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24 November UK demonstration against transport of nuclear fuel

Protest-No!flag-UKDemo at Carlisle Railway: From Darkest Peru to Darkest Cumbria – Stop Nuclear Madness! Free Lakeland will be holding a demonstration and leafletting at Carlisle Railway Station on Monday 24th November from 11am to 1pm – Please come and join us 

This demonstration in Carlisle coincides with a week of actions at train stations throughout the UK  by groups and concerned citizens including in Wigan, Preston and Lancaster to oppose the continued transport of radioactive materials by train.. (look back here for times etc tbc)

What Continued Nuclear Madness Means to the North West:

1. Drives the push for uranium mining worldwide eg. Peru (being aggressively eyed up) , The Grand Canyon USANigerAustraliaRussia

2.Uranium arrives at Ellesmere Port Dock by ship where it is transported by road to Capenhurst. It is enriched at Capenhurst and then taken again by road to the Springfields fuel rod conversion plant near Preston. During all these processes it in the form of a Uranium Hexaflouride

3. The Fuel Making Process produces radioactive wastes which are released to the River Ribble and dumped in Clifton Marsh landfill. Depleted Uranium is stored at Capenhurst.

4. The fuel is taken to nuclear reactors including Heysham which is being restarted despite “a crack in the boiler spine, a metal rod supporting the weight of the reactor” (Institution of Engineering and Technology). 5. Once the fuel is burnt (spent fuel) it travels by rail through towns and villages to Sellafield where it is reprocessed increasing the volume of waste x180. Sellafield uses over £30M of gas every year.

6. Spent fuel has travelled by plane from Carlisle airport which is still authorised to carry radioactive materials.  In a three year period, 1995-8 at least “8 shipments of nuclear fuel assemblies included passage by air from Carlisle Airport from West Cumbria to Switzerland” (Freedom of Information Response from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to RaFL 17th Sept 2014)

6. Next to Sellafield is 500 acres of beautiful farmland, hedgerows and ancient tracks. This land should be a buffer zone around the worlds most dangerous stockpile of nuclear waste. Instead the government plan to sell it to the same companies responsible for Fukushima in order to build 3 new nuclear reactors.

7. There is no “solution” to the problem of nuclear waste apart from distributing it to the environment. Not only to the air and sea but also to landfill. And then there is melting down radioactive scrap metal and selling it onto the open market. Finally, the proposal for deep burial of heat generating nuclear wastes.

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Tell US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) to come clean on radiation safety standards!

child-anitinuke-posterProtect children from radiation. DEMAND NRC extend time for comments, show us the documents!

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) is  rewriting its radiation regulations using documents that are not open to the public. Industry, however, has access to these documents.

These potential regulations will affect workers and the public, including vulnerable children.

This goes against open and democratic principles of governance. NRC has taken a number of years to write its potential rule even with full access to these documents. NRC should, therefore, not expect us to be able to obtain, read and assess the basis for this rule in a few short months.

NRC must turn over the documents and extend the comment deadline, giving us the resources and time needed to comment properly. TELL THEM SO.

sign-this SIGN this letter

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PETITION: More Nuclear Power is NOT the Answer to the Climate Crisis

globalnukeNOsign-thisMore Nuclear Power is NOT the Answer to the Climate Crisis Petition published by Tom Hayden on Sep 04, 2014

2691 Signatures 
 Target: Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
Region: GLOBAL
Web site:
Petition Background (Preamble):
We believe that expanding the role of nuclear power may threaten the planet as surely as the global warming you seek to mitigate.
Fukushima alone demonstrates the risks of nuclear meltdowns even in a society based on science and advanced technology. The one hundreds plants in our country are terrorist targets.
There are no solutions in sight to nuclear waste disposal. The timelines for bringing new nuclear plants online exceed the UN’s call for rapid decarbonization. The estimated costs are staggering.


We urge you to revise the recommendations of the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network to remove its advocacy of nuclear fission as a “solution” to the climate crisis. The accelerated development of nuclear power plants would only increase the course we are on to planetary catastrophe.We urge you to develop an analytic model that includes the decommissioning of current nuclear plants as part of a transition to a future based on conservation, efficiency and renewable energy.

