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A warning to Canadians about the Trans Pacific Partnership

flag-canadaOur Trade Minister, Ed Fast, has just flown to Atlanta, Georgia with the goal of completing secret negotiations with all 12 countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): the biggest and most secretive agreement in the history of the world.

We know that the Conservative government hopes to lock us into this binding agreement before we can vote in the upcoming election, so we need to take the opportunity now to make as much noise as possible. Can you help us draw a TPP-sized line in the sand?

Make sure Minister Ed Fast hears our call: do not overwrite our laws and censor the Internet.

Canadians are sick of being kept in the dark about the TPP. And what little we do know about this plan comes from leaked documents.2 Here are some of the worst parts:

  • The binding plan will make our Internet more censored, expensive, and policed on a global scale3
  • It gives the U.S. Trade Representative special powers to challenge any Canadian laws they deem unacceptable through the so-called ‘certification’ process4
  • Over 600 lobbyists have had full access to the text, but not even our opposition parties are allowed to see it.TPPA NZ


No more stalling: it’s time for all of our leaders to come clean on the TPP. We deserve to know what kind of decisions will be made on our behalf, BEFORE we go to the polls.

Finally, here’s the icing on the cake: parties negotiating the TPP have just appointed a “transparency officer”. His name is Tim Reif, he’s a long-time TPP bureaucrat and USTR lawyer.6 We like to call him “Transparency Tim.”

If Transparency Tim and the TPP Ministers are serious about transparency, then they’ll show us the text – not ram this deal through without our consent. That means we need you to send “Transparency Tim” and Minister Ed Fast a message today.

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Support for Jeremy Corbyn’s Refusal to Murder Millions

text-Please-NotePetition: ’Support Jeremy Corbyn: No to nuclear weapons! No to Trident!


  • Contact the Labour Party to tell them of your position, and your disgust at the disloyal attacks on Corbyn from within his own party and shadow cabinet.
  • Contact your Labour MP (if applicable) calling on them to give Corbyn their full support. Especially if your MP is Andy Burnham, Angela Eagle or Hilary Benn”

Corbyn, Jeremyflag-UKNuclear Attack? We Must Support Corbyn’s Refusal to Murder Millions By Oliver Tickell Global Research, October 02, 2015 The Ecologist 1 October 2015 This week’s Labour conference sent the party and its new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, soaring in popularity. So better get the knife in quick, writes Oliver Tickell. His refusal to commit mass murder in a nuclear attack gave his enemies just the cue they needed – including those who should be his loyal allies. We must not let them succeed. Continue reading

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Join the ‘Don’t Nuke the Climate’ Thunderclap

globalnukeNO Michael Mariotte President, Nuclear Information and Resource Service On Saturday, September 26, 2015, the Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign will be putting out some noise that will be heard around the world! If you’ve got a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr account, we ask you to join our Thunderclap and help amplify that noise.
It’s easy to do, just sign up at:

When you do, the Thunderclap will automatically post a message to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and/or Tumblr list on Saturday, September 26.
We’re sending out this message: Tell EDF: nuclear can’t save the climate: too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, too slow #exposeEDF #EDFMenteur
EDF is, of course, Electricite de France, the largest nuclear power utility in the world. EDF wants to have a big influence at December’s COP-21 UN climate negotiations in Paris; their future depends on a nuclear-powered future. But our future, and our planet’s future, depends on just the opposite: we want and need a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system that will power our planet cleanly, safely, affordably and sustainably.
That’s the message the Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign is taking to Paris. We hope you’ll help us reach millions of people across the globe.
You can find our more about the Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign at the international campaign page ( and the U.S. campaign page (

And if you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to sign the Don’t Nuke the Climate petition to be presented to global leaders at COP 21 in December.

