The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

Increasing low dose ionising radiation increases cancer risk in a linear way with no safe level

text ionisingThe prestigious Biological Effects of Ionising Radiatioan (BEIR) Report VII states: ‘A comprehensive review of available biological and biophysical data supports a “linear-no-threshold” (LNT) risk model—that the risk of cancer proceeds in a linear fashion at lower doses without a threshold and that the smallest dose has the potential to cause a small increase in risk to humans’ –

The BEIR report is based on huge epidemiological studies, especially on survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing.

By contrast, the USA Department of Energy has been funding poxy little studies such as one at Flinders University, South quackAustralia, on a small number of mice – to try to prove this quack science “hormesis” idea.

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The week that was in nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

nuclear-news site theme for July is The use of words to trivialise the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe   Nuclear lobby anxious about its image – trying to “engender optimism” about the industry.

Nuclear agreement finally reached between Iran and world powers A win for non-proliferation – the Iran nuclear deal. It has become international law. USA’s reputation at stake, if Congress votes against Iran nuclear deal.

 JAPANJapanese nuclear scandals. Toshiba faked financial reports. Earthquake faults found under Shika nuclear facility. Despite pressing need, Japan continues to grope for nuclear waste site


UK‘s plan for Hinkley C nuclear power station runs into more and more trouble

CANADA: The Cree Nation backs the report advising against uranium mining in Northern Quebec     Legal action planned against Canada’s plan for radioactive trash dump near Lake Huron.

USA. 21 years after shutdown, USA’s  Breeder Nuclear Reactor-II (EBR-II) is entombed

Jamaica passes Bill to regulate ionising radiation, prohibit building of nuclear reactor.

Secretive South Africa hides costs of nuclear build programme


Global investment is going to renewables: much less is going to nuclear power

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Why do we permit the nuclear industry to keep making radioactive trash, with nowhere to put it?

wastes garbage

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Brief notes on the past week’s nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

WORDS. on the theme the power of words – here are a few news items: New names for nuclear weapons – covering up the $billions spent on them. Russia’s nuclear industry to “educate” South Africans. Book “Atomic Comics” shows corporate influence, glossing over nuclear dangersMainstream media is complicit in cover-up of effects of Fukushima radiation.

WORLD. Ionising Radiation & Risk of Death from Leukaemia & Lymphoma in Radiation-Monitored Workers (INWORKS): anInternational Cohort Study

NIGERIA‘ s Akwa Ibom State Leaders Caucus says NO to nuclear power.

FRANCE: Grim future for France’s nuclear companies AREVA and EDF. When France shuts its nuclear reactors, it will be left with amonumental radioactive trash problem.

UK. Game Over for UK’s Hinkley Point Nuclear power project? Hinkley Point nuclear project could be delayed by years, due to Austrian legal action. Revelations on the dirty work given to Windscale nuclear cleanup workers – and at Hanford.

UKRAINE. Increased ionising radiation in Chernobyl area, following wildfires.

MARSHALL ISLANDSNuclear Waste Tomb in Marshall Islands – becoming more dangerous because of climate change

JAPAN.  Fukushima

SOUTH AFRICA. Investigation at last into radioactive pollution of Johannesburg, from uranium mining.

FINLAND. Russia’s Rosatom behind the funding for Finland’s Fennovoima nuclear project.

USA. NASA cancelling solar space missions, favouring plutonium fuelled space flights !  A losing bet – Bill Gates’ gamble on nuclear power. USA’s faith groups unite in push for clean energy. Why the nuclear industry keen to save US government’s Export-Import Bank.

CANADA.  Canada’s last shipment of weapons grade uranium. Medical radioisotopes to be made in cyclotron, not nuclear reactor. Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) to work with Romania to market nuclear reactors.

RUSSIA. Russia trying to sell nuclear reactors to Europe, but financing them is a snag

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Nuclear and Climate News at the end of June 2015

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Pope Francis denounces nuclear power.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Pope Francis and Naomi Klein – a formidable duo for action .

