The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

Latest Nuclear Lies about Radioactive Trash – theme for June 14

The nuclear lobby is determined to keep both their thriving nuclear weapons industry and their failing commercial nuclear industry going.

A major impediment for them is the ever- growing piles of  toxic radioactive trash, including the dead reactors themselves.  So, amongst the many nuclear lies (about radiation being OK for health, about solving climate change, about cheap costs, about helping under-developed nations) – amongst these lies – the top ones today are the:


1. THE LIE about new nuclear reactors turning nuclear wastes now into valuable resources. “The new nuclear reactors will consume the former ‘wastes’,that we now call ‘valuable fuel resources’ ” .

This is supposed to happen through Mixed Oxide Fuel reactors (MOX)  or through pyroprocessing as in Molten Salt fuelled Reactors(MSRs) such as Integral Fast Reactors (IFRs)  But all  in fact greatly increase the volume of radioactive waste.

2. THE LIE that new gee-whiz Thorium Nuclear Reactors do not produce wastes. They do, some lasting the mere 3 centuries, some lasting for many thousands of years


The Thorium lie is often linked to promotion of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) .  They sound sweet and harmless, but require plutonium and/or enriched uranium to function. That means that the conventional nuclear industry must keep going- to supply them – and hey presto! they will solve the waste problem!.   Wrong!  As they themselves produce and indeed become –  radioactive trash.

Thorium reactors and SMRs are unlikely to ever happen, due to their exorbitant cost, technical problems, and public resistance.

BUT because communities are unwilling to host radioactive trash dumps, thorium promotes are touting their wares to governments – a cowardly escape from the hard decisions that are needed.

The hard decisions needed are:

1. Stop nuclear power in all its forms – stop making the stuff

2. Confront and deal with the necessary task of deep burial of the existing radioactive trash, with equitable and full community participation and understanding



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  1. Ancient Rome was destroyed by the peoples fascination and use of lead – out modern civilization will be destroyed by our use and fascination with nuclear energy.

    Comment by Abinico Warez | June 2, 2014 | Reply

  2. Reblogged this on Radiation Free Lakeland.

    Comment by mariannewildart | June 6, 2014 | Reply

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