Organizations, sign at:

Individuals, sign at:

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Dirty dangerous expensive nuclear power can’t save the climate

globalnukeNONuclear ≠ the solution!
by Don’t Nuke the Climate
“Tell EDF: nuclear can’t save the climate: too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, too slow #exposeEDF #EDFMenteur

Thousands of people will join the climate negotiations, the COP 21, in Paris this year to discuss a new agreement. Under the expiring Kyoto Protocol, nuclear energy is rightly excluded from the possible solutions available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the nuclear industry, in collaboration with certain nations, is lobbying for their dangerous and polluting technology to be seen as a climate-friendly option. This would obstruct real progress in protecting the climate.

An example of these lobbyists is EDF, world’s biggest electricity generator. Which is running many nuclear and coal plants all over the world and all French nuclear power plants. They are shamelessly using the context of climate negotiations to promote its nuclear electricity as climate-friendly and carbon-free… And EDF is also one of the big sponsors of the COP 21!

Poster EDF menteur

EDF’s argument is misleading: the nuclear industry does emit greenhouse gas, particularly during uranium mining! Nuclear power manifests a wide range of human rights violations, from the rights to life and health, to disproportionate impacts on indigenous peoples, women, children, and future generations. No matter what else EDF claims.

Join us in exposing EDF. Tweet or share in English, German, French, or any language (copy paste this in the text field):

  • Tell EDF: nuclear can’t save the climate: too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, too slow #exposeEDF #EDFMenteur

The French petition will be online before the 26th of September.

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Children are uniquely vulnerable to even small amounts of ionising radiation

chld-Japan-medicalProtect children from radiation exposure! TELL NRC: A little radiation is BAD for you. It can give you cancer and other diseases. Children are uniquely vulnerable.


Background radiation 

Studies show that even natural background doses of radiation—doses we are normally, and inescapably, exposed to– can give children cancer. Now people who deny the danger of radiation are wanting NRC to allow the public to be exposed to 50 to 100 times this amount in the form of artificial radioactivity, as from nuclear power industry releases. They want to allow this exposure even for “pregnant women, embryos and fetuses, and children under 18 years of age.”

Women are more vulnerable to radiation than men. Childhood and in utero life stages are the most vulnerable.

The NRC already allows nuclear power facilities to release enough radiation to double this dose each year, risking our and our children’s health. NRC should NOT adopt a “little radiation is good for you” model. Instead, they should fully protect the most vulnerable which they are failing to do now.

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CSRP 2015 – The Fifth Citizen-Scientist International Symposium on Radiation Protection


Beginning in March 2011, the Tokyo Electric Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant catastrophe continues even now with no end in sight. We have sought out ways to reduce even a little, or possibly prevent, health effects due to radiation exposure. Whether radiation exposure leads to health effects, or what the potential health effects might be, has generated much interest in our society. However, up to now, no discussion has been openly carried out amongst scientists with various viewpoints. The nuclear power plant accident and the dispersed radioactivity exert influences over extensive social areas, affecting individuals as well as the society. What is called for now is societal decision-making regarding such influences for the purpose of radiation protecton, through discussions between the victims, the political decision-makers, the researchers, and the non-governmental organizations.
Currently, the exposed and the highly exposed human populations are either ignored by the government or they become inadvertent subjects of observation by scientists, while silently and helplessly observing incidences of illness creeping up within themselves. Epidemiological studies, deemed essential in putting public health into practice, are not cold science by any means. The purpose of epidemiological studies should include, in addition to the elucidation of frequency and causes of illnesses, the creation of frameworks to minimize health effects by reducing or preventing them. Furthermore, the true goal of epidemiological studies is for them to be utilized in reducing or preventing societal effects which could worsen the catastrophe.

What approaches are needed for science to become a survival tool for humans in the challenge of radiation protection? We shall think about this issue together at the Fifth Citizen-Scientist International Symposium on Radiation Protection,

On Day 1 of the symposium, we will approach this issue from the diverse intellectual interactions between science and art.