Optimism for a nuclear agreement with Iran, but big hurdles remain

RENEWABLE ENERGY: Record world investment in renewable energy, except for Australia, of course. Bill Gates is no friend to renewable energy, as Gates promotes his nuclear power company, Terra Power.  Jordan going ahead with solar technology in a big way, helped by China

UK.  Breast cancer rates higher near nuclear power stations.  Future of Britain’s Hinkley Point Nuclear Facility is increasingly uncertain.

USA. $1.8B in tax-payer loans for new nuclear plant – as its costs soar. Radioactive Polonium from Fukushima has contaminated Southeast USA. Pentagon’s new “laws of war” legalise killing of inconvenient journalists. Trans-Pacific Partnership: US Senate approves fast-track trade bill, sends to president Barack Obama.

FRANCE  keen to save AREVA, by selling nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. Nuclear power a very poor deal for Saudi Arabia.

JAPAN company discloses possible failure of container lid bolts for low-level nuclear waste. Fukushima: 1,000,000 Bq/m3 of Sr-90 detected in seawater of Fukushima plant port / Highest in recorded history.

GERMANY: Grafenrheinfeld nuclear reactor closes, as Germany’s renewable energy surges ahead

SOUTH AFRICA’s purchase of nuclear reactors from Russia is by no means a done deal.

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Climate, nuclear and energy news this week

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

CLIMATE.    Global campaign to ban nuclear from the Paris climate talks. Pope Francis encyclical on the environment: 10 key excerpts. Climate change and justice: Pope Francis connects these causes, in lead-up to Paris conference

GREENS becoming a global force – The Asia Pacific Greens congress.

ENERGY. By 2030 renewables will have overtaken coal and nuclear power- IEA report

It’s wearing thin: the pretense that the uranium market is healthy

EUROPE. 25 EU countries on track to meet their interim renewable energy targets.  

CHINA Gangwon Province strongly opposes nuclear power

JAPAN- no idea what to do with its nuclear trash now stored in France. Appeal filed for compensation for 7,000 Tochigi residents affected by Fukushima nuclear disaster

Fukushima. The Chernobyl and Fukushima Research Initiative report – no evidence for complacency. Warning onbuildup of radioactive materials in Pacific ocean food chain – salmon, tuna and other species.


INDIA‘s new nuclear insurance pool will not cover its research reactors


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The week that has been , in nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Trans Pacific Partnership would give corporations, including nuclear ones, power over government laws. Wikileaks reveals another corporate friendly global trade plan – Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

Renewable Energy. Nuclear power production beaten by renewable energy in 2014 and beyond.  Renewable energy looking good for institutional investorsSunshine and seawater to power farms in the desert.

Nuclear fusion: US Congress debating this   a wasteful boondoggle?

Nuclear propaganda. Especially on social media, nuclear and thorium power trolls are ramping up their attacks on critics of nuclear power.

FRANCE: As the world’s poster child for nuclear power,this country is suffering great embarrassment as its government struggles to save the almost bankrupt nuclear giant AREVA. Just saved, for the moment, AREVA is broken up in a messy merger with EDF – which is also struggling financially. Risk of nuclear meltdown due to faulty valves in AREVA’s new-generation EPR reactor.

UK: I loved this news item – definitely my favourite for the week! –  Desperate for public support, UK govt plans to make nuclear reactors look pretty!. High levels of breast cancer near UK nuclear power stations.

JAPAN: Fukushima: High radiation levels mean long delays in removingspent nuclear fuel from Fukushima’s stricken reactors. Contaminated waste water in Fukushima: the unending horror. Fukushima BusinessesCompensation Payments Terminated, Youth Unwilling to Return. in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan’s govt to nationalise private sitefor nuclear waste dump. Gov’t Officials: Fukushima should be declared uninhabitable.

CANADA: Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s ruling on radioactive waste dump delayed till December – after the federal election, of course.

HUNGARY: European Commission will rule in October on possible illegality of State aid for nuclear expansion. Economically unwise decision for Hungary to buy nuclear reactors from Russia.

