The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry

NUCLEAR POWER and RADIOACTIVE WASTES – theme for October 2012

The world faces a dangerous and ever more pressing problem – nuclear wastes.

The logical steps to deal with nuclear wastes are:

1. Stop making the stuff.  Close down the commercial and military nuclear reactors that produce plutonium and other long-lived radioactive materials

2. Choose the “least worst” option to dispose of the existing nuclear wastes   - (a) Interim storage of radioactive wastes into above ground containers (b) Deep burial underground permanent repositories.

The nuclear lobby, desperate to stave off the death of its industry, comes up with grand promises of new Generation IV systems, reactors that will reprocess, “recycle” plutonium wastes into Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX)  to fuel for other Gen IV reactors.  At the end, highly toxic radioactive wastes are still produced.

And all this – despite the enormous costs, the very dangerous transport of plutonium, the risks of terrorism, the increased risks of weapons proliferation.

The nuclear lobby’s cries for Very High Temperature Reactors (VHTR)s, Super Critical Water Reactors (SCWR)s,  Molten Salt Reactors (MSR)s, Gas Cooled Fast rectors (GCFR)s, Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors (SCFR)s, Lead Cooled Fast Reactors (LCFR)s –  all desperate and conflicting cries for their own salvation, rather than any solution to wastes, costs, climate change, energy needs.

The worry is that the nuclear lobby might win, by manipulating governments and populations into buying their expensive and dangerous new toys –  because nobody really wants a nuclear waste tomb in their area.

The trouble is – nuclear cemeteries, however unappealing, are still the least worst option.

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September 15, 2012 - Posted by | Christina's themes


  1. Your article makes a very good point.

    Here are some other articles of possible interest:

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    Comment by Richard Wilcox | September 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. I voted against nuclear power in California when I had the chance in the mid-1970′s. It was a Proposition on the ballot at that time. I was working as a secretary/receptionist for a talent agency in West L.A., and I remember trying to explain to the mailman who came every morning to the office that the nuclear industry had no idea what to do with nuclear waste, and that the whole industry was stupid and dangerous. This was before the internet, and I actually learned what was up from reading the L.A. Times and Mother Jones magazine, which was brand new way back then. Now, 35 years later, the whole world is dying from this stuff, and it’s going to get worse. I am glad I am over 60. I have no hope for the future. The brain-dead rule, and the brain-dead vote.

    Comment by Helene Thomson | September 30, 2012 | Reply

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