On Day 2, we will explore epidemiology as a science in addition to a general overview of radiation protection measures based on the latest biological findings.

Lastly, on Day 3, we will verify from societal aspects what language, law and ethics are necessary in order to put such measures into practice.
For more details and registration →
Live streaming →

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Nuclear stations are powered by fossil fuels: let’s leave all fossil fuels in the ground

A more prudent appeal, that of the NGOs issued last June on Mediapart, expressed a wish to « ban all new projects involving polluting energies and thus guarantee that access to clean inexpensive and secure energy becomes a public good», 

we must point to the clever propaganda of the nucleocrats, who are even rash enough to claim that « nuclear energy is good for the climate». In reality, nuclear energy, viewed merely from the perspective of climate, shares all the defects of the other fossil fuels.

nuclear energy contributes also to global warming

The signatories of the Appeal « Let’s leave the fossil fuels in the ground. That’s how to put an end to climate crimes» would be well advised to say so too. By publishing, why not, an extra codicil to their appeal.

globalnukeNOClimate Change and Nuclear Power: You Don’t Cure the Plague by Spreading Cholera. Nuclear Radiation is not the Solution to Global Warming By Jean-Marie Matagne Global Research, August 29, 2015Action of Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament 28 August 2015 In the lead-up to COP21, a hundred French and international personalities are signing an appeal on Mediapart, entitled :

 ”Let’s leave the fossil fuels in the ground. That’s how to put an end to climate crimes”.

And we, simple citizens, are invited to sign too. One would like to be able to sign, but alas, the text is not suitable : not because of what it says, which is generally true, but because of what it doesn’t say and which immediately casts great doubt on the rest. For to say half a truth and omit the other half is not truth-telling. Continue reading

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Public meetings in September about reviewing Nevada nuclear waste dump plan

Yucca-MtRegulators schedule meetings on Nevada nuclear dump report 08/21 2015 LAS VEGAS

The federal agency reviewing plans for the long-stalled Yucca Mountain national nuclear waste dump in Nevada has set dates and places of public meetings about revisions to an environmental report.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced Friday that it’ll hold a Sept. 3 meeting from 3-5 p.m. Eastern time at NRC Headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.

Meetings will be held Sept. 15 at the Embassy Suites Convention Center in Las Vegas, and Sept. 17 at the Amargosa Community Center in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. Both will be from 7-9 p.m. Pacific time.

On Oct. 15, NRC staff will conduct a public conference call from 2-4 p.m. Eastern time.

NRC officials also plan a public conference call at 11 a.m. next Tuesday, Pacific time, to explain how to submit comments about the environmental report.1

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Act now: tell the NRC it must reject efforts by nuclear fanatics to weaken radiation standards!

Nuclear Informationa and Resource Service, 19 Aug 15, In February, a group of pro-nuclear fanatics—there is really no other way to describe them—submitted three petitions for rulemaking to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

quackThese three petitions would turn the entire basis for radiation protection standards on its head: they argue that the “Linear No-Threshold” (LNT) radiation model used by the NRC, EPA, and most modern societies should be replaced by a “hormesis” model.

But this is no academic debate about obscure terminology. This is a direct assault on the NRC’s fundamental regulations and on the scientific community itself. If adopted, the hormesis model would mean, in the real world, more death and disease from even the normal operations of nuclear power facilities.

Tell the NRC to reject the hormesis model and instead to strengthen radiation standards.

Here’s the basic difference between the two models: the LNT model, used by the National Academies of Sciences and all government agencies, acknowledges that there is no such thing as a “safe” level of radiation exposure. All exposure carries some risk of cancer or other disease, and that risk rises with the amount of exposure. The “hormesis” model, on the other hand, asserts—with little to no scientific backing—that exposure to very low levels of radiation can actually be beneficial to people, and that there is no concern about exposures until they reach very high levels.