SOUTH KOREA: Government advisory panel recommends shutdown of South Korea’s oldest nuclear reactor. South Korea running out of space for spent nuclear fuel.

AUSTRALIA: South Australia’s Nuclear Fool Chain Royal Commission sure picked the wrong time to be seen in bed with AREVA.


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Latest in nuclear and climate news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

WORLD. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists launches Cost Calculator for the nuclear fuel chain.

Cyber attack an increasing threat to nuclear facilities – says IAEA.

Whole brain radiation found not to be beneficial for brain cancer patients.

USA. Significant rise in ionising radiation in atmosphere over Southern California. Censored emails show US govt concern about Fukushima radiation on West Coast of USA.

USA’s defense authorisation bill- unaffordable – detached from budgetary reality. New EIA analysis shows nukes don’t help reduce carbon emissions under EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

70 years of cancer-causing nuclear pollution in St Louis.

JAPAN. Japan’s government’s optimism on nuclear power future doesn’t ring true- finance analysts. Restart of Sendai nuclear plant will be delayed.

Fukushima. Greenpeace releases confidential IAEA Fukushima-Daiichi accident report. Fukushima Daiichi ‘s Port has Record Levels of Radiation.  Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) official warns on hydrogen explosion risk at Fukushima. A nation-wide network formed in Japan, to sue government and TEPCO, over the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

UK. Dead nuclear reactors in Plymouth – expensive to maintain, and a cause of local anxiety.

AUSTRIA. ready to take legal action against subsidising of nuclear reactors.

FRANCE. Merger of AREVA and EDF, to save nuclear giant AREVA- French tax-payers to fork out.

SOUTH AFRICA.  Secrecy, and no costing known, in South Africa’s plans for nuclear power

IRAN Urgent talks between USA and Iran before June 30 deadline.

AUSTRALIA. South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission has gone very quiet.  They are now in Japan, then to Taiwan, Finland, Austria, France and the United Kingdom.  It’s all quite secretive – no idea what their global junket is costing the South Australian tax-payer. Why is no media covering this?

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Recent Nuclear News

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

The very big gender gap – women don’t like nuclear power.

Cut-throat competition between global nuclear companies to export reactors.

WEAPONS AND WAR. Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference flounders over Middle East nuclear concerns .  Catholic Church wants nuclear disarmament, not deterrence.

No Signs of Russian Nuclear Weapons Deployment – NATO Commander.

North Korea claims that it can make mini nuclear weapons.

USA. USA government effectively stymied Nuclear Nonproliferation Conference.  Immediate release ordered for Sister Megan Rice and her compatriots. High cancer rates in thorium and uranium contaminated sites in Missouri.

Heightened danger of war from appearance of American warships in South China Sea.

JAPAN . Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority gives approval for restart of Sendai reactors. Japan’s spent fuel problem will escalate, casting doubt on nuclear restart plans. Unable to get volunteer locations, Japan will now impose nuclear waste sites. Tokyo hit by 5.6y mag earthquake.  Abe government trampling on press freedoms – concern grows in Japan.  Japan raises the ‘acceptable’ radiation level for nuclear emergency workers. Japan’s Government and TEPCO sued by Ex-Futaba mayor, over Fukushima nuclear disaster.


FRANCE. Gloomy financial situation for AREVA in so many ways. Safety problems may mean the end for AREVA’s EPR nuclear reactor.

GERMANY.German nuclear utilities don’t have enough money for decomissioning reactors.

FINLAND    pulls out of building Olkiluoto 4 nuclear reactor.

SWEDEN Investors flee Nordic nuclear company Vattenfall.

UK. Nuclear power link to breast cancer. UK’s hunt for Trident nuclear system whistleblower. Britain outsourcesguarding of its nuclear facilities to private company.

CANADA. Potassium iodate pills for Canadian communities near nuclear facilities. First Nations land would host Ontario nuclear waste, but First Nations don’t get a say.

CHINA Chinese scientist warns on dubious safety of China’s nuclear power programme.

