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Veterans exposed to radiation at Antarctic Naval Base

justiceFederal hearings exploring radiation exposure among McMurdo Navy veterans get underway in Washington Prompted by exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation  Ron Regan, WASHINGTON - Federal hearings prompted by an exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation into radiation exposure among McMurdo Navy veterans are scheduled to begin Tuesday morning.

Our investigative series revealed how a nuclear reactor at McMurdo Naval base in Antarctica continued to leak radiation for years and a possible link to cancer.

Our report documented 432 malfunctions at the plant from 1964 through 1972 while thousands of Navy veterans were stationed there.

Complaints from veterans dying from cancer were ignored by the Veterans Administration until our report exposed the radiation leaking that Navy veterans said was kept secret for decades.

Veterans have hope the hearings will provide them with assistance in compensation for their medical bills.

On Tuesday, the Veterans Advisory Board on Dose Reconstruction will discuss its final report and finding regarding the leaking nuclear reactor and veterans cancer.

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Critics on all sides as Australia leads way on Antarctic protection BY: MATTHEW DENHOLM, TASMANIA CORRESPONDENT  The Australian October 18, 2012  AUSTRALIA and France have developed a plan to protect 1.9 million square kilometres of east Antarctica as new marine parks, although a report today will call for an even larger reserve.

The Australia-France proposal, backed by the EU, covers seven coastal zones in east Antarctica….  (subscribers only)

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Antarctic radiocarbon from nuclear bomb tests indicates climate change

Bomb spike hints on climate change AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC DIVISION 29 Nov 11 The discovery, reported in Global Change Biology, comes after researchers from the University of Wollongong (UOW) and the Australian Nuclear Science and TechnologyOrganisation (ANSTO) found that the dramatic increase in atmospheric radiocarbon (14C), known as the ‘bomb spike’, was detectable in living moss shoots 50 years after nuclear testing, and could be used to track changes in moss growth rates……Bomb spike hints on climate change. AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC DIVISION, 29 NOVEMBER 2011  Chemical clues absorbed from the atmosphere by Antarctic mosses during nuclear tests in the 1950s and 60s, have provided scientists with evidence of significant climate change in East Antarctica.

‘Our results point to a profound influence of recent climate change on the Antarctic flora, with δ13C profiles indicating the observed effects of temperature and wind speed are most likely due to the impact of these climate variables on water availability,’ Professor Robinson says.

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Revelations of cancer caused by radiation from Antarcic nuclear plant

Other McMurdo veterans across the US have now been revealed to have cancer………The first thing the doctors asked me was, well, that’s the type of cancer you typically get from exposure from radiation,” Boyles said.

Health fears around polar nuke leak |, by Michael Field, 7 Mar 11, A small nuclear power plant used at McMurdo Sound near New Zealand’s Antarctic Scott Base is being implicated by US media in unusual cancers in men who worked on it in the 1960s.It has also been revealed the PM-3A nuclear power plant – known at MacTown as “nukey poo” for the way it leaked – had 438 malfunctions in its life between 1964 and 1973. Continue reading

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Renewable energy in use in Antarctica

Mawson Station has two turbines that provide more than 70 percent of its power needs. It should be noted, as the NREL explained, that often the combination of these two technologies is important. “Like many places, generating large amounts of renewable power in Antarctica with a single technology is unlikely. Fortunately, polar winds blow during the winter months when the sun does not shine.”

Clean Energy A Big Deal In Antarctica | EarthTechling by Nino Marchetti, July 19th, 2010“……….There seems to actually be quite a bit of renewable energy usage going on in Antarctica, according to the NREL. Continue reading

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Radioactive dust from Australia’s uranium mines found in Antarctica

Australian uranium dust found in Antarctic ice  ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 3 May, 2010, An ice core from the Antarctic bears traces of uranium that may have been carried by the wind from Australian mines in 1995, a glacier expert has told a Chilean newspaper.The minuscule amounts of the radioactive element “correspond to a year (1995) when Australia increased its uranium production,” Ricardo Jana, who participates in an international research effort in the frozen continent, told El Mercurio daily.He said scientists theorise the uranium particles were carried by the wind from Australia and deposited in the northern part of the Antarctic’s Detroit peninsula. Australian uranium dust found in Antarctic ice – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporati

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