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This weekend: Global People’s Climate Mobilisation

This weekend will see be the biggest public climate event in history. More than 100,000 people will march in New York alone and hundreds of thousands of others will join them on the streets of 150 countries around the world, all calling for climate change action.


RT @350: Exactly 1 week to the #PeoplesClimate March worldwide – Will you be there?

This weekend also will see the heads of state from more than 125 countries, including Barack Obama and David Cameron gather in New York for a summit on climate change organised by Ban Ki Moon. This is the first time world leaders have come together on the issue since the landmark Copenhagen summit in 2009 and the UN Secretary General hopes the summit will inject new momentum to reach a global deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions in Paris at the end of 2015…….

People’s Climate events are planned in almost every continent in the world. In Bogata, Columbia, over 10,000 people are expected to join in a march through the capital calling for action. In rural Papua New Guinea, students from a primary school will march to a nearby lighthouse, recently semi-submerged due to rising sea levels. In Tanzania, the Maasai people plan to march, calling for action to protect their ancient homeland in the Serengeti. On the other side of the world, on the border between Vancouver and Seattle, thousands of people will link hands across the boundary to show that climate change knows no borders.

In Australia, an epic Climate March will convene in Melbourne with a group committed to walking 700 km along the eastern seaboard to Canberra, arriving at Parliament to raise awareness about climate impacts. There are over 30 People’s Climate events taking place in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane, as well as on Magnetic Island on the Great Barrier Reef, in Alice Springs, Darwin and the remote mining town of Mount Isa. Organisations such as Get Up!, Avaaz, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Our Land Our Water Our Future and the Leard Alliance are working nationally to organise and support large and small events alike.

One of the most impressive things about the day and the 2,000 plus events taking place across the globe is not just the individuals organising and taking part but the thousands of organisations – including unions, medical professionals, faith, social justice and community groups and those fighting for the rights of immigrants, refugees and indigenous peoples, that have signed on. The People’s Climate Mobilisation is about how we use this opportunity to build the networks we need to demand global leadership and real action on climate change.

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Massive Climate Action March on September 21st

climate-changeActivists promise biggest climate march in history  People’s Climate March in New York and cities worldwide hopes to put pressure on heads of state at Ban Ki-moon summit Adam Vaughan, Monday 8 September 2014  Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take to the streets of New York, London and eight other cities worldwide in a fortnight to pressure world leaders to take action on global warming, in what organisers claim will be the biggest climate march in history.

On 23 September, heads of state will join a New York summit on climate change organised by Ban Ki-moon, the first time world leaders have come together on the issue since the landmark Copenhagen summit in 2009, which was seen as a failure.

The UN secretary general hopes the meeting will inject momentum into efforts to reach a global deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2015, at a conference in Paris.

Ricken Patel, executive director of digital campaign group Avaaz, one of the organisers of the People’s Climate March on 21 September, said the demonstration was intended to send a signal to those world leaders, who are expected to include David Cameron and Barack Obama, though not heads of state from China and India…….

Nearly 400,000 have signed a call on Avaaz’s site, saying they will attend one of the global events, which also include marches in Berlin, Paris, Delhi, Rio and Melbourne…….
Around 500 adverts will appear on the London tube network from Monday, calling on people to join the march, and advertising has already appeared across the New York subway. In Rio, the organisers have permission to project messages about the march on to the statue of Christ…….In an open letter to be published this week, environment and development groups including Greenpeace, Oxfam and WWF, plus politicians including Green party MP Caroline Lucas and Labour MP Tom Watson, have joined with trade unions and faith groups to call on world leaders to use the UN summit to take action on climate change…….
Separately on Monday, NGOs Greenpeace, WWF, Green Alliance, RSPB and Christian Aid published a report, Paris 2015: Getting a global agreement on climate change, laying out the level of ambition required for a deal at the UN climate talks in Paris………

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The People’s Climate March is one month away, but you can start it now

 climate-changeRC’s Nuclear Blog August 21, 2014

Dear Friends,
The historic People’s Climate March is just one month away–September 21, 2014. And NIRS and all the other groups supporting this massive event have launched an all-out mobilizing campaign starting now.

This weekend, we ask every organization–and every individual–supporting the Nuclear Free-Carbon-Free Contingent to help get the word out about this event. Send an e-mail–or just forward this one–to everyone on your lists. Put up a notice on your websites and blogs; post on Facebook/Twitter or any other social media sites you use. Send a letter to the editor of your local paper about why you’re going to the march, or just to raise awareness of it (we’ve made this easy for you, see details below).