NEW ZEALAND. Distrust in New Zealand about Commission to study effects of Pacific nuclear bombing.

SOUTH AFRICA‘s nuclear company Eskom runs out of money for assessing environmental impact of nuclear energy. Govt is hiding the true costs of nuclear power.

Uranium .Continued down ward trajectory of the global uranium market. A year of losses for Namibia’ Rossing uranium mine. Trying to cut costs, TEPCO to sell uranium stockpile.

Trans Pacific Partnership. Corporate control of government, and the Internet are the goals – Julian Assange.

Climate Change. Big energy firms get privileged access to top EU climate officals. Tipping point for some Antarctic glaciers reached in 2009.

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The headlines: Nuclear and Climate News

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Nuclear Non Proliferation Talks continue, amidst accelerating weapons race.

Nuclear power industry. Paris Climate Talks will be the focus of theglobal nuclear lobby’s strategyNo new Generation IV Nuclear designs will be ready for build before 2050

Japan: Expert panel says 3 faults beneath Shika nuclear power plant may be active. Opponents of nuclear waste sitehold symposium to counter gov’t forum on same day. Taiwan is banning import of all foodstuffs from Japan. North East Japan rocked by M6.8 earthquake.

Fukushima10,000 lawsuits against TEPCO, operator of Fukushima nuclear power plant. High radiation doses in 991 Fukushima Daiichi workers.

Iran. Gulf leaders support nuclear deal with Iran.

France‘s nuclear safety worries as fires break out close to 3 nuclear power plants. AREVA’s nuclear options narrowin attempt to save the company

USA. Alarm in New York following explosion at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. Anti nuclear activists Sister Megan Rice, Michael Walli, and Greg Boertje-Obed still in prison with no sentence at all. Weapons proliferation and other risks inUSA’s marketing of nuclear technology to China. Elizabeth Warren makes a compelling case against the Trans-Pacific Partnership

UK. Safety limits relaxed at Sellafield nuclear facility.

Ukraine. Serious concerns over the safety of Ukraine’s nuclear waste storage.

Cyprus, Greek and Turkish groups unite to stop Turkish nuclear plant

Uranium. Things look crook for the uranium market – no respite in sight. Canadian review board knocks back Areva’s planned uranium mineas uneconomic.

Renewable energy. I can’t actually cope with keeping up on this. From now on – I’ll just put headlines  brief notes on my website.

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This week’s nuclear news in brief

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

World.  Conference The Nuclear Non Proliferation has weaknesses, but it’s all that we’ve got.  At Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Austria calls for ban on nuclear weapons.  Generation IV Nuclear Reactors no better than the current ones.    Astronauts at risk from brain damage due to ionising radiation.   Tesla renewable energy storage battery may well have killed nuclear power.

Canada. Canada’s Nuclear Regulator in reality a promoter of the industry. Ontario Power Generation waste dump plan does not have the necessary approval of area First Nations.  Plan for waste dump could threaten safety of Great Lakes – say US critics. Lake Huron is NOT the answer to Canada’s nuclear waste problem- Dr. Benishek

France. AREVA’s woes heralding a slippery global slope for the nuclear industry? 6,000 employees of failing nuclear giant AREVA are to lose their jobs.  Areva’s nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in La Hague in crisis- shunned by clients.

USA. America’s nuclear non-proliferation policy is a disaster.  US Senate passes Bill to give Congress a stake in nuclear deal with Iran.  Court clears anti nuclear nun of sabotage conviction. USA spending $60 Mln on Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Program in Russia (MNEPR). USA backing Saudi Arabia’s push for ballistic missile defense system and bunker buster bombs. Neuropathy in Navajo children almost certainly caused by uranium mining pollution. Nuclear industry embarks on a public advertising campaign.

Russia has been reducing its nuclear armaments, complying with NPT. Corruption in Russia’s nuclear industry

JapanJapan’s earthquake risk to nuclear reactors is being ignored, says seismic expert. Like the canary in a coalmine, birds tell real story of Fukushima.  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe muzzling critics in Japan’s media.  Despite the USA’s nuclear lobby – solar power is winning in Japan.

