2010. The Labor government repealed that Act in 2010, and promptly replaced it with an equally draconion Radioactive Waste Management Act 2010.

The medical waste deception. The argument that a Northern Territory  waste dump is needed for medical wastes is disingenuous.  “Waste from nuclear medicine procedures, the majority of which is for diagnostic services rather than treatment, is low level and short term waste can be stored on site and safely disposed of locally.  The small amount of higher level waste from nuclear medicine can also be stored locally, as it is currently” -Public Health Association of Australia,

The future. The relatively small amount of high level waste from the Lucas Heights reactor could be stored at Lucas Heights, and the reactor could be shut down, to stop further toxic production. The Australian government, lik ethe rest of the world, does not know where to put the ever accumulating collection of radioactive trash.

My bet is that our not very bright, and totally unethical government will try it on Aboriginal people again – with blackmail or bribes – ‘whatever it takes’.



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Australia’s fossil fool Prime Minister Abbott let loose

Dear oh dear!  It’s such an embarrassment!

Abbott-fiddling-global-warm Australia, (population 23 million, about the size of one city in Asia) has a Prime Minister who confidently lectures the whole world against taking any effective action on climate change. Tony Abbott’s on a whirlwind trip to Canada and USA to preach his gospel of promotion for fossil fuel industries

US President Barack Obama speaks out forcefully on the need to act, on carbon pricing as the most effective action, and has introduced significant action to cut greenhouse gases. China has started 6 regional emissions trading schemes.The World Bank’s survey found that 39 countries and more than 23 States and provinces have adopted emissions trading schemes or a carbon tax. No worries. Abbott pronounces that there  is “no sign” that such schemes are being adopted.

The Australian tragedy of all this is that –  Abbott is probably not lying. He is ignorant.  He got into power via the money of the fossil fuel lobbies and the propaganda of the Murdoch media. Abbott gave a wonderfully informed and authoritative description of the theory of man-made climate change. He said it is “absolute crap” Yes, we have  a fool for  a PM, and it’s a national embarrassment.


Wait to see the blackly funny side of this.  Tony Abbott is  a firm supporter of the nuclear industry. When he has destroyed all action on climate change in Australia, and when he has stopped renewable energy development there – watch Abbott suddenly believe in climate change ‘action’.  That’s when Tony Abbott will come all out in favour of nuclear power as the ‘solution to climate change’ – Christina Macpherson, 11 June 14

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Round-up of nuclear and climate news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Japanese court rules against the restart of two nuclear reactors.  Deception by Tepco and government revealed on what really did happen in the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Japan has started dumping radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. Fukushima’s children’s thyroid cancer rates have risen. Japan soon to build massive ice wall in ground around Fukushima nuclear plant, – at massive cost

Finland’s Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant  has long been touted as the poster child for magnificent huge new nuclear power. With ever more delays, costs, legal problems, it’s turning out to be a super-expensive white elephant.

CanadaFederal court denies approval for 2 new nuclear reactors, due to safety and environmental factors.

USA continues to thrash out insurmountable problems in nuclear waste and closing down reactors, (but they still keep making the stuff!) Nuclear industry’s costs and delays cast a gloom on chance of “new nuclear’.   Small Modular Reactors are part of the problem, not the solution. At least 8 USA nuclear plants expected to be swamped by rising sea levels.

Climate change –  In USA  The Energy and Policy Institute (EPI) in a new report ‘outs’ the front groups and individuals who attack renewable energy on behalf of the fossil fuel industries. Meanwhile a new progressive (and non-profit) group  NextGen Climate now campaigns to elect politicians who support climate change action. An evangelical Christian group declares that action on climate change is a pro life issue, and petitions Florida government accordingly. 

India’s new Prime Minister Modi aims to bring  solar power to every home by 2019. Opposition parties increase their fight against nuclear power.

Ukraine. Westinghouse, not Russia,  now to supply nuclear fuel rods to Ukraine, even though they are not suited to the Russian made fuel assemblies.

Uranium market. A call to cut production, as uranium price is in free fall, below cost of production. Bad lookout for new uranium mines. 


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Thorium nuclear lobby pretends thorium is not part of the toxic nuclear fuel chain

Thorium-pie-in-skyI am not impressed by the claims of the thorium nuclear lobby.  Their sales pitch would have us believe that thorium nuclear reactors are some kind of clean safe alternative to the current dangerous nuclear technology, based on uranium or plutonium as fuel.

Not true. Thorium  reactors have safety and environmental hazards, as does every part of the toxic nuclear fuel chain. The thorium lobby believes in this fantasy of the “nuclear fuel cycle”  –  meaning that by some magic they provide a way in which some toxic products of nuclear reactors, – plutonium and enriched uranium, now play their part in kicking off the thorium fission.  And it’s supposed to be all clean and lovely.

The mainstream, established nuclear lobby allows the thorium dream to persist only because the thorium dream offers some hope for the economically failing nuclear industry to hang on.

The thorium lobby on Twitter, regularly attacks me  as being “in the pay” of the coal lobby, among other imagined offenses. Their ludicrous pretense is that if one is against nuclear power, one must be for coal power.- Christina Macpherson

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