The March Starts Now

We’re not waiting until September 21–we’re kicking off the march now! We’re creating a photo gallery of marchers to visually tell everyone why we’re marching. And if you absolutely can’t come to New York City on September 21, this is a perfect way for you to stand and be counted…….

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Call to write to Russian government – support Ecodefense against government crackdown

Google Chrome has blocked access for now. How convenient for Russia and  the nuclear industry!


flag_RussiaOrganisations are asked to endorse the solidarity statement immediately below.

Individuals and organisations are asked to write to the Russian government – see Vladimir’s article below.

Solidarity Statement for Ecodefense

Organisations willing to endorse the following statement are asked to contact Friends of the Earth France ( or WISE Amsterdam ( as soon as possible.

On July 21st, the Russian government included one the oldest environmental non-governmental organization Ecodefense on the Ministry of Justice “foreign agent” roster. As national and international organizations from many countries, we strongly condemn this decision that criminalizes environmental defenders and supporters of social and environmental justice.

 We strongly condemn this decision of the Russian authorities that was taken while proceedings to determine their status have either not yet concluded or even started and that leaves some these organizations without any recourse to contest this labelling.

 We are very concerned about the adoption of the “foreign agent” law in November 2012 and the motivations for this adoption as only this environmental organization – Ecodefense and several more human rights groups are listed in the “foreign agents” roster right now.

 While the Russian authorities should protect human rights and support the organizations that help it to do so by bringing human rights violations in Russia to light, this decision illustrates threaten even more democratic rights and leave Russian citizens under the threat of arbitrary choices.

 We also particularly condemn the listing of the environmental association Ecodefense for the campaign against Baltic nuclear plant construction near Kaliningrad. Protesting nuclear power cannot be considered as a crime and discussing risks of nuclear is a democratic right. We have been working with Ecodefense for many years and acknowledged the quality of its work as an organization that works independently from any other political power for the people and the environment in Russia and elsewhere.

 We urge you to stop repression and let Ecodefense as other environmental and human rights organizations work free in Russia. We called the Russian authorities to reverse their decision to include Ecodefense on the “foreign agent” roster and repeal the November 2012 “foreign agent” law, which brings under threat civil and democratic rights.
Background information: Continue reading

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Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free March – September 21, 2014

Flag-USAWhy We’re Marching September 21, 2014 Safe Energy Green World Michael Mariotte Here at NIRS we’re already in crazy mode organizing and mobilizing for the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent to the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014.

This is the largest public event organizing effort we’ve undertaken in quite a long time–and we think it will have a huge payoff by making a large, visible, vibrant public statement that that the climate crisis must be addressed now, that nuclear power is no solution to global warming, that a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy future is an absolute necessity for our nation and our planet.


Today we released a statement of the Contingent, titled Why We’re Marching on September 21, 2014. You can read it below, and you can download a pdf copy for printing and distributing in your community here.

We also released a list of the initial, and fast-growing, organizational endorsers of the Contingent. This morning there were 38, at this writing there are 41. Endorsers include NIRS, of course, as well as Physicians for Social Responsibility, Musicians United for Safe Energy, and grassroots groups from around the country (and world). If your organization would like to endorse, send an e-mail with your name, organization name, city, state, and country (if outside the U.S.) to

Here are a few useful websites for the Contingent and March:

*Contingent page on NIRS’ website:

*Contingent hub on the People’s Climate March website:

*Facebook group page for the nuclear-free, carbon-free contingent:

*Contingent page on tumblr:

*To get on an email-list where you can post and will get organizing emails:!forum/nfcf-climate-march

*To join grassroots planning/organizing calls for the Contingent, held every other Tuesday (next one is Tuesday, August 12, 2014) at 8 pm Eastern time, contact…………

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Please join us on Wednesday, August 6 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time for a webinar hosted by Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND). The webinar is free and open to the public, but you must pre-register at this link.

On April 24, 2014, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) filed landmark cases in the International Court of Justice and U.S. Federal District Court against the nine nuclear-armed nations.