If implemented, the hormesis model would result in needless death and misery. The concept of ALARA (a requirement that nuclear operators reduce exposures “as low as reasonably achievable”) would be tossed out the window. Emergency Planning Zones would be significantly reduced or abolished entirely. Instead of being forced to spend money to limit radiation releases, nuclear utilities could pocket greater profits.

In addition, adoption of the hormesis model by the NRC would throw the entire government’s radiation protection rules into disarray, since other agencies, like the EPA, also rely on the LNT model.

The entire concept is unconscionable and the NRC knows it. It never should have accepted these petitions for comment; the agency should have just thrown them in the trash heap where they came from.

Tell the NRC now to reject the hormesis model and instead to strengthen radiation standards.

The sponsors of these petitions are the radiological equivalent of climate deniers–they either refuse to believe the scientific evidence, or deliberately ignore it to promote the interests of an industry. I wrote about this phenomonen last week on GreenWorld. And, like the climate deniers, the radiation deniers must be defeated: for the sake of our health and our lives, our homes, our children and generations to come, our planet.


The sample comments provided include a couple of quotes, one from the chair of the NAS’ BEIR VII committee, which endorsed the LNT approach and one from the former head of the EPA’s radiation section, which states that the EPA isn’t planning to change its rules anytime soon. As always, you are free to edit the sample comments to use your own language and address your own concerns.

If anything, as we’ve stated in previous alerts on other radiation issues, the NRC’s radiation standards need to be strengthened. As we’ve learned in recent years, women and children, especially girls, are more susceptible to radiation than men. Yet the standards don’t reflect that. Indeed, the NRC’s rules still rely on the “standard man” approach, which allows greater exposures to the most vulnerable in our population.

The NRC needs to hear from all of us now that we simply will not accept the efforts of a few pro-nuclear fanatics to benefit the nuclear power industry at the expense of public health and safety. So please spread this message widely. You can find and share this Alert from this page. You can share theAction Page using the icons on its top right–but please do so before you send in your comments.

Finally, a gentle reminder that NIRS campaigns–like our ongoing efforts to expose the real effects of radiation and prevent any weakening of radiation protection standards–cost money. We rely on our supporters–you–to help pay for these campaigns. Please consider donating here now or after you send in your comments, or by PayPal here, or by check to NIRS, 6930 Carroll Avenue, #340, Takoma Park, MD 20912. You can also call in a donation to NIRS at 301-270-6477. Ask for Denise Jakobsberg.

Michael Mariotte
Nuclear Information and Resource Service

 please don’t forget to sign and share our Don’t Nuke the Climate statement. Thousands already have, we hope many thousands more will do so before December.

Stay Informed:

NIRS on the web:

GreenWorld: (NIRS’ daily blog chronicling nuclear issues and the transition to a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system)

NIRS on Facebook:

NIRS on Twitter:!/nirsnet

NIRS on YouTube:

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Key dates for public hearings on Relicensing for the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station

text-Please-NoteRelicensing hearing for the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station The Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is located in the municipality of Clarington on the north shore of Lake Ontario, and has four nuclear reactors.

With the operating licence set to expire at the end of 2015, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has applied to the CNSC to renew it until 2028…..

Hearing and key dates

The CNSC will hold a two-part public hearing to examine OPG’s request.

Here are some key dates:

Participant fundingFunding has been made available to assist the public in participating in the hearing. As proceedings were originally scheduled for last year, this funding was advertised in March 2014.

The independent committee that reviews applications has approved funding for seven groups, of up to $65,394.

Read more about the history of participant funding offered for the Darlington relicensing hearing……..

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Petition: Tell the U.S. Department of Energy: Stop the bias against renewable energy

Tell the U.S. Department of Energy: Stop the bias against renewable energy

63%   We’ve reached 47,466 of our goal of 75,000.

sign-thisSign the petition Tell the U.S. Department of Energy:

“The Energy Information Administration chronically overestimates the cost of renewables like solar and wind, while underestimating the cost of fossil fuels.. This constant bias hurts clean energy investment and development, which is vital to the U.S. economy and our effort to combat climate change. End the Annual Energy Outlook’s bias against renewable energy.”