Ukraine. Forest fires threatening Chernobyl nuclear plant. Chernobyl nuclear plant remains a high danger, withinstability in Ukraine.

India.  Government action may force Greenpeace to close there

Taiwan. As Taiwan’s radioactive trash accumulates, opposition grows to the export of nuclear waste.

Sweden.  accelerates its closure of its uneconomic nuclear industry. Big nuclear company not interested in new nuclear power

Australia at the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference 2015 – embarrassing disarmament double-speak 

New Zealand leads the world in nuclear thinking

Climate changeRecord CO2 in atmosphere – greatest in a million years


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Nuclear news for this week

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Nuclear Unsafety. Meticulous research indicates much greater likelihood of another Chernobyl-scale nuclear accident.  USA and Russian generals warn of danger of cyber criminals causing a nuclear disaster

Iran. Significant concessions made by Iran in nuclear deal. Iran nuclear deal a good template for all countries, to reduce nuclear weapons proliferation.

France/Finland. No easy fix for France’s multi-billion dollar Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR).  Flamanville nuclear safety problem – a knockout blow for UK’s EPR reactor project? Finland’s nuclear regulator demands safety check forOlkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor’s pressure vessel

UK. Delays and yet more delays – safety issues for £24.5bn Hinkley Point nuclear power project

Japan. Court in south-west Japan rejects a residents’ injunction against restarting 2 nuclear power plants

Fukushima. As workers’ radiation exposure count rises, shortage of labour predicted at Fukushima nuclear plant.  Thedemise of 2 robots inside the Fukushima nuclear disaster.   ¥3.57 trillion needed in next 5 years for “rebuilding” Fukushima. Radiation has wreaked havoc with Fukushima’s birds

 Russia‘s thirst for Arctic mining causes effort to retrieve sunken nuclear submarines

USA. Nuclear lobby pushing for corporate welfare and exports, through the Export-Import Bank.  Obama keen to sell USA nuclear technology to China. Dozens of USA nuclear reactors at risk of closure for economic reasons.

South Korea hopes new deal with USA will forward its nuclear technology export business

Austria‘s opposition to nuclear power

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The week that was in nuclear news

dirty tricks


Please note – dirty tricks department. If you saw the Twitter note, (by pro thorium nuclear troll “Thomas Huxley”)- saying that my posts here are contaminated by a Trojan virus –  that is simply not true. It’s  a lie – aimed at stopping people from reading anti nuclear material.



Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Pope Francis goes all out for nuclear disarmament

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) – the nuclear lobby’s desperate delusion

Fukushima. TEPCO  abandons the failed robot stuck inside Fukushima nuclear reactor. Japan mulls releasing radiation into air, instead of water – evaporation instead of Pacific ocean drainage. Highly Contaminated WaterRemains in Unit 1 Basement.

China. Wind power rising fast in China, once again producing more electricity than nuclear power is. Nuclear reprocessing not going at all well. China’s new nuclear reactors lack required modern safety features

USA. Fears of a nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) cause Pentagon to re-open Cheyenne mountain bunker.   Issues of anger and violence – in commander in charge of moving nuclear bombs.    Michigan lawmaker urges Congress to oppose Canada’s waste dump plan near Lake Huron.    Federal Judge OKs Uranium Mining Next to Grand Canyon National Park.     Steady fall in support for nuclear power among American public.

UK. Debate on whether or not Britain should have its own Trident nuclear arsenal 

Canada.   Local opposition to nuclear waste dumping seems to work. Vancouver the latest of 50 cities to commit to100% renewable energy.

Taiwan‘s nuclear waste storage problem may cause early retirement of nuclear reactor

Turkey. Agressive pro nuclear propaganda in Turkey (a taste of what’s to come, globally?)