Speakers on the Webinar:

Rick Wayman is Director of Programs at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. He will give an overview of the lawsuits and their current status in the courts, as well as a report on the civil society campaign that is happening in support of the lawsuits.

Neisen Laukon is originally from Rongelap Atoll (part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands). She works with the Marshallese Educational Initiative to share her story across the United States about the health effects she and her community suffered following the Castle Bravo nuclear bomb test by the U.S. military on March 1, 1954. Neisen was not on Rongelap on the day of the test, but was returned to the heavily contaminated atoll by the United States with her family in 1957.

Erica Fein, Nuclear Weapons Policy Officer at WAND, will introduce the speakers and moderate the hour-long webinar.

The webinar takes place on August 6, the 69th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Please join us to learn about this important campaign to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again. Click hereto register.

For more information about the Nuclear Zero Lawsuits and to sign the petition in support of the Marshall Islands’ courageous action, visit

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Belarus’ new nuclear reactors bypass regulations and international conventions

safety-symbol-SmBelarus anti-nuclear activist fears for ‘another Chernobyl’ on her doorstep, Friday 25 July 2014 Tatyana Novikova says new Russian-funded nuclear power plant bypassed official planning regulations and violates international conventions

In 2009, Tatyana Novikova bought a wooden house near the border between Belarus and Lithuania. She chose the area carefully, she says. It’s next to a lake, untouched by industry and – crucially for the mathematician who worked on contamination models in the aftermath of Chernobyl – unaffected by the fallout from the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 1986.

But six months after she bought her dream home, Belarus announced that a new nuclear power station, financed by Russia, would be built nearby in Ostrovets.

“I’m completely devastated,” says Novikova, who says the government bypassed official planning regulations, ignored safety concerns and failed to carry out an adequate environmental impact assessment for the plant.

Her experience with Chernobyl, when radioactive contamination forced around 350,000 people to leave their homes and led to an unknown number of deaths, have left her cautious about nuclear power and distrustful of government safety promises.

“Another Chernobyl cannot happen,” she says.

Novikova has appealed to international environmental authorities to try to stop the NPP project, without any success. In the meantime authorities have already started work on construction.

“The problem is that [Belarusian president Alexander] Lukashenko does not give his citizens a voice,” she says.

In a country which does not tolerate activism or public protest – the annual Chernobyl anniversary marches she organises often end in arrests – Novikova has taken her opposition abroad.

She is in London to raise awareness about the issue and hopes to spur the EU to put pressure on Belarus, as the plant would be 60km from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

text-Please-NoteA group of Belarusian activists, including the theatre company Belarus Free Theatre, have launched a petition against the power station – and have won support from some high-profile figures:

sign-thisAnother Chernobyl?! No thanks! Join me – sign petition to block dodgy new nuclear plant in Belarus 

The petition cites several problems with the plant:

  • Construction was started before design plans were in place, and before a license had been issued
  • The design is experimental and has not been properly tested
  • An assessment by more that 50 independent experts found gaping holes in the government’s environmental impact assessment

Novikova says the plans flaunt international regulations; Belarus is a signatory of the Espoo and Aarhus conventions, which specify environmental protections and monitor requirements such as public consultations over construction projects.

She approached the Aarhus committee in Maastricht in June, asking them to prevent the power plant because Belarus had violated the convention by not obtaining official planning permission. The committee came back to her with bad news; they would only issue what she calls a “caution of a caution” to Belarus, believing the government wouldn’t listen anyway. …….

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Petition calls on Japan to resign as host of 2020 Olympics

logo-Tokyo-OlympicsWhy Japan should resign as host of 2020 Summer Olympics OpEdNews  7/15/2014 By  (about the author   “,…….The [Fukushima radioactive water clean-up] team is headed by Naohiro Masuda, who has a reputation for toughness, and reportedly saved Fukushima Plant #2, also hit by the tsunami in 2011, from being seriously damaged. He has promised Prime Minister Abe that the groundwater problem would be solved by the end of 2015!

This hope is based on the premise that an ice wall can be formed around the complex. There is no backup plan.

Fukushima Daiichi sits on a floodplain between mountains and the ocean. The idea is to divert the groundwater around the complex so that it’s no longer contaminated by contact with the underground molten cores. Smaller ice walls have been built, but nothing on this scale. The Japan Nuclear Regulatory Commission is worried that diverting the water will cause the ground under the reactors to settle, destabilizating the buildings and perhaps toppling them. Nevertheless, the plan is going forward.