You’ll receive periodic updates on offers and activism opportunities.

Every year, the U.S. Department of Energy releases the Annual Energy Outlook, an important report about the future of energy in America. It forms the basis of energy policy and investment for both the government and businesses by providing projections and cost estimates for various sources of energy.

But here’s the problem: This report chronically overestimates the cost of renewable energy like wind and solar while underestimating the cost of dirty fossil fuels every single year.

It’s a bias that tilts the playing field toward dirty fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, and away from the clean energy sources that are crucial to combating climate change and jumpstarting America’s clean energy economy. It’s time to put that to an end.

Tell the Department of Energy: Stop the bias against renewable energy.

The recently released 2015 report projected that by 2040, the U.S. would increase its consumption of renewable energy by only 2 percent.1 According to the same report, the U.S. will only add 48 gigawatts of solar generating capacity by 2040, while solar energy experts contend that half of that amount will be added by 2016 alone. Meanwhile, the report continued its pattern of underestimating costs for dirty fossil fuels like coal and fracked natural gas.2

Furthermore, the report doesn’t base any of its estimates on planned or predicted changes in public policy that will have a dramatic effect on future U.S. energy consumption, including fracking bans that would significantly raise the cost of natural gas, extensions of tax credits for solar power, and impending EPA rules that will limit carbon emissions from power plants and lower our dependence on coal.

This out-of-touch, head-in-the-sand analysis about America’s energy future is unnecessarily prolonging our reliance on dirty fossil fuels, putting our climate and health at risk while holding back a new wave of clean energy jobs and investments. It’s time to end the bias.

Tell the Department of Energy: Stop the bias against renewable energy.

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PETITION: Stop the Nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki built by Fennovoima.

sign-thisStop the Nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki built by Fennovoima.

Why this is important

Fennovoima nuclear power company plans to start building a new nuclear power plant on the ecologically valuable Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki at the Bothnian Bay, in the northwest part of Finland. Let’s stop this irresponsible and dangerous project! Help stopping the construction of a 100.000-year problem, in its early stages!

The petition when signed goal is reached will be sent to:
Sauli Niinistö, Finlands President
Alexander Stubb, Finlands Prime Minister
EU Commission

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Need for climate action – highlighted by Earth Hour Saturday 28 March

Earth Hour to illuminate climate Wednesday, 25 March 2015 Hundreds of landmarks from Paris’ Eiffel Tower to Sydney’s Harbour Bridge to the Seattle Space Needle will dim their lights on Saturday, as people around the world mark Earth Hour with candlelight and barbecues.

The 60-minute annual campaign organised by conservation group WWF encourages citizens, communities, businesses and organisations to switch the lights off for an hour from 8:30pm to highlight the plight of planet Earth. Now in its ninth year, Earth Hour’s goal is not to achieve measurable electricity savings, but to raise awareness of the need for sustainable energy use, and this year also to demand action to halt planet-harming climate change. Earth-hour-1 ‘Over 170 countries and territories have already confirmed their participation; more than 1200 landmarks and close to 40 UNESCO world heritage sites,’ Earth Hour head Sudhanshu Sarronwala told AFP. These range from the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, the Acropolis in Athens, Edinburgh Castle, Big Ben, Ecuador’s Quito historical centre and New York’s Times Square. Earth Hour 2015 takes place just months before UN member states are meant to sign an ambitious pact in Paris in December to limit galloping global warming, and just days before a loose end-March deadline for ‘those parties ready to do so’ to submit their carbon-curbing pledges. From a small, symbolic event held in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has grown to a global campaigning event with a festive twist. This year will include a glow-in-the-dark Zumba party in the Philippines, a co-ordinated candlelit dinner in Finland billed as the world’s largest, restaurant dinners by candlelight in London, and a power-generating dance floor to light up the Eiffel Tower after its hour-long sleep, said WWF. The organisers published a list of ideas for individual participants, which included barbecuing instead of stove cooking, a candle-lit street party or a picnic under the stars. An estimated nine million people in 162 countries took part in Earth Hour last year, according to the WWF, of whom 85 per cent ‘said that they felt inspired to do more to protect the planet, such as making small changes to live more sustainably and reduce their impact on the environment.’