India‘s government acts to cut off funding for Greenpeace: freezes its bank accounts

Financial success for investors who dumped holdings in coal, gas and oil

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The week in nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Ukraine. A most interesting news item this week has been further information on the impact of Chernobyl radiation inhibiting  the processes of decay of dead trees. A new study published in Oecologia, decomposers—organisms such as microbes, fungi and some types of insects that drive the process of decay—have also suffered from the contamination. Alexey Yablokov also reported effects on disease bacteria, and the necessity for studying the microbiological consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.   World’s largest moveable structure being built – the Chernobyl sarcophagus.

Iran. Landmark agreement in nuclear deal between Iran and the West

JapanLawsuit against Japanese government by Fukushima residents. TEPCO not paying up for radiation fallout cleanup in local municipalities. Japan forced to give USA nuclear corporations legal immunity, in order to get help with Fukushima cleanup. Radioactive waste “forgotten”in 12 provinces other than Fukushima. Deceptive push by Japan’s ruling Party to bring back dependence on nuclear power

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Officials from Tepco have admitted   that there is no technology yet invented for cleaning up the molten nuclear fuel cores. Increasing percentage of radioactive cesium in water in basement of Fukushima nuclear reactor 1. Below Fukushima nuclear plant – pools of molten nuclear fuel.

UK. UK’s Hinkley nuclear plant developments stalled as financial negotiations drag on.  Nuclear waste dumps can be forced on local communities – new legislation. UK plan for solar panels on every school roof

USA. If the government bails out the failing commercial spent fuel reprocessing, (MOX – Mixed Oxide Fuel – plutonium and uranium) the big beneficiary will be the French company AREVA. Nuclear corporation Exelon using several strategies to get tax-payers and rate-payers to bail it out of financial trouble. Plans to expand South Texas nuclear plant are shelved. It’s getting serious when nuclear pollution threatens the wine industry

France. State owned nuclear corporation AREVA in deep financial trouble – needs tax-payer bailout

Bulgaria pulls out of $4bn Westinghouse nuclear deal.

Switzerland‘s revised nuclear liability law makes things much more expensive for nuclear companies

Climate Change. Thousands of years for the oceans to recover. Guardian Media Group to divest its £800m fund from fossil fuels. Anglican bishops speak out – call for divestment from fossil fuels

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The week in nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

36 years since Three Mile Island accident- 36 unpalatable nuclear industry facts.

France‘s nuclear industry now a liability, with AREVA’s down ward spiral. France brings in law for green or solar roofsfor new commercial buildings.

USA. For the first time, Pentagon comes clean on Israel’s nuclear weapons.    It’s official: wrong sort of kitty littercaused New Mexico Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) accident. USA to establish a new “independent” Nuclear Waste Administration.

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. Obama executive order tags small modular reactors as clean energy – the only form of nuclear power to qualify.  Dubious USA Bills for Small Nuclear Reactors, “education on nuclear”, and nuclear as “renewable”. St George city decides against getting electricity from NuScale’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. France’s AREVA nuclear company, itself in dire financial straits, is nevertheless advising NuScale on how to market SMRs. Small Nuclear Reactors turn out to have an equally Big Radioactive Waste problem. Cost of Small Nuclear Reactors is greater than cost of large ones

Significant actions by President Obama to address climate change. Tea Party leader joins environmentalists to formGREEN TEA COALITION.

India. International Atomic Energy Agency Slams India’s Nuclear Regulations. India to get $1 Billion USA ExIm Bank Credit, nearly all of it for renewable energy development

Japan.   Anti-nuclear activists want formal public hearings on risks of restarting reactors in Fukui Prefecture,  Coal plants funded by Japan’s money that was  designated for fighting climate change.

Fukushima.Tepco’s nuclear clean-up wasted $1.6 billion of tax-payers’ money.  food products mislabeledRadioactive cesium in Fukushima’s soil. The status of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

UK. Scotland got 50% of power from renewables in 2014.

Russia. Russia wants US to remove Its Nuclear Weapons From Europe. Russia’s economic woes delaying the buildof nuclear reactors in Turkey.

Ukraine . Perilous risks to Ukraine’s nuclear power plants in escalating war

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