After three months of placing pipes deep in the ground and sending hypercooled solution through them, TEPCO has failed to freeze the ground around the plant. It blames the problem on the fact that the groundwater is flowing too fast, but it seems to me that the molten cores inside the wall must make the ground itself pretty hot. Even if the plan succeeds, it will take an enormous amount of energy and money to maintain the freezing. But so far, Mr. Masuda has no guarantee that he can keep his promise.

The country is still facing an unprecedented nuclear crisis that continues to spread across its land and ocean, and even across national borders. There still is no provisions for a safe work environment at Fukushima Complex. The evacuated people still haven’t secured safe and healthy living environments, nor are they financially stable. Instead of spending resources on the Olympic Games, Japan should make it a priority to restore the affected people’s livelihood as well as to prevent further radioactive contamination.

Please sign this petition:
We, the undersigned, join Ambassador Mitsuhei Murata in calling for “an honorable retreat” for Japan, resigning the position of Host for the 2020 Olympic Games. Since Fukushima is already contaminating Tokyo, says Mr. Murata, bringing people there in large numbers for the games (and the workers building the facilities before that event) is immoral and unethical.

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of 15,000 signatures
Campaign created by Michael Mariotte FACEBOO
While I support your efforts to address global warming, costly consumer subsidies for old, uneconomic nuclear reactors and new nuclear power must be removed from your climate plan. These reactors can and should be replaced with clean renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Why is this important?

Nuclear power is not only ineffective at addressing global warming, by misdirecting money better spent on clean renewable and energy efficiency resources, it is actually counterproductive.

But that’s not nuclear’s only drawback in addressing our climate crisis. As NIRS’ new fact sheet on nuclear power and climate indicates, new nuclear power would be too slow, cost too much, create too much radioactive waste, pose too much threat of nuclear disaster, and produce both too much plutonium and even carbon to be useful as a climate strategy. Meanwhile, the costs of clean renewable energy are plummeting and capacity is skyrocketing, making renewables the clear choice to replace both polluting nuclear and fossil fuel plants.
Yet the EPA’s carbon reduction proposal released June 2 would encourage ratepayer subsidies to keep uneconomic, aging and dangerous nuclear reactors that otherwise would close operating indefinitely. The proposal also would encourage more construction of extraordinarily expensive new reactors. Both of these steps would have the effect of deterring deployment of 21st century energy technologies, including solar, wind, geothermal, advanced energy efficiency, distributed generation, smart grids and other clean energy programs.

Tell President Obama that the nuclear provisions in the Administration’s carbon reduction plan must be removed and clean energy must be supported if we are to effectively address global warming.

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Astrid, 4th Generation Reactor: Miracle Technology or Dangerous Chimera?

sign-thisPétition NON à ASTRID !

Le Collectif Non à Astrid appelle à signer une pétition à l’attention du Commissariat général à l’investissement demandant l’arrêt du projet ASTRID, le projet de réacteur à neutrons rapides refroidi au sodium (filière de 4ème génération RNR-Na) qui doit se construire à Marcoule, dans le Gard.

Dites non à un nouveau réacteur à neutrons rapides refroidi au sodium liquide !
Dites non à une installation nucléaire supplémentaire à Marcoule !
Dites «NON à ASTRID !»


Dans le cadre de la loi du 13 juillet 2005 sur le développement des technologies des réacteurs nucléaires du futur et des technologies nécessaires à une gestion durable des déchets nucléaires, la France a donné la priorité à la technologie des RNR-Na et décidé de construire le réacteur ASTRID pour démontrer la capacité de la filière àtransmuter les actinides mineurs à l’échelle industrielle. En 2010, le C.E.A. a reçu 651,6 M€ pour élaborer l’Avant Projet Détaillé du réacteur.

Protest-No!Nuclear Free by 2045?  Enough of this century of dread. Make the world nuclear free before the centennial of the Trinity Nuclear Bomb Test at Alomogordo, July 16, 1945.

France experienced nothing but nightmares with its 20th century experiment with fast breeder reactor technology. I covered this topic previously in a series of translations of French documents about the Superphénix reactor failure: Superphénix Part 1Superphénix Part 2, andSuperphénix Part 3.

