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201 Accidents at #Fukushima I NPP? “No Way,” Says Worker at the Plant, “It’s More Like 1,000″

Friday, February 28, 2014
“Happy”, who’s been tweeting from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant since March 2011, tweeted on the news that Nuclear Regulation Authority told the Lower House Budget Committee that there have been 201 accidents at the plant since March 2011 earthquake.

He says “1,000” is more like it. OK that makes more sense. Almost one a day.

“Happy”‘s tweet:



This number [201] is only the ones that have been publicly disclosed. If you include “hiyari hatto” [a Japanese word that means “an incident that almost became a more serious accident”) by all companies at the plant, the number would be over 1,000.

Prime Minister asks “Why?” He doesn’t seem to understand. But that’s because Prime Minister is not paying serious attention to the restoration [ongoing work] of Fukushima I NPP.

From what I’ve read since 2011, “Happy” seldom voices a direct criticism of politicians. This tweet is one of the rare cases.


“Hiyari” – making one’s blood turn cold
“Hatto” – startled

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