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Radiation Free Lakeland urges lobbying UK’s MP’s before March 25 on nuclear waste dumping


– ASK why the wall of silence?-

MANY THANKS to everyone who emailed, tweeted and rang their MPs at such short notice.  The Order was about to be passed through as “delegated legislation” this means that there is a presumption to pass the Order uncontested in a back room by Parliamentary Committee.   The lobbying action by Radiation Free Lakeland and No Nuke Dumping has helped ensure that “a select group of independently minded Lib Dem and Labour MPs have objected” to the Order to class a Geological Disposal Facility  as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.   As some MPs said “nay” (remember this is almost unprecedented) a VOTE HAS BEEN TRIGGERED IN THE COMMONS NEXT WEDNESDAY 25th MARCH 2015.


Now we have just a week to warn our locally elected Councillors that their Democratic Planning Authority regarding the dumping of radioactive waste is about to be stolen away with no fanfare or fuss.   Please lobby MPs, NGOs, Conservation Groups, The Press and anyone else you can think of. Write letters to the press – do something!

This is deliberately shifting sand that even the lawyers are unsure of.  But what we do know is that government is trying  to quietly push law that will ensure the hard won local planning protections (Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Conservation Areas etc) and  our democratic mandate cannot be used to reject geological dumping of nuclear wastes.  At the same time the government is claiming that the “implementation of geological disposal” will be participatory with a “test of public support.”  We have already had some experience of how government has manipulated data to pretend support for geological dumpingand expect this “test” will be more of the same.

We know that all the “Radioactive Waste Management” roads lead to new-build justification and the production of more wastes.

This is what the local government lawyers Bircham Dyson Bell say about the plan:

“Of course this isn’t a random extension to the regime, the government has in mind the creation of one such facility, likely to be in Cumbria. It tried before but in January 2013 the project was vetoed by Cumbria County Council. It’s trying again and for obvious reasons has removed the ability for a county council to veto the process, and the process is also much more measured and supported with technical information.

Even if there is only one site that gets to the stage of a borehole, there should be at least two NSIPs – one for the borehole (and possibly more) and then one for the facility itself.

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March 29 Public Hanford nuclear meetings organised by community groups

Environmental groups take control of Hanford nuclear meetings,  Mar 19 2015,  Staff Reporter-Portland Business Journal A coalition of Northwest pubic interest groups is organizing a State of the Hanford Site gathering in Vancouver after concluding state and federal agencies had no plans to conduct the annual meetings.

community meetingThe community-led program will be held from 9:30 a.m. to noon March 29 at Vancouver’s Marshall Community Center, 1009 E. McLoughlin Blvd. It is free and open to the public.

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Eastern Washington was conceived as part of the Manhattan project in World War II and produced material for the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. The government subsequently used the remote desert site to produce material for the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

Today, the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site is subject to a decades-long cleanup under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy.

“The health of the Columbia River depends on successful cleanup of the Hanford nuclear site and its dangerous nuclear and chemical pollution. Residents throughout the Pacific Northwest have a huge stake in the cleanup effort at Hanford, and we are reaching out to help give them a greater voice in the process,” said Dan Serres, Conservation Director for Columbia Riverkeeper.

The event is organized by Columbia Riverkeeper, Hanford Challenge, Heart of America and Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. It is billed as an opportunity to provide input on the Hanford cleanup and for downstream communities to learn more about the issues.

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