The first time around, the French fast breeder reactor was met with vigorous resistance by protesters. In 1977, 60,000 protesters assembled on the construction site and were met by riot police. One fatality ensued and there were other injuries of protesters and police. During construction, a small cell of eco-warriors attacked the reactor with a bazooka. They hoped to destroy the reactor vessel before it was loaded with fuel, but the missile missed the mark. In 2003, a Swiss member of parliament confessed to the deed after the statute of limitations had passed. To this day, some pro-nuclear advocates use this case as proof that some in the ecology movement are dangerous radicals who would cause a nuclear disaster to prove their point. One may disagree with the tactic, but one thing that should be understood about this attack is that it was deliberately carried out before nuclear materials were loaded into the reactor. There was no intention to cause a nuclear disaster.

After the Superphénix reactor was switched on, it was plagued with technical problems and cost overruns. The government shut it down and decommissioning work began in 1997. The job is set to last another 20 years at least. Nonetheless, the French breeder reactor is back like an undead beast that needs to be continually fed then beaten back into the grave by vigilant citizens. Incredibly, France, Britain and Japan are co-operating on this project as if it’s a Three Stooges movie. France brings its expertise with the failed Superphénix reactor, Britain shares its valuable experience in ecological contamination from Sellafield, and Japan feels it has a contribution to make with the lessons learned from its Monju boondoggle. Like nuclear waste itself, the dream of the perfectibility of nuclear technology is persistent, indestructible and toxic.

The text that follows is a translation of a report on the latest incarnation of the fast breeder reactor.


Astrid, 4th Generation Reactor: Miracle Technology or Dangerous Chimera?

Originally published in French by Sortir du Nucléaire, May 2014: Le réacteur Astrid: miracle technologique ou dangereuse chimère ?…….

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Uranium Film Festival starts May 14 in Rio de Janeiro

logo-uranium-film-festivalMarcia Gomes de Oliveira Executive Director International Uranium  Film Festival Rio de Janeiro 5 May 14 In a few days will start the IV International Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro 2014.
Between May 14th and 25th more than 60 movies, documentaries and animations
from over 20 countries about nuclear power, uranium mining and radioactive risks
(From Hiroshima to Fukushima) will screen in the Cinema of Rio’s Modern Art Museum.
Rio de Janeiro’s Uranium Film Festival is the world’s biggest showcase of eye opening filmsabout nuclear energy. It’s the “Atomic Cannes”.
“It is not easy to find financial support for nuclear films, and its even more difficult to find a festival or
TV station that screens these films – especially if it is a critical nuclear film”, says festival director
Norbert G. Suchanek: “The International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) is one of the few
independent film festivals that is dedicated to all nuclear films, movies and documentaries and that screensthese films not only in Rio de Janeiro but also at the travelling Uranium Film Festivals in other countries
and cities around the globe.”

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American Renewable Energy Day: President Jimmy Carter a speaker

President Jimmy Carter At American Renewable Energy Day  39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter will be speaking at the 11th annual American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) Summit; held by the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI).

  President Carter played an important role in raising awareness of solar energy in the 1970′s when he arranged for the installation of a solar hot water system on the rooftop of the White House.
  At the unveiling of the system, President Carter commented: 
  “…a generation from now, this solar heater can either be a curiosity, a museum piece, an example of a road not taken, or it can be a small part of one of the greatest and most exciting adventures ever undertaken by the American people; harnessing the power of the Sun to enrich our lives as we move away from our crippling dependence on foreign oil.”
Unfortunately, the American people – or more accurately, the subsequent administration – didn’t share in President Carter’s vision.
The system was removed in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan who believed the installation “didn’t befit a super-power”.
We’ll never know how much further the world would be along the clean energy path if President Reagan and some of his immediate successors embraced and supported solar to the degree of Carter.
However, the renewable energy revolution is certainly now under way and thanks in part to President Carter.
“President Carter’s work was undeniably key in laying the groundwork for the Great Transition,” said Chip Comins, chairman and CEO of the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI) . “As a country we’ve survived both the Great Depression and the Great Recession, and are now welcoming the Great Transition, in which we must take the critical steps toward an environmentally and economically sound future.”
American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) Summit will be held August 10 to 13, 2014